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To Russia With Love

The Berean Call is grateful to Dave Hunt and Hans Kristian for the privilege of preserving this remarkable testimony of God’s faithfulness to those who willingly forsake all and take up the cross daily to fulfill our Lord’s great commission. It is our prayer that this valuable historical record will inspire a new generation of Spirit-filled missionaries to “go...and teach all nations” the good news of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Originally titled Secret Invasion.

From the back cover:

A compelling real-life drama of terror, mystery, and suspense behind the iron curtain

“I was staggered by the relationship these people had with God, because it raised a devastating question: If this was Christianity, then what was the game we were playing in the West?”

From the Introduction:

We should once and for all settle the thought that any of us could possibly outsmart those trained customs officers. I for one would not try to do it. Let’s get back to the fundamentals: God is so great! The world is so big! The need is so overwhelming! Revolution is so terribly threatening! Persecution of the church is so deplorable! Governments and many politicians are so corrupt! And all that is because people do not know and love Jesus! On the other side stand those who are willing to put their lives on the line because they do know and love Jesus—not because they are strong or smart. It will inded be by the foolishness of the preaching of the gospel that all devil-inspired, man-made barriers will one day fall, to give way to the kingdom of God. You are right, Hans Kristian. —Brother Andrew


“I regard Hans Kristian and Secret Invasion as a thrilling testimony of God’s mighty power” —Pat Robertson

“How does God work? Through very ordinary men and women who have chosen to love Jesus above all else and to obey God rather than man...that’s why Hans Kristian is what he is.” —Brother Andrew, bestselling author of God's Smuggler

Table of Contents:

  1. What Law Forbids This?
  2. Give Us Bibles
  3. The Cost of Obedience
  4. A Blessing in Disguise
  5. Detente, Lawbreakers, and Love
  6. What Christianity Is This?
  7. War and Peace
  8. Refugees and Revival
  9. Finding the Life
  10. Witnessing—Eastern Style
  11. Shepherds, Wolves and Sheep
  12. $10,000—and Other Mistakes
  13. Paralyzed for Life
  14. Disaster on a Fool's Mission
  15. Not My Will, but Thine
  16. Back to Russia
  17. Capitalism, Communism, and Christianity
  18. Revolution of Love

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