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December 8
The Forgotten Command: Be Holy
A clarion call for all Christians to follow their Master's command and Be Holy. In the world of today, where holiness is set aside and considered outdated, the vital truth of holy living by the Christian has never been more relevant....
November 28
STS 24/7 with T. A. McMahon & Gaylene Goodroad
Tom welcomes Gaylene Goodroad, author of an excellent booklet titled,  My Life in “The Way”  addressing the spiritual content of Martial Arts.
Originally broadcast November 2014.
November 13
STS 24/7 with T. A. McMahon & Paul Wilkinson
This expanded broadcast of  Search the Scriptures 24/7  was recorded in our Bend, Oregon studio and features a five-part, in-depth discussion on Replacement Theology and Christian Palestinianism with Paul Wilkinson, associate...
November 11
When the Trumpet Call Shall Sound! Greeting Card
SO MANY of our TBC readers, friends, and family have been greatly blessed by our “God of Wonders” DVD greeting cards that we’ve created a brand-new special edition card for all-season giving.
Our new DVD card features a powerful...
November 7
What Is Christian Palestinianism? with Paul Wilkinson (Part 5)
Search the Scriptures 24/7

Program Description: In this final program of the series, Tom and Paul Wilkinson conclude their critique of the discussion between “The Bible Answer...

November 1
2015 Choice Gleanings Pocket Planner
This is the smaller journal-style Choice Gleanings Calendar.  Please see the sample pages , and dimensions listed below.

month at a glance

daily readings

Page per day

inspiring devotional

appointment & to do list

November 1
2015 Choice Gleanings Wall Calendar
Every morning as believers around the globe lift up their hearts to God to begin their day, a familiar component of that process will be the Choice Gleanings calendar.
In 1922 William J. Pell began Gospel Folio Press . Becoming exercised...
October 30
Rose's Journey - A Christian in the Holocaust
First published under the name,  The Journey - The Story of Rose Warmer's Triumphant Discovery , this book is being reissued with an updated Epilogue. In Stuart Dauermann's review, he says, "This book is the remarkable story of...
October 30
When God Breaks Through: Sermons on Revival
Vance Havner spent a lifetime calling people to repentance. A popular revivalist known for his homespun storytelling and memorable wordplay, Havner boldly proclaimed the Word of God for seventy-three years. The author of more than thirty books,...
October 30
My Utmost for His Highest
Since its original publication in 1927, countless millions of Christians the world over have trusted the spiritual companionship of Oswald Chambers' classic daily devotional,  My Utmost for His Highest . These brief scripture-based...
October 30
This Little Church Went to Market
Back in print!
In an effort to draw sellout crowds, is the modern church in danger of selling out? This is the question author and pastor Gary E. Gilley addresses in  This Little Church Went to Market . Under pressure from secular...
October 30
The Counselor
Straight Talk About the Holy Spirit
"When Christ is glorified, the Holy Spirit comes." This powerful statement lays the groundwork for A. W. Tozer's compelling study of the Holy Spirit. Following a straightforward, inspiring, and...
October 30
Blood Moons Rising
Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons
Has the final countdown to the end days begun? Are the heavens telling us we are nearing the end? Some have claimed its significance.
In 2014 and 2015, there will be a phenomenon in the skies...