B01497 - Religious Trojan Horse - Book

Religious Trojan Horse

Brannon Howse echoes the warning of Jude 3—as urgent now as the day Jude first wrote the words almost 20 centuries ago. Godless worldviews have been eroding Europe's and America's Judeo-Christian heritage for years, but now the problem has taken a dire turn for the worse. Although false teachers have been around since biblical times, infiltration of the church has increased alarmingly, just as Jesus predicted in Mattew 24. Well-known evangelical and pro-family leaders have joined in events, alliances, and common causes with a shocking array of unbiblical partners. As a result, many contemporary "Christian" leaders embrace and encourage the false Jesus and false gospels of Mormonism, the New Age Movement, Roman Catholicism, Word of Faith teachers, the New Apostolic Reformation, Eastern Mysticism, and the spiritual left. Our bitterest philosophical enemies have made it past the gatekeepers of both mainstream and evangelical Christian thought, and anti-Christian worldviews have assembled within the walls of our churches. As a result, hostile forces wreak havoc in the minds and hearts of believers who are caught unaware. 

In  Religious Trojan Horse , Brannon exposes the outrageous breach of integrity in the church, which has been compromised by popular and dangerous teachings that are anything but scriptural. With thorough and precise documentation of every claim and accusation, Brannon shows exactly who is to blame and how. 

In this book you'll discover:

  • How the philosophy and eschatology of false religions have infiltrated evangelicalism
  • How the harlot Church of Revelation 17 will do the bidding of a one-world leader
  • How Rick Warren, Tony Blair, Joel Osteen, C. Peter Wagner, Glenn Beck, Mick Bickle, Rick Joyner, Peter Drucker, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, and others have assisted in building the religious Trojan horse

"Certain men" are indeed creeping in unnoticed, but God is still in charge—and working decisively through those who will not exchange the truth for a lie.  Religious Trojan Horse  will help you become one who stands against the invaders.

  • Title: Religious Trojan Horse
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  • Copyright: 2012