How one of Dave's books influenced me
A great loss - Vicki Molesky - Pennsylvania -

I can't even tell you how much I have learned from this man's books and tapes. We went to see him a number of times and though he was a great force during his lectures, he was very humble in spirit in person. Though I am rejoicing that he is with our Lord, I mourn the loss of this great man of God.

examing man - Kyle - Tucson -

I have been so blessed by listening to and reading Dave Hunt. The many books over the years that I have collected have been nothing but encouragement to examine the Scriptures. Every book or video I have reviewed by him has never been a charge to just believe him but always a request to search and examine truth. Praise God for a man being honest and open to testing. Your encouragement will be missed, brother Dave, but how amazing to know you sit before the King. Thank you, Berean Call, for being faithful to preach the truth and never value opinions over truth!

A grateful reader - Willa - Canada -

I became a nominal Christian in a charismatic church in the late 80s and gained a good deal of Biblically sound teaching, but did not know Christ. I drifted into New Age groups and was leading a 50-member "Spiritual Center" and attending Course in Miracles study group, etc. when I was blessed with "The Seduction of Christianity." I found my way to our Saviour through the eye-opening of that book. God bless Dave Hunt, whom I never got to meet but whose voice is more familiar to me than many in my own family! What a life that can be celebrated.

Faithful and true - Pat - Hornell, NY -

Faithful and true describe Dave's passion for God's Word. Received a copy of The Seduction of Christianity when it was first released. I became an instant "fan" of Dave and Tom. The book came at a time when I was myself pondering and seeking answers to what was happening in the church. Along with Dave's other books and materials from The Berean Call I have found answers and resources that have benefited myself and others. My fondest memory of Dave is having spent a day traveling with him in Florida back in 1999. My nephew and I carried him to do some television taping a for CTN in Clearwater. Enjoyable experience for us. We really enjoyed his humble spirit and passion for truth. The church has lost a true Berean to this life.

The Cult Explosion - Ginny Murray - SImi Valley, CA, USA -

This book changed my life. Dave Hunt made everything so clear, and after that book, I read almost all of his writings and I still use his The Berean Call actively. I have been amazed at watching some of his debates with Catholics, praying for this man's ministry and for the Catholics he has debated, who were unable to answer him nor defend their stance. Dave Hunt loved the Lord and his humility was EVIDENT in everything he said and did. I know he has heard, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." May God bless those who were his family and those who worked with him who are alive.

All of Dave's books influenced us. - Ina - Canada -

Dave's writings have been a blessing for our family for many years. Our collection of Dave's books are a valuable reference. He taught us how to be Bereans, which has been much appreciated in this time of rampant deception. We learned from his ability to Biblically analyze teachings and to correct in a Biblical way without attacking the person. He will be missed. Praying for God's grace and comfort for Ruth, his family, friends and co-workers.

If it HAD to be said, Dave said it! - Joanna - Winnipeg -

Hi Ruth! So sorry to hear of your (TEMPORARY) loss, but know that Dave is happy and healthy and looks forward to seeing you again! In the meantime, I have a few recollections, mainly going back to various prophecy conferences I attended, where he was one of the speakers. As you know, Dave was NOT shy when it came to saying what had to be said. If he had any trepidations about 'offending', he screwed up his courage, put those lesser concerns aside and did what NEEDED to be done! He will be rewarded for that! One conference...2004, I think it was, he was getting under my skin when he would go on about John McArthur. At the time, I didn't know about the odious doctrine of Calvinism, so I tuned Dave out for a while. Then I found out what he was referring to and I tuned in to find out more. It was an indescribable relief to know that I wasn't the only person who took the same view. Better, Dave expounded on the issue and gave anti-calvinists practical weapons to use. (WHAT LOVE IS THIS?) How wild! I came to this site to order the book!

How Reading The SEDUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY helped me - Judith E. - Maryland USA -

I think it was about 1986 that I read the Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt. I know that it was around that time since I was married in 1986 and my husband and I were married by the Pastor of a Faith church we attended. Someone said that the book was an attack on the church - well i guess I wanted to read it for sure after hearing that! I had some questions due to lack of evidence of what was being taught especially about sowing money having any returns! We were tithing and giving and giving and going deeper and deeper in debt tithing and giving. Hmmmm...I make no excuse for myself here - I wanted a BIG ROI and thought God was going to give it to me! Well I was blown away with what Dave revealed about the very teachings I was involved in! My husband and I went to see my Pastor and ask him what he thought about what Dave was revealing. That was not a good scene. Long story short our Pastor said that he had read the book and 'allowed it to bless him' but if I thought the revelations about the prosperity movement were true I was "politely" told that my husband would remain welcome at the fellowship but I was not. That answer alone convinced me (if I still had a doubt) about the validity of what Dave taught in the book regarding this movement. What Pastor of the Word would throw out a wife and keep a husband. Amazing...Over the years I have read other suggested books by Dave and been kept from a few traps the enemy has set in the very Body of Christ. I loved the Archon Conspiracy! That was an eye-opener for this ex Catholic! I know it was fiction but I think the truth was cleverly portrayed and having an uncle who is a Jesuit and believes all religions lead to God this really hit home! I thank God for Dave Hunt and look forward to seeing him in the Kingdom of God enjoying his reward as an Overcomer through Christ and the Lord's good and faithful servant.

The Seduction of Christianity - Robina Lee Robinson - Perth W.A Australia -

Dave Hunt's book The Seduction of Christianity, put into the words that I need to explain the battle I was having in trying to share with others what was wrong in the church and in the lives of many Christians around us at the time.. It seemed that he was the only brave one to call it as it was. ... Not of God.... it is a Seduction... then it gave me courage to repeat the warnings despite the religious stone coming my way.

The Seduction of Christianity Saved My Sanity - Vicki - Nashville, TN -

I'm sorry I'm unable to remember exactly what year I read "Seduction," but Mr. Hunt's words lit a fire in me and brought peace to my troubled soul. I had only believed for a short time, and very early on, I became friends with several Word of Faith-types. I had a nearly insatiable hunger for God's Word and the more I read it, the more it didn't seem to be saying what the Faith teachers were claiming. I was very uncomfortable about it, but perplexed that a movement with such cultic beliefs, myths, and practices could be so popular in the 'church.' Logic seemed to dictate that these people, having been in the faith far longer than me, nust surely be right. I just had to be the 'odd one out.' And there were so many of 'them.' What's crazy and ironic is that the pastor of the church I was attending, which, although not fully sold out to the health and wealth, name it and claim it mentality, was preaching a sermon one day on "The Evils of Heresy Hunters." Dave Hunt, having recently published, "The Seduction of Christianity," was at the top of the list. All that was missing that day was a burning of DH in effigy. I confess, I did not like my pastor, and the feeling was mutual on his part. So, with pure childishness and allowing my old man to raise a contradictory, rebellious spirit within me, I decided to hit the bookstore first thing Monday morning. I really did want to know what DH had to say, but for the most part, I was just being ornery. I could not put the book down. It spoke to every issue I'd questioned about WoF and a few similar groups. I thought, "I'm not alone, and there's a small, but growing daily, army of brothers and sisters out there who don't see it the Copeland and gang way. I had been so burdened and bogged down by it all, and Mr. Hunt's meticulous research and documentation lifted this massive load from off me. And I thank God, for DH's courage in writing a book that was sorely needed and bound to be deeply unappreciated by those who were getting rich off their corrupted message. Years later, I was able to meet Mr. Hunt in person, speak with him, (in MN), and tell him how he had been instrumental in restoring me to 'the liberty that we have in Christ Jesus.' So, an eternal 'thank you' to Dave Hunt, and a big thank you to Ruth Hunt and her children for sharing him with all of us. I'm sure he's up there, saving all of you front seats. God Bless you, Vicki Nashville, TN

Seduction of Christianity - Karla Robinett - Nezperce,Idaho -

I first learned of Dave Hunt while watching the old Jimmy Swaggart series on television. As a relatively new Christian I tended to accept everyone or any teaching that claimed to have or be Christian truth. I purchased Dave's book which opened my eyes to the false teachings and I am so grateful to him for that. Those false teachings were harmful to me, affecting my emotional health. I wish I could have thanked Dave personally. Among his rewards in Heaven will be for steering folks like me in the right direction, I'm sure. He will be missed.

The Seduction of Christianity - Jeremy Hulsey - Bonne Terre, Missouri -

I was heavily involved in the Word of Faith and had even met some of the WoF's leaders. God used Dave Hunt's book, 'The Seduction of Christianity' to forever save me from those errors. I am eternally grateful for his faithfulness in writing that book.

Peace Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust and The Cult Explosion - Therese McNerney - Illinois -

Dave Hunt's books have been so invaluable in my walk with the Lord. I believe he is a true man of God and we are very blessed to have him still writing and teaching. He confirmed to me the new age had been making headway in the church that my family and I became members of in 1981. We left in 1986 because after leaving the Catholic church, where I was raised I said I would never be a part of a false church again.This was an AOG church and I started my journey of exposing Deceit when the Holy Spirit shows me. At first I felt I was looking for trouble and false teaching and thought maybe the problem was me but then Dave's book came out called Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust, and I knew that there must be others who were trying to wake their Christian brothers and sisters up. I always look for Mr. Hunt to come to Chicago, but I guess he isn't well received by most of our apostate churches. But I want him to know that the Lord has used him in my life and walk and I am so grateful for his obedience to Jesus as persecution does follow that kind of courage. We are SIsters and Brothers in the Lord and Praise God we have each other and what a glorious day we look to when Jesus comes to rapture His Bride To Heaven!  May the Lord continue to bless you, Dave Hunt, and shine the light of truth for those who really want The Truth.

A Great Defender of Truth! - Cliff - Hiddenite, NC -

I have been blessed by Dave's work and have used it to warn the church that I have been pastor of for 19 years.Thank you

How Close Are We? - Herman H. Yeung - Brooklyn, NY -
Mentoring a New Believer - heidi - Green Lake, WI -

I became a Christian in 1994. Someone introduced me to Dave Hunt and the Berean Call then. As a brand new Christian I have learned from Dave's insights and challenging topics and grown since then in the Lord, my marriage, becoming a mother, and now am raising three young men. I believe it is because of the solid teachings in my early walk with Jesus, that I still am walking with Him today. I thank God for mentors like Dave who lovingly point to the Word and teach with a gentle heart.

rest and peace
The Seduction Of Christianity - Lori Giesbrecht - Abbotsford, B.C. Canada -

Dear Friends, In the 1980s it seemed everyone was reading this book ( The Seduction Of Christianity) by ( Hunt & McMahon) , I was a young Christian and when it was handed to me, I was so surprised about all the information I needed to know about so many things. I know the Lord will at times excuse some of the younger Christians, but when the truth is shown we are to study and examine it. May I say in deep gratitude and faithfulness of his many writings, he has educated and even turned many from the errors of our day concerning the truth in scripture and false traps. He's home now and with the One who has given him courage and insight! Bless and may the Lord now comfort all who shared his life and dedication, till his work was done. Thank You Lord! Lori Giesbrecht

The Seduction of Christianity - Eddy - Netherlands -

Dave Hunt's and T. A. McMahon's book The Seduction of Christianity came just in time to prevent me from being sucked into the wrong teachings of authors such as Leanne Payne. It was the first book that opened my eyes to the reality of psychological deception in the church of Christ. It is a book that I will always treasure.

A Woman Rides the Beast, and so many - Marie V. Pappas - Ohio -

Dave Hunt was certainly a man of God. I have learned a lot from him and I'm sure I will continue to learn from him with his archives of Search the Scriptures Daily. He will be sadly missed I'm sure from so many. I have such a sadness in my heart of his passing and yet I have such joy in my heart knowing he is right now with our Lord Jesus our God. My Prayers go out to his family that they will have peace knowing where he is. God Bless

Seduction of Christianity, Woman rides the Beast, What love is This? - Bryan StClair - Hickory Creek, Texas -

20 years ago I was introduced to the Berean Call newsletter soon after I first became a Christian. I ordered the reprints of all the newsletters available at that time and read them all in order....what an education! Dave's books Seduction of Christianity, A Woman rides the Beast, and What Love Is This? are classics! If you haven't read them yet, you need to order a copy and read them to see how great of a teacher he is! I feel as though I've lost a great friend, I made a point to meet him and shake his hand at a conference some years ago, and I'm so excited for him now. He is experiencing all the joy and thrill of being in the presence of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior! I pray for God's comfort for his wife Ruth. I know Tom McMahan has lost a great friend as well. Stay strong Tom and continue the ministry. Take care, Bryan.

A Woman Rides the Beast - David White - Beverley, Western Australia, Australia -

Having opened up my system this morning to this news brought an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss - and I never met or had any close communication with Dave Hunt, but such was his influence in my life that I felt as though I had just lost a close personal friend. We have just lost a true leader whose words and insights were inspiring and encouraging. In a World increasingly concerned with marketing a Christian faith, and popularity gained from perverting the message to suit the times, it is hard for an individual to restate the absolute truths from the Bible that conflict with these views expressed by all the wolves in sheep's clothing. Dave was almost 'Paulesque' in his convictions and willingness to stand and repeat the truths as they are written in the face of all of the above. There are just too few Dave Hunts in this World today and we surely need every one of them. One can only imagine the welcome he received from his Saviour.

Saving us from the Word Faith doctrines - Viv and Marc - New Zealand -

After being asked to leave our current church at the time for asking to many questions about why things didn't line up with scriptures, a friend's parent gave us a copy of Dave Hunt's 'Seduction of Christianity' book to read. Everything we read was a real eye opener and everything started to make sense as to what we were being taught and why it sat so uncomfortably with us. Getting told that you can't pray the Lord's prayer, especially the bit about God's will being done, suddenly made sense in light of Word Faith doctrines. We went through a solid year of just researching and studying - growing as Christians like never before. Since then we have acquired quite a few more of Dave's books which we have really appreciated. We will miss his insights immensley.

Woman rides the Beast - Hamilton - United Arab Emirates -

As a former Catholic I remember both reading and watching A Woman Rides the Beast, and during that time the Lord stirred up in me a desire to investigate further into the claims of the Catholic Church, and the long and short of it is that with 24 months I gave up the faith that I once held dearly. Today I love the Lord than anytime before, I am natively from India, but residing here in United Arab Emirates as an expatriate, and continue to be a witness here as the Lord uses me. My prayers go out to his family, particularly is wife Ruth. I hope and pray his ministry will continue his legacy. Your Brother in Christ, Hamilton

Affection of a sister and Brazilian reader - Eliane Medina - Brasil -

All books written by Dave influenced me, but especially "A Cup of Trembling". Reading this book (the first I read) and studying the Bible I began to urderstand biblical truth and the wonderful prophecies about the Church and Israel. As a result my faith became strong after the knowledge of the prophecies that prove the existence of God and his control of the universe. The dvd "Israel, Islam and Armageddon" was also wonderful to my understanding of the Scriptures. I could not but express my affection and respect for Dave after so learning from their books. No doubt after reading the writings of Dave I have a special affection for him and while I am sad that he is no longer in this world, I'm glad he is with Christ. We will miss him.

Seduction of Christianity - Randel Hendry - Wichita, Kansas -

I was very confused over a lot of strange doctrines and could not understand why someone could not do something about it. Then I read Seduction of Christianity and things seemed to be put in proper perspective. I have read several of Dave Hunt's books and believe I have been taught in each of them by a man of God. I thank God for the ministry of Dave Hunt.

love for my brother Dave - Larry o shea - Ireland -

I am ever so gratefull to the lord for Dave's life.I was crying out to God for the truth of my salvation as I was tied up in the word of faith movement and I knew something was wrong. I came across one of Dave's videos on YouTube about the catholic church , which I knew was wrong. That led me to look and listen to more of what the berean call is all about. For me it was very hard to listen, because I was in so much bondage but the Lord had mercy on me. I just woke up, 3am in the morning for no good reason but to find your email in my inbox. I have had to wipe the tears away many times from my eyes as I feel the loss of a wonderful brother and I feel friend. My love and prayers and tears go to Ruth and family, your husband and father was so special to me, thank you Ruth for your love and faithfulness to God and your family. In the past I have thought and prayed for you often and I will continue to do so. Love and many blessings Larry O'Shea

The Seduction of Christianity - Andre Alexander - Melbourne Australia -

I came to learn about Dave Hunt in a most unusual way. I was attending various fellowships that were involved in the prosperity gospel and was getting really concerned in what was happening. At that time my wife and I went thru a very difficult time financially in as much that we lost just about everything because of a recession that the then Prime minster at the time claimed, we had to have. I lost my business and we lost our home, car and some more. However the prosperity gospel did not delivere what it promised, and things just got worse. However I never lost my faith in the Lord and kept studying the Bible. Of course there were many a day that I just wanted to give up and end it all but somehow I kept hanging in there. I often used to visit a Christian book shop to see if I could find something that could be of any help. I was browsing around not quite knowing what to look for when I accidentally knocked the shelf and a book fell out on to the floor. It was "The Seduction of Christianity" ! I read the back cover and the intro and bought it straight away. It really made me look at my relationship with the Lord in a new way and I got on my knees and thanked Him. I then bought almost every book Dave Hunt published except his last one but will do so soon. I also went to go see Dave Hunt when he came to Australia at his last visit here and I constantly listen to his and Dave McMahon's radio shows. I learned a lot from this most remarkable man of God and Psalm:116:15 says it all.

Seduction of Christianity - Deb Delgado - Ohio -

When I became a believer, my friend who led me to the Lord suggested the book "The Seduction of Christianity" by Dave Hunt. This book influences my worldview to this day. My coming to Christ was a search for 'truth' and I found it in the Bible. I have been a recipient of the Berean Call for many years and have grown in my relationship with the Lord through Dave's strong stance for God's truth....the only Truth. Though part of me is saddened to hear of his home going, another part rejoices that Dave is home with his Savior and Lord. I look forward to the time that I will meet him on the other side of the veil! May our Lord comfort his family and continue to grow the ministry.

How the Lord used The Seduction of Christianity to deliver me. - Linda Robey - Cleveland, Mississippi -

In 1986, a brother in Christ told me about this new book he was reading called The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon. He told me that I needed to purchase a copy and read it. I purchased the book at a Bible Bookstore (something you can't do now) and began to read it. To make a long story short, the Lord used that book to open my eyes to the heresy of the 12-step program I was involved in and to state (using Scripture) that alcoholism was not a "disease", but a SIN. The Lord delivered me from that heresy before I even finished reading the book. I started receiving newsletters from the Christian Information Bureau (before Dave and Tom moved to Bend,OR and started the Berean Call in 1992). I have in my possession (in a 3 ring, 4" binder) all the TBC newsletters from 1992 until TBC stopped mailing them and started the email newsletter ministry. I must have over 150 TBC Newsletters. I also have on my bookshelf about 75% of Dave's books. Brother Dave has been a tremendous inspiration and I praise God for his faithfulness to our Lord Jesus and the truth of God's Word, once for all delivered to the saints. (Jude 3). He will be greatly missed. Our prayers go to his wife Ruth and the Hunt family, T. A. McMahon and the Berean Call ministry. Keep on keeping on. In Christ Jesus, Linda Robey

A Mighty Man of the Word with a tender heart - Grace Scanlan - Susanville, California -

Dave's book A Woman Rides the Beast had a profound influence on me when I came to a living faith. Having been deceived by the Roman Catholic Church I was so grateful to learn the truth about that organization. I was privileged to hear Dave speak in person at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He spoke with tears in his eyes and a broken heart for those who are lost and deceived by the RCC. I was so moved that a man, so well versed in the truth, could have such a tender heart for the people in the church. I have never forgotten his example and seek to keep a tender heart for the lost. Dave will be missed!

When will Jesus Come? - Blaine Gerlach - Fargo ND -

One of Dave's best books is the one book I will give to people after I have given them a Bible. When will Jesus Come? One thing I like about Hunt's writings is they always inspired you for two important reasons. One, he always gave you a Bible believer's view on any subject. Two, he had a great talent for writing. I have heard Brother Dave speak many times. He was a loving man because he loved the Word of God most of all. He rarely speculated in grand ways about prophecy, which is rare among prophecy writers. Out of all the books he wrote, I remember seeing him speculate on two occasions. I later checked out his opinions, and he was right. What he seldom speculated on came true. One last comment on Dave's character, HE GAVE GOD THE GLORY.

Just blessings - Benjamin Fox - Denver, Colorado -

I never met Dave, wish I could have--a true man of God. I really enjoyed his books. Some I have loaned and never got back but I hope they enjoyed them as much as I did. I'm looking forward to meeting him in heaven. I know what he meant by the empty seat. I used to fly a lot, spreading the Gospel in most of the world and always wanted someone next to me to witness to, and God always came through for me--in trains in Europe or flying from place to place in the far east. God bless his wife and his staff, who I'm sure will miss him until they see him again.

The Seduction of Christianity - Dawn Piper - Durban, S. Africa -

I was browsing through books in a Christian book shop in Cape Town (at that time I lived there) and found this book "The Seduction of Christianity". I had never heard of Dave Hunt but the title fascinated me. What a blessing this book was to me!! It was as though the Lord Himself spoke to me through the pages about all the false teachings etc, and quite frankly, I couldn't agree more. I went on to buy most of Dave's books and also had the privilege of hearing him speak in person at a church in Durban, about 1996/7 ( can't remember exactly the year). His direct but loving approach has always been a source of blessing to me, and his knowledge was immense on all sorts of various subjects. Having come out of New Age teachings, "Occult Invasion" was brilliant. "A Woman Rides the Beast" is still one of my favourites, and I am sold on eschatological teachings. I know Jesus is coming back soon for His Bride, and I cannot wait. I look forward to seeing Dave again on that Glorious day, and getting the opportunity to thank him for his passion, drive and courage to bring the truth out at a time when the church is falling badly into apostasy. May his wife and family find comfort in the arms of Jesus until the day we are all re-united with our Lord.

First Meeting with Dave
Cup of Trembling - Countdown to Armageddon - Deborah Menelaws - Scotland -

I first met Dave in 1992(???) when filming him for the Bethel Communications video 'Cup of Trembling - countdown to Armageddon,' when he spoke eloquently and articulately about Jerusalem and her place in the world - and in God's timetable. We were able to laugh a lot in the midst of the seriousness of our discussions as we talked about finding his Scottish roots. I remember he appeared on that film with Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland, Gary Kah, and lots of other experts in their subjects as we worked to prove that the Bible was true through apologetics and prophecy... I have used his books to lead several people closer to The Truth - from a friend at Word of Faith Bible College in Sweden to another who was moving closer to Roman Catholicism to three others who followed The 2 Kenneths...Each one of whom is now a close sister or brother. You only had to hand the book over (Seduction and Beyond Seduction being prime examples) and Dave's writing and the work of the Holy Spirit did the rest. Dear Dave will now be able to argue over the timing of the rapture with our other good friend Barry Smith (mid trib) - I remember Barry telling me that Dave told him he'd be waiting when he got there..although it was the other way round as Barry got there first... I look forward to catching up one day. He was a blessing and a delight.

Memories of Dave - Victor and Jeanne Kotiadis - New Holland, Pa. formerly of Trumbull, Ct. -

WE celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and were given a monetary gift to go to Nova Scotia. We had read that Dave would be at Word of we used that monetary amount to attend his seminar there that year. WE had met Dave there. At the Congregational Church in Fairfield, Ct., we attended a seminar where they spoke ill of Dave. I got the tapes and sent them to Dave at his request. WE will miss him VERY much...and are glad that the work will go forward with Mr. McMahon. When I read Dave's book The Seduction of Christianity...I went back to the bookseller to ask if that could be true! That made an impact....

Privileged beyond measure - Patricia Maconaghie - Raleigh, NC 27612 -

Never shall I forget meeting Dave Hunt for the first time in Raleigh, NC. approximately eight years ago. He so graciously went out of his way to speak at two Memorial services for my beloved husband, Donald; who like Mr. Hunt, was a strong contender for the Faith. How delighted I am to have his two memorial messages on record. I listen to them frequently. It was a joy and may I quickly add, a tremendous honor to have one of God's choice and faithful servants in my home. Mrs. Hunt, time is NOT a great healer, but our dear Heavenly Father is going to comfort and sustain you as no earthly friend can. Best of all, the separation is only for a little while - and then it will be "Forever with the Lord." My deep love and sympathy accompany these few words. One with you, waiting for the sound of the trumpet, Patricia Maconaghie

Woke me from my spiritual slumber - Toby - Manitoba, Canada -

Dave gave a sermon at Schoenfelder Mennonite Church in Manitoba and captivated me instantly with his knowledge of history and combining that with Scripture. Felt like the first time I was hanging on every word from someone who talked behind a pulpit in church. I was 22 at the time and felt like I was hearing the Truth of God for the first time. I knew the Bible stories but Dave's sermon using combination of Israel's history with Scripture was a turning point in my walk with God. I bought a few of his books and DVDs after and made a trek out to Fargo, North Dakota to hear him speak again. I have been an avid follower of the Berean Call ever since our first meeting and will be even though Dave is no longer with us. Thanks for fighting the good fight Dave! May God continue to bless the Berean Call ministry.

Conference and books most appreciated! - Deanna M. - Pensacola, FL -

I had been reading many of Dave Hunt's books and was so happy that he was speaking in Pensacola at a conference. I really appreciated his forthrightness. He wasn't afraid to speak the truth boldly. I read so many of his books, it is hard to remember a favorite, but one I remember well was A Woman Rides The Beast, about end times. My husband and I both enjoyed his ministry for many years. I know he is happy to be with his Lord Jesus tonight.

Dave at Word Of Life - Bruce - New York -

To Dave's family and associates, My family spent several years camping at Word of Life-NY in the summer. I was very excited one year when Dave Hunt was going to be our speaker. It was a long wait that spring and summer for camping time to arrive. It was everything I had hoped for - every day a small group listening to him, good coffee, casual relaxing, learning a lot from Dave. What a deep well of understanding to draw from! He had accumulated more knowledge and wisdom in one lifetime than a hundred of us could. Such a testamony of what faith, dedication, a life well lived, passion, and the Holy Spirit can do. My first introduction to David Hunt was the book, "A Woman Rides the Beast", which I just happened upon when looking for more info on a particular topic that was pressing at the time. That book taught me more than was between the covers and gave me a thirst to study more, and I have. Now, my children after me. Thanks, Dave

A man of God big enough to be known famously, but kind enough to care for small people like me - Jason - Pittsburgh, PA -

Grace and peace to you, dear brothers and sisters in Messiah. I rejoice with you that Dave is now with Jesus, but I want to express deep condolences for family and friends who now must continue on, this side of Glory. May the Lord comfort you now, and in the days ahead, with His everlasting lovingkindness and His tender compassions and overwhelming comfort. My name is Jason, and I was so blessed to meet Dave at an Israel/Prophecy Conference years back at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, perhaps circa 2006. We talked for maybe ten minutes or so, and he was kind and very interested to know about the mission work the Lord had me involved in. I was serving in Beslan, Russia, after the horrific 2004 school terrorist attack, when muslim terrorists attacked a school and held over 1,000 people hostage for three days; more than 330 died, most of whom were children. Dave shared about how he had lived in Russia, and he was very interested in what the Lord was using me in and so forth. You have to understand, I am not as familiar with him as many of you are - I'm 36, and so I guess I've caught just some of his latter ministry, but I know that my father has great respect for him. And so, on that day I asked Dave if he would sign a book of his for my dad which I had bought there, he did, and then if memory serves correctly, Dave then gave me a free copy of the book. Some time later, I received a check for $100 towards the ministry and a nice note, which I believe Ruth wrote. I was amazed then, and still am. You see, I'm just a simple person in the body - I don't have any degree, nor do I have some huge established/recognized ministry. My local fellowship and others have generously supported, but relatively speaking, I'm pretty much a small person. So for me, to have someone like our brother Dave - a giant in apologetics and so forth - and his wife send ME a large donation... wow, I was deeply grateful, and remain the same. He was big enough to be featured at conferences and to write numerous books - and yet, humble and loving enough to send a large gift to someone more or less like a kid out there just wanting to serve Jesus. O Great God of ours, thank You for sharing Your friend Dave with us! We are glad He is now with You, and yet, we are sad as we are now witout him down here. Your wisdom is perfect. We only ask that as You have called him Home, You might please send us seven more people with love and passion for You seven times what Dave had. God, the days are dark, and we need godly men in our midst. Thank You for sharing Dave with us, and please send forth more workers into Your harvest! Dear Hunt family, I love you, and mourn with you at his absence, though I rejoice with you knowing with WHOM he is present, Jason Catizone

Thanks Dave! - Pat - Charlotte -

Dave was a breath of fresh air--truth--in an age of weakness, compromise and confusion. God used Dave's writings over the years to deliver me as an new believer from the Word of Faith nonsense, to clarifying issues from the New Age to Catholicism and Islam, to encouraging words to seek the old paths, and to be 'activists for the Lord.' I first met Dave in Myrtle Beach at a Bible conference; later that evening Dave came on the air at the local Christian TV station where I worked and shared for three hours. I was then privileged to have dinner with Dave and a friend who managed the station--it was quite a thrill for me: but it was like sitting and talking with an old friend. Many years later it was a special blessing to me when I caught up with Dave in Charlotte at a prophecy conference, and he remembered my name. Always a blessing to see and hear Dave speak. I must say that I am a little envious that Dave is finally home, and without a doubt he is thrilled beyond our imagination to finally behold and meet his Savior. Wow. See you soon Dave. Thanks for serving us so kindly!

At the conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. John Ankerberg, Dave and me. We were all younger then! :)
The first time I heard Dave speak... - Gail - Spokane, WA -

I was attending Calvary Chapel in Spokane. I got to work in the duplication room and repoduced the messages that Dave gave. I had friends who contacted me and requested copies of his talks as well. I loved his boldness and it helped me so much. He was a blessing to me and many I know. I'm thankful I got to hear him in person.

I'll Never Forget - Randy - Ohio -

Hi all, While I was in Christian Radio as a program director/music director and on-air announcer I had the honor of interviewing Dave. He was always down to earth but always gave the truth. I so remember that interview. And, I think I've read just about everything he ever printed. He will be missed. But his works do carry on. And someday we'll all see him again face to face. Dave is home. Blessings, Randy Ohio

Dave phoned us every two weeks ! - Paul MacGregor - Summerside PEI Canada -

My wife, Michele, and I would host Dave at our Bible Skeptics conference outreach meetings in Whitby Canada. After our final meeting in 2008 we experienced a financial meltdown that changed our lives. Dave took a personal interest and would phone us every two weeks for two years for an update on our progress. We felt Dave's prayers in our lives as things got better. He was the ONLY person in our lives at the time that showed concern and was a great encouragement to us during a very difficult time. We have never known a more humble and caring person. We are grateful for Dave's influence in our lives. God Bless you my brother.

Paul & Michele
A Familiar Pose - Rob - Victoria, BC -
Dave Hunt
How Dave Hunt Touched My Eternal Spiritual Life - Vince Carusi - Mooroolbark 3138, Victoria, Australia -

In 2008, I gave my heart to to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was at this precise moment that the Lord introduced Dave to me through his DVD "A Woman Rides The Beast." I had just turned 50 yrs of age and had been a Roman Catholic all my life, but I was searching for the truth. Dave provided me with all the answers I had been searching for. He helped to reinforce my decisiuon to be reborn and through my association with The Berean Call, I have been listening to Dave Hunt since. I will be eternally grateful for his divine mentoring and for his evangelical stance. God bless you Dave Hunt, you are finally home with the Lord, in his presence, Alleluia, praise the Lord, Amen

A Life Time of Learning - Bill Dmytruk - St. Catharines Ont. -

Just as in the picture of Dave you have posted, I remember him nodding at me with a big warm smile at a conference in Elmira/ Wallenstein area several years ago. My friend and I drove from the Niagara area to listen to him lecture and teach. He had such a way of conveying the truth of God's Word in a fashion that was easy to listen to, clear, intelligent and not boastful. We couldn't get enough before his speaking time ran out. His writings were very instrumental in encouraging me to seek the Lord through my young adult life and up until now. I really appreciated his logical thinking, i.e. David's size/ Saul's armor,  Eziekiel 38 & 39 being the same war as Armageddon and his ability to refute the opposition with the same mathematical logic. I love people who tell the truth about the Lord, and Dave Hunt is my favorite. Praying for you ....Billy

An Impressive Lover of Truth - Joachim - Dallas -

Having come completely unplanned to the US in 1980 (originally from Germany) and having been led to the Lord by a group of young, fiery Jesus lovers, I began listening to Christian Radio and heard Dave one day on Marlin Maddoux' Point of View show. I was immediately impressed with Dave's profound, calm, and convincing way to present biblical truth and his straightforwardness in presenting existing falsenesses in the church. A few weeks later, an apologetics seminar was held in Dallas where Francis Schaeffer, Dave, and other speakers were present. It made a deep impression on me, especially since I was aware of the terrible failure of the Christian Churches in Germany during the Third Reich and the influx of humanistic and Darwinist ideologies in the western world. I had been so deeply influenced by these ideologies and was now incredibly glad to find solid biblical teaching against them. I accompanied Dave after this event to his car, carrying some of his materials for him. He gave me fatherly advice to thoroughly read the Word and always to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit -- the Spirit of Truth -- in my future walk and to follow sound doctrine. I took his advice very much to heart. I listened regularly to his radio programs and read virtually all of his books. Of course, The Berean Call newsletter was always an anxiously expected lecture every month! All of this has helped me a lot not to fall into the many traps of false winds of theology, especially the lies of psychology. It also helped me to warn many people around me, in first place my own immediate family. I am very thankful that I was able to meet and converse with Dave 4 years ago at the second-to-last Bend Conference again. I consider him one of my most important spiritual fathers and feel deeply blessed having been influenced by his life, his devotion to the Lord, and his unbending stand for truth. I love him a lot and rejoice that he has made safely it into the arms of Jesus.

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The Lord has used Dave Hunt in my life - Jim Baumgaertel - Port Orchard, WA -

I first heard Brother Dave Hunt on a Christian TV program in about 1982. I was being influenced by "motivational training," and the things I heard Dave say just struck me as true and changed my thinking because of the word of God. The Lord used Dave Hunt's ministry to rescue me first from "motivational training" and "human potential" deceptions, and then later from "Christian activism" and the "Coalition On Revival." It was through this ministry that I learned the importance of following the Lord Jesus alone, and not "gurus," and about comparing EVERYTHING to God's Word as the standard of Truth. I'm also grateful that Dave witnessed to my late sister on a flight in which she was a flight attendant.

Testimony - Ciara Browne - Ireland -

[My] background is in Roman Catholicism and New Ageism/New Spirituality. The Lord greatly used Dave Hunt and the Berean Call ministry to open up my eyes to the deception I was involved in a number of years ago when I was first coming to know The Lord. I praise God for Dave Hunt's life and ministry.

Dave hunt a true Berean - Judy - Chicago, Il -

One thing that always stood out for me about Dave Hunt was...he always would go back to Scripture and see what God opinion mattered—only thus says the Lord. He taught me years ago to always check everything I hear by the Bible to see if what i hear is in line with God's word. My boys and husband as well learned so much from Dave...God used him in a mighty way. I'm gonna rejoice with Ruth because now Dave had seen his Lord face to face! God bless his family and the Berean call staff!

Clear Biblical Teaching - Roberto Gagliardi - Perth, western Australia -

Brother Hunt has taught me so much in the Lord that I just cannot describe how much I am going to miss him, even though I am so happy he is with our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. We will meet again, Dave, even though I never met you personally, but through You Tube and TBC.....still a bond in Jesus that is eternal... Maranatha! Blessings in JESUS to all the rest of the family. Thank You. brother Roberto

A real seeker of truth - Robert Donaldson - New Zealand -

Wow, Dave, I thought we would be off up there together along with the few remaining believers. You gave and gave. Your last [article that read] today was reviewing "is the church a cult?" Amen to that, Dave. Lord, you know why he had to go home at this time. I only ask, Father, please comfort his loving wife with only great memories of their time here together. God blesses you, Mrs Hunt, and I send my joy to you in having considered Dave as a great warrior for truth. 

We've lost a great teacher - MAJ Dale Wilson, Ph.D., USA (Ret.) - Hawaii -

As an ex-Mormon and fairly recent born-again Christian, I've found Dave's writings to be most helpful. We have lost a great teacher. I hope The Berean Call will continue to make his work readily available to those lost souls hungering for truth.

Remembering our Friend in Christ - Dave Hunt - Bob Cooper - Bend, OR -

Immediately when I learned today of Dave's passing, a lump [formed] in my throat and tears welled up in my eyes as I'll miss my older brother in Christ. I recall the first time I met Dave briefly one-on-one when he spoke at a Calvary Chapel church in San Diego. I knew I was in the presence of a grand apologist for Jesus and His Church on earth. Years later, when my wife and I had moved from Southern California to Bend, OR, we were pleasantly surprised to not only learn that The Berean Call was headquartered in this small Central Oregon city, but we fellowshipped in the same small Bible-teaching church. Sitting in a service with Dave and Ruth was indeed a blessing because Dave would always have the right answer or question to ask... or add wisdom and clarity to a message. We will miss Dave Hunt very much. And, we pray for Ruth and the rest of the family and friends as we share in their grief and loss of a truly great man.

A women rides the beast. - Elias Wessin - Dominican Rep -

A great teacher! So sorry he's gone, but happy he's with the Lord now.

An Inspiration to Me - Scott Pruitt - Jacksonville FL -

I became a Christian in 1985 at the age of 21. My initial exposure to Christianity was through a Church that was a proponent of the "faith movement." I had been a Christian for a little over a year and had been studying other religions and purchased the late Dr Walter Martin's book the kingdom of the cults. I was not aware at the time that the faith movement was also unbiblical. I had heard of Dave's book "The Seduction of Christianity" but had not read it. I was warned by people in my Church saying that reading it would wreck my faith. By God's providence there was someone in my Church that I found reading Seduction, so I asked him, "Is it ruining your faith?" He said, "No, just the opposite. I think a lot of the things we are being taught are wrong, but my faith in God is stronger now than it ever was." I decided to read the book for myself. What an eye opener! It was hard for my pride to allow me to admit that I had been deceived by some of the things Dave mentioned in his book. God used that to help me to lead others out of that movement and to educate other Christians about these destructive teachings. Over the following years I've had the opportunity to meet Dave and hear him speak publicly on at least 5 occasions in the southern California area. I have read Dave's other books and even taught classes from "The Cult Explosion" study guide since then. If Dave Hunt has taught me anything, it is to be a Berean. Dave mentioned it everywhere I heard him speak. He would always say, "To the Law and to the Testimony! If they speak not according to these words, there is no light in them," and "Test all things and hold fast to what is true." Thank you, Dave, for answering the call. My life and the lives of countless others have been touched in ways you could never know.

Appreciation - David - Frederick, OK -

I deeply appreciate Dave and the way he has influenced my thinking over the past 25 years. I never met him or heard him in person, but have many of his books and have read the Berean Call for probably 25 years. I greatly appreciated his analysis of current events and trends. The truth explained in the Berean Call always challenged my thinking and helped shape my understanding. I found that nearly every month and in nearly every article and book I could say "amen" to what I read. I will miss his contribution to my continuing education and understanding.

Thank You Lord for Dave Hunt Ministry - Howard - Easton, PA -

Dave Hunt had a profound affect on my early years as a Christian. I enjoyed reading multiple times his books. I learned the Christian life can be one of reflection and logical understanding. I am grateful that the Lord used him to broaden my understanding of who God and Jesus is and the issues that challenge us everyday. Peace To Dave. Not even Death can separate us. (Romans:8:38-39)

Speaking the Truth - Rick - Taylor, Michigan -

My condolences to Ruth and the rest of the Hunt Family. I thank the Lord for finding The Berean Call in 2012. The Truth is hard to find in this day and age. Thank you Dave and everyone at Berean Call for speaking the Truth, never stop.

A Disciple Who Never Met His Teacher - Steven Moller - Fairmont, MN -

I believe the year was 1991 and I was a seminary student studying to earn my MDiv degree with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling. A co-worker had been trying to get me to read a book by these guys by the names of "Dave Hunt," and "T. A. McMahon" but I was too busy and I was not really interested. My co-worker continued to press me and so I picked up a book that would change the course of my life forever. The book was called "The Seduction Of Christianity." I read with passion, and would say to myself, "How could I have not seen this before?" As I read through this book, I continually would pray and ask God to forgive me for being so deceived. I followed that book by reading "Beyond Seduction" and "A Woman Rides The Beast," I ordered tapes and listened to them in the car riding back and forth from school and work. The thought that horrified me was, "How could I have been so deceived" and so God put a fire in me that still is burning brightly to this day. I became a "Truth Seeker,"let the chips fall where they may, whatever the consequences are, I want to know and to follow the Truth. My nine children continually hear me say, "Know what you believe and why you believe it." Phrases like these are so a part of me that I don't even think where they came from....though I do know and I am forever thankful for my teacher, "Dave Hunt." I never met Dave in person, but I continued to read or watch whatever teaching that Dave and The Berean Call would publish. I would eventually leave seminary (A Seminary that taught Higher Criticism) and pursue a life time of studying Apologetics and Its use in evangelism. My kids also hear me say repeatedly, "Faith is not a leap in the dark, we can know and prove the facts upon which our faith rests." Dave has not only impacted my life for eternity but also my children's lives and all those who God has allowed me to witness to over the years. I am a disciple who never met his teacher and I regret that I never took the time to thank him. Until We Meet In Glory, Steven Moller

Love for TRUTH - Shannon N - Wilkeson, Washington USA -

I count myself to be among those privileged born again believers whom the Lord ministered to through Brother Dave. What a tremendous blessing he has been for me in my walk with the Lord. I have appreciated his love for truth only to be found through the Word of God. This example has been contagious for me over the years. He will be sorely missed here, but I am thoroughly excited for him that he is finally with the Lord! He's been ready and waiting a long time I know, wanting to be at home in his true home!

A Great Teacher - Buffy Register - Eau Claire, WI -

I was born again over thirty years ago. At that time I read a lot of Bible and of course still do, but I also read a lot in Dave's books. He helped me to understand about the cults and lots more. I had a lot of family members in cults and so I was happy to be able to learn from Dave. I am sad that we have to lose Dave here, but at the same time I am so happy for him to be where he is now. I will want to look him up when I get to heaven too. To his family, I give prayers of comfort. I also want to thank the family for allowing the many hours that must have been spent on research and his books. He helped many, many people. This world has been much lighter for Dave Hunt passing through it. Good Bye Dave, we will miss you! Buffy Register (long time fan)

John Ankerberg Show - Larry Keown - Ringgold, GA 30736 -

I had the privilege to attend many of the John Ankerberg show that where filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the late 1980's. Dave was a guest many times for John and was an great apologist for the faith. His books were interesting and informing and always biblically based. He was a good example of witness for Christ and I'm sure he will hear "Well done good and faithfully servant" by out Lord. Prayers go out to his family and friends.

Thank you... - Vicki - Oklahoma -

What a shock it was when I stumbled upon a documentary DVD titled "Megiddo" years ago where one man stood out to me, Brother Dave Hunt. He sat with a worn out Bible, pages falling out, markings all over those tattered pages, and he spoke the words that not only I needed to hear but the world needed to hear. The truth about the evil world around us and the fact that our Bible is the foundation of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ so we should know it. Upon the Lord leading me to this amazing man, I began to search for a copy of his book "The Seduction of Christianity". No words can describe how this book changed my life. What a wonderful library of his amazing books the Lord gave me, but the most important Book is the one I pick up every day...God's Holy Bible and in that blessed book, I search the Scriptures daily. I'm happy to have gotten to hear Bro. Hunt speak at the Prophecy Watch conference back in 2006. What an amazing man with so much knowledge that he willingly shared. He made the statement after we sang "Some Glad Morning" that he felt the phrase "When I Die" should be changed to "If I Die". This statement is one that those of us left here on this old earth should hold in our hearts as we look for that blessed time when our Lord Jesus Christ comes to retrieve His Body of believers... Thank you, Brother Dave Hunt, for all your written and spoken words that will continue to help the Body of Christ find the strength to live by Acts:17:11.

None can fill his shoes - Jackie Alnor - Pittsburgh PA -

I have known Dave since 1983 and consider him the most important human being in my spiritual walk with the LORD. He was and is such an inspiration to me and the ministry of discernment that I continue in due much to Dave's example and encouragement. He was fearless in the face of the opposition that called him every name in the book and many books were written just to blast his writings because he exposed the unfruitful deeds of darkness his critics were party to. No matter how vehement the attacks against him would be, he held his biblical ground. I once asked him how he was able to be so brave under such hostilities and he said, "The battle is the LORD's." Now Dave has laid down his armor and is resting in the arms of his Savior. His rewards follow him. For the 30 years I've known him, he has faithfully defended the Truth and I've defended him. I've heard and refuted the slander from godless religious people who thought they were doing God a service by slamming Dave. They couldn't get to him; he wouldn't be moved from his stance on the Word of God. He walked the talk and wept over the things that no doubt made Jesus weep. I look forward to our reunion in the clouds. Maranatha!

Humble thanks - Ken LeCureux - Saginaw, Michigan -

I didn't know Dave personally, nor had ever met him, but the Berean Call has been a mainstay in my life from its inception, reaffirming my literal-historical-grammatical love for the Scriptures. As a fellow CPA may do, I enjoyed his wonderful analysis of the Word and introduced his ministry to many a friend . Looking forward to sharing our love and mutual camaraderie in the Lord in a day soon to come.

With Cathlotics as well as other false Cult's - Richard D Jones - Marion Ohio -

He always did it with love for them. And he always wanted them to come to the knowledge of the truth. When I first read about Dave's passing from your email, I began to WEEP. I am writing this with a broken heart. I met Dave in Cincinnatti about 30 years ago in a little church with only a few people there.  Thirty years is only a guess--Ii am 69 now. I LOVE DAVE HUNT!

Thanks Dave - Deborah Pembleton - Ridgetown, Ontario Canada -

Just wanted to let you know that Dave's teachings cleared a lot of doctrinal questions for me, strenghtened my faith, and helped me to stay Biblically true. He will be greatly missed. I am sure he has heard that most desirous phrase we all want to hear Jesus say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant". See ya there, Dave!

Tribute and Thanks To Bro. Dave Hunt - Rico Uy - Philippines -

"There were giants in those days..." Dave Hunt is one of them. This is one of the many Christian men that I respect and admire so much. Although I don't know him personally, I am teary-eyed to know that he passed away. But it comforts me that the old warrior is now in glory with the Savior. Thanks for the ministry and the courage you have shown in speaking up for the truth. You are an example to us Christians.

Saw him Speak in Syracuse, NY - Kathy - PA -

I had the great privilege of seeing and hearing this great man of God speak at a Calvary Chapel near Syracuse, NY approximately 6-8 years ago. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see and hear him in person before he curtailed his travels. What a blessing he was, and is, and will continue to be, to the Body of Christ. Thanks to the Hunt family, and The Berean Call, for all sharing in this important ministry and helping this precious man of God to flourish and lead.

Sincere appreciation for Dave's ministry. - Lloyd Penrice - Albany Western Australia -

Hello, I would be one of the least of the least regarding knowing Dave Hunt. In recent years (I am only about 3 yrs. younger than Dave) a past room mate from Prairie Bible Institute grad of 1954 mentioned Dave Hunt. I think that he said that I would agree with Dave Hunt. Since then I have followed the radio ministry and articles closely, enjoying the fine ministry. Anyhow I have a deep feeling of respect and sadness in hearing today that Dave has passed away. We will miss him very much. We thank the Lord for such men. What a gift to the church they have been. Tom has been a blessing as well in his sincere and honest presentation. Thanks be unto God. Lloyd Penrice.

1 Timothy 4:6 - Robert - Caldwell, Idaho -

God revealed to me in 1988, at the age of 27, that I was a sinner, destined for an eternity separated from Him. I cried out to Him to save me and asked Jesus Christ to be Lord of my life. The next few years were difficult, trying to turn from a life without God's guidance. I was given a publication in 1992 from Midnight Call Ministries, Arno Froese, and the following year a book by Dave Hunt. Shortly thereafter I started receiving the The Midnight Call and The Berean Call, every month. I am convinced that if it were not for the ministries of these two men, I could possibly be involved in the apostasy that has taken over the church in these last moments of the Church Age. I have prayed for wisdom, discernment, and God's Truth every day, and God has faithfully led me out of denominations that strayed from the Truth of His Word. I include the many others in these two ministries, that may not get the recognition that Arno and Dave have as being my mentors. I owe a debt of gratitude for the commitment that they have made to stand firm in the Faith and boldly proclaim the Truth of God's inerrant Word no matter how fierce the opposition has been. I had the honor of meeting Dave and Tom at a conference a few years back. I am grateful that those of us that have a love of the Truth have been allowed by the Grace of God, to be taught by..."a good minister of Jesus Christ."

Thank you Dave Hunt - Sheila -

I am so very thankful that several years ago a dear friend told me about Dave Hunt and the Berean Call. This ministry teaches and equips believers to be discerning and take everything to scripture. My first reaction to the news of Dave's passing was sadness, but underneath that is thankfulness and joy that he is with the Lord and Saviour he loves and has served faithfully for years. Thank you, Dave Hunt .... I'm sure you will hear the words ~ Well done good and faithful servant

A Love I just found - RIchard Krohn - Deltona, Florida -

I feel such a terrible loss. As though a part of my heart is gone. I loved Dave Hunt as a brother in Christ but only now did I find out how much I love him. His godly living, powerful defense of the Scripture, unabashed love of Jesus, humility, and his warrior quality in this constant battle left an indelible mark on my soul. I prayed every night for Dave, and tonight as our Bible schedule placed us in Acts 17, I received the email that he had passed. Of all the Bible passages to read, what is more appropriate than Acts:17:11? This is not by accident, but to show me God is in control. I've read all of Dave's books, and it seems right to re-read them all again. I will continue to pray for the Berean Call and especially for Tom. For Ruth and the children, my heart goes out to you. For Tom, I weep for your grief. For me? I just weep. God Bless you all, Richard & Ellen Krohn Deltona, Florida

First hearing Dave Hunt - Brent Chance - Fishers, IN -

In 2008 I became truly born again. Everything seemed new and exciting in the Lord. I don't remember when I first heard Dave speak, whether it was an audio or video, but I remember thinking, "This man has a true gift from God regarding the scriptures". His honesty and compassion for the topics he addressed were so beautiful to me. I have never listened to another Christian brother address more lovingly and boldly, the tough topics he and T.A. would discuss. I never felt like Dave was judgmental or hateful...just honest. Perhaps no other Christian commentator has impacted my life more than Dave Hunt...May you find rest...PEACE BE WITH YOU Dave...

Mentor and Hero - Paul Owens - Ramona, CA -

Can't say for sure when I first picked up a Dave Hunt authored book, but I know I was shocked that a man was willing to tell the truth in such plain terms. I have used Dave's books extensively throughout my 34 year ministry and quote from them often. Right now there is a case of "Seeking and Finding God" in my office for use in evangelism. Every time the Berean Call Newsletter comes, I read it from front to back, and never once have I been disappointed. We are poorer and Heaven is richer. There will never be another Dave Hunt, though through his many books he lives and works on.

Dave Hunt Fulfilled God's Will in my Life - Bobby Brown - Rockport, MA -

God DID bless Dave Hunt and Dave shared that blessing, all over the place. Dave would have no idea that a video of him at Calvary Chapel in Riverside, CA would end up streaming into my computer one night during one of the darkest times of my life. There he was, the connection was instantaneous. The Lord makes no mistakes, I needed to hear what Dave was saying but not only his words, more importantly, that he turned everything he said right back to scripture. His credibility was established, the story was not about him and he was not talking to me, he was the voice for the Lord where God wanted it to be. I started reading Dave's writing, as a result of that internet program, and then listening to the radio programs, he was completely competent, authoritative and substantial in his reasoning, his studied reference to scripture and the relationship of God's word to whatever topic was relevant, Dave showed the bible to be reliable; Dave was consistent, just like God's word. There is a symbiosis between Dave and T.A. that IS borne fruit. T.A. brought out the fullness in Dave that I am not so sure would have been put out to the world, otherwise. After so many years of them bringing their ministry to anyone who will read or listen, what they have sewn has brought much harvest of God's truth, inerrant, lucidly presented and maintained in faithful earnest for those ready to hear, to read, and to understand what they also wondered about. I won't miss Dave, he did what he was sent to do. Instead, I will be seeing him again, in a better place, a place where there is no death, there are no tears, no sorrow, no regret, only joy in life everlasting, in the presence of God. I thank the Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for sending Dave Hunt into the world, into my life, and all of the lives he has touched. Dave served his Heavenly Father, WELL.

Gratitude - Gary and Renetta Dudzinski - Rochelle, Illinois -

Our condolences to Dave Hunt's family for he will surely be missed. And thank you for showing us the truth for so many years.

Ready always to give a reason for his faith - Denise - Warwick, Qld Australia -

Am looking forward one day to thanking him for keeping me on the straight and narrow. When I first became a Christian, I was disturbed because everyone was telling me to tune in to Benny Hinn. I found him alarmingly irrational and a pastor gave me 'Global Peace and the Antichrist' and I realized why. Then I was influenced by the Reformed movement, there was What Love Is this? and Whatever Happened to Heaven? Also I listened to Dave speak at the evangelical Reformed Church in Bellville South Africa in 1999, and Dave gave good reasons why we shouldn't take Y2K seriously as opposed to the alarmism of many of the churches, including those deriding us rapturists and calling us 'date setters'. In fact, Dave was saying here that date setting was unBIblical. Dave was warning us about Islam long before 911. He also warned against increasing occultism and church growth movement. At crucial moments in my spiritual walk, Dave was there with calm reasoned arguments from the Bible showing me the sensible way to go. If I am a quarter as helpful to other Christians as he was to me, I shall be content. I can recommend everyone to read his books. listen to his talks and watch his DVDs. You will never be sorry. Denise

Well done, good and faithful servant - Jose - Clovis, CA -

I never got to meet Dave in person but have been well-acquainted with his work and ministry for several years. He and The Berean Call are favorites at my local Calvary Chapel. Apologetics tends to be a challenging and unpopular ministry, but so sorely needed in today's church. Dave was fearless in confronting compromise and in teaching the supremacy and truth of the word of God and contending for the faith. I will always appreciate him and his great impact to my life and so many others. And now, Dave, you are, finally and for all eternity, truly blessed. We will miss you.

thank you LORD - brother paul - powell, wyoming, usa -

I thank you Abba Father in the name of your Son my Lord Jesus Christ for creating and forming brother Dave for you glory, honor, and pleasure alone and purposely and decidedly sharing Dave with all of us, especially me.

Dave * Ruth's 'holiday' in Australia - Fred & Barbara Grigg - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia -

Barbara and I began Australia's first 'Counter-Cult' ministry, Mandate Ministries, in 1978. I began to correspond with Dave in 1985 regarding one of his writings, which from memory was, 'Death of a Guru' in Arabic.  In 1986, Dave asked me about coordinating some ministry opportunities for him in Australia. He requested that it would be more of a holiday for Ruth and himself, rather than a ministry trip. He placed no financial obligation upon us at all. In fact, he used his 'Frequent Flyer Points' to enable them to travel here! We were living in Sydney at that time, but I was able to arrange for him to be interviewed live on one of the main 'religious' programs on our ABC National Radio. We convened a one-day conference, 'The First Australian Conference on Deception and Discernment', at which Dave was the keynote speaker. Dave's knowledge and insights, coupled with his teaching ability, has been a blessing to us and many thousands of others in Australia. Please offer our condolences and blessings to Ruth. Fred & Barbara

How He Made Me a Seeker of Truth - Katherine Zrubek - Taylor, Texas -

Almost from the beginning of my salvation, Dave became my teacher and helped me to discern truth from error. I came out of a Catholic background, and when I got saved, and realized all the error I had been taught, I had a great fear of being wrong about other things in Scripture. One of the first books I ever bought as a Christian was The Seduction of Christianity. It helped me to rightly divide truth. Later on I read A Woman Rides the Beast. I have been teaching Bible Prophecy for about 20 years and have given that book away more than once. I gave it to one of my students tonight. Later, when the church I was in began to drift toward Calvinism, as usual I could count on Dave to reveal truth. And I bought What Love is This, which helped me glean from Scripture how a Calvinist twists the word of God. Dave Hunt was put in the life of a person seeking the truth by God in heaven, and that person was me. My husband and I met him in 1994 at a Niagara Falls Prophecy Conference.

Equipped through Dave's Ministry - Carleen Hamel - Saco, Maine -

Beloved in Christ ~ I pray God's comfort and encouragement to all of Dave's loved ones; at the same time I rejoice with you all at the home-going of The Lord's faithful servant, Dave Hunt. I was saved out of the heresy of Roman Catholicism in 1994 at the age of 39. The Lord was faithful in answering my prayer to lead me to discerning ministries that spoke only God's truth and weren't afraid to name the names of those who were deceiving and leading the sheep astray. No surprise that Dave's ministry, The Berean Call, was one of the very first I was led to. I look back over 19 years and say THANK GOD for the faithful ministry of Dave Hunt through his website, emails, written newsletters, books i.e. What Love is This and Judgement Day (which was purposely left in the employee's staff lounge and picked up immediately by a co-worker Praise God), as well as his on line radio teaching ministry and DVD A woman Rides The Beast. Thank you, Dave & family, for your servant hearts in helping to equip the saints and evangelize the lost! I look forward to meeting you in the presence of our Wonderful Lord & Savior Jesus Christ soon and very soon! Maranatha! <><

Translating for Dave Hunt in Cuba - John Bonner - Cajamarca, Peru -

I had admired Dave Hunt from afar after reading several books--especially The Seduction of Christianity, when I was invited by Drew MacIntire to translate for Dave on a speaking tour of Cuba. I was honored to be in this man's presence, and humbled to be able to take his words and translate them into Spanish. We were told what we could and could not say on that island nation, which was very difficult for Dave. Dave Hunt is used to speaking his mind, and was not about to allow a communist regime to muffle his message. He went on to speak boldly about Israel and other tabu subjects and his messages were always helpful to the audiences there. I love Dave Hunt, and will miss him very much. May God give His grace to Ruth, the Hunt family and to his partners in ministry.

I will miss Dave! - Mike A. - Phoenix, AZ -

What can I say? I believe he was an inspired teacher and writer who shared a deep relationship with God, through the Holy Spirit. I met Dave in Rockaway, Oregon at a small conference. He was funny, open, approachable, insightful and challenging. Rejoicing because he's in Heaven!!

Scholarship - Shawn Minter - Rock Port, Missouri -

Mrs. Hunt and The Berean Call! I am saddened to hear of of Dave's passing! He was a huge influence in my growth as a new Christian (August 12, 1997) and to where i am today. I purchased your mp3 and mp3 player and listened to Dave's debates and messages while farming in the tractor and or combine until the player quit. His command of the scriptures encouraged me to "study to show myself approved", and to "always be prepared to give an answer" to everyone! I have purchased a few of Dave's books and am currently reading, Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny for the second time. I was trained in Biology and simply cant believe how deceived i was, totally blinded by the god of this world. I have been receiving your monthly newsletter for years and have been blessed by every edition! Dave's writing still challenges me to think and use logic when sharing and "persuading men" to also consider the truth of the scriptures. I have been influenced by many, but not a day goes by when i don't think about something Dave shared on the radio or in the newsletter! Even from infancy, my desire for God's word was overwhelming! I couldn't get enough and still today carry my Bible with me everywhere I go. I live my faith as the Berean's of Act 17, because that's what Dave taught and what Ive learned as truth from "examining the scriptures every day! Thank You Dave-Well Done Good and Faithful Servant! God Bless You Mrs Hunt, T.A. and all at the Berean Call for your love for Jesus and his word and the courage to "speak boldly" to all who will listen!

A wonderful brother, teacher and conversant who I look forward to meeting again. - Cory Winn - United States -

I was saved by Jesus in 2003. One of the first great people God used to disciple me through books and such was Dave Hunt. The first book I read was Occult Invasion. I have since picked up almost all of Dave's entire back catalog and read most of it. I had the privilege to talk with him when I met him in 2006 and again in 2007 at prophecy conferences. He was a wonderful and humble man willing to take time out of his busy day to answer questions of mine. He listened and didn't cut me off in my questions and gave thought provoking responses. It was enlightening to see how God could use Dave to show me how I should look the older I get in my walk with God. As Paul said we should only follow him to the extent that he followed Christ, in my lifetime I can say the same about Dave, having read his works and met him. He was a wonderful apologist, conversationalist, teacher, and discernment minister that I can say was truly a blessing to me and I thank God for him and his stances on the Bible and getting Tom McMahon to carry on the Berean Call. My prayers are with the Hunt family and I look forward to seeing my brother in the future.

My Journey to fnding the Truth - Charolette Selvey - Bangalore, India -


I am 29 years old, and for most of my life I have been a Roman Catholic (as I was born into a Catholic family), a very blind & self righteous one at that. My sister, a few years ago, who was born-again, handed me two books of Dave Hunt,  In Defense of the Faith  &  Occult Invasion . I have heard that Dave had been to India studying Hinduism, so I am sure he would have known how difficult it would have been to find any good Christian material around to buy or even read. It is extremely difficult to get any books of Dave Hunt off the shelf here in Bangalore. 

My sister came across Dave Hunt on the Internet while she was doing her search for the truth. She approached a few bookstores around our locality & ordered for Dave's books & it was a long wait until she did finally get them. The people at the store were only able to get 2 copies of  Occult Invasion  and 3 copies of  In Defense of the Faith,  and nothing else. Out of these for my birthday she presented me with one of each. 

I glimpsed through  Occult Invasion,  and it really frightened me! It spoke about the apparition of Mary & Jesus and how it is demonic, and I can tell you that I was scared--scared to even look at the pictures in my house that hung all over the place. I put the book back on the shelf and got caught up with living life, as we all do, with our busy schedules. 

When my brother passed away, who was also born-again (saved), thanks to my sister & an old friend of my Dad who had been visiting us ever since my parents passed away in 2003 & 2004, this friend of my dad was instrumental in helping my elder sister get saved--my father & my brother too. I was devastated at losing my brother, who was only 36 years old. He passed away due to a sudden heart attack. I spoke a while with my sister, and she, along with my dad's friend, confirmed through scripture that my brother was in a better place, and that really made me feel so much better. 

I took some time off from work after my brother's passing, as I was shattered at the loss of him, and then one day I began searching online for Dave's talks. I listened to the talk on  A Woman Rides the Beast , his debates with Keith Fournier on the Catholic Church, and his talk on the Rapture & his book  Judgment Day . I began reading my Bible seriously, and doing a study with Chuck Missler everyday. It is only because of Dave did I understand that I was in the wrong place. I understood the tremendous love of Jesus and how much He loved me and the price He paid for my sins. It is through Dave's book,  In Defense of the Faith  did I fully understand all this. It brought tears to my eyes when I read that book, and it really touched my heart to know that I have a Saviour that loved me so much and sacrificed so much for me, a sinner.

I love Dave because he never fails to talk about the love of Jesus, which is so important to stress on for people like me. Dave has so many times taught me never to compromise on the truth and to make the truth known all over. It is not easy to stand up for the truth against an entire entity, and Dave has done that, with Islam, the Catholic church, Eastern Mysticism, etc., etc., and I admired him for that. 

I have learned a whole lot from this wonderful human being called Dave Hunt, I always used to think I would meet him in the Rapture, but our precious Saviour wanted him sooner. I can proudly say now that I am Saved (Born-again) and I have been baptised as well and it was not easy as I am married to a Catholic who is slowly coming around to the truth, Thank you, Jesus :) . My entire family and his family are very 'holy' Catholics. It is still a struggle but one of which I am not afraid, because if He is for you, who can be against you?

I am very saddened by Dave's death and I woke up with tears in my eyes as soon as I logged in to facebook, I make it a point every single day to read the post of Dave Hunt's page-- without fail I do that every single day, ever since I started following that page. I always thought I would meet Dave in the Rapture as I am in such a far off place like India, and me coming over to the States to witness one of his talks was something I couldn't afford, but at the same time, I rejoice to know he is home where he belongs, in the presence of our loving Saviour. 

Dave has been the most vital part in helping me through my journey in finding the truth and helping a lost soul get saved. I do hope his books will now be easily available, as the ones online are a little expensive at this point in time for me. The person at the OM Bookstore, which sells Christian material in our area, calls my sister & me "Dave Hunt Fans" :)-- he says that because we are the only ones always asking him for his books all the time. We love you, Dave, you are where you belong! To Dave's wife, Ruth, & his ministry, God bless each one of you, and you are in our prayers.

Easy to understand - Irma - South Africa -

Dear Berean Call It is with sadness that I read of Mr Hunt's passing. I wish to convey my sympathy to his wife and children but also to Mr McMahon. As I live in South Africa I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hunt which I would have loved to do. I have read many of his articles and some books (could not buy many due to costs - I have no income of my own). The one thing that always struck me was the passion with which he wrote, the clarity of his writings and how easy it was to read all of it. I have learnt quite a bit (which brought understanding and knowledge) and had quite a few questions answered in the process - questions that ministers/reverends/pastors don't deal with from the pulpit here anymore (they avoid it). You are fortunate to find the few who still do. Mr.Hunt will be missed by many, I am sure, but his writings are still available to read so we haven't lost all of him!! Yours sincerely Irma South Africa

God bless Dave Hunt - Colter - WI -

I learned about Dave Hunt when I attended a Calvary Chapel in Wisconsin in the mid 90s. As a product of the public schools who had psychology in my high school, I was impressed and challenged when I learned that Dave Hunt had written about the "seduction" of Christianity. Dave Hunt had the courage and insight of intellect to really penetrate to the core issues that has led to "compromise" of the no just the gospel, but the true freedom found in Christ. Despite what many modern churches may espouse, the believe in Christ with their Bible has no need for psychology and the new age. I also derived tremendous value from Dave's video series "Throne of Blood" that exposes the Roman Catholic Church in a way that I do not think has an equal. There are many books and resources out there on Protestantism and the Reformation, but none that have the boldness and depth of scholarship that Dave's work has. Dave's books were controversial...but that was because Dave was never willing to compromise the whole true of Christ. Dave Hunt's uncompromising positions made him a living argument for the existence of absolute truth. I had the chance to personally ask Dave Hunt a question at a college in the midwest where he had given a talk. I remember that Dave answered my question and took it seriously. Dave Hunt's influence was profound and he will be missed. It is unlikely that an intellect as passionate and committed to exposing and defending the absolute truth and sufficiency of the gospel with arise any time soon. The church owes him a tremendous debt.

Straight Talker - Karen Hamilton - Australia -

Dave Hunt was an inspiration to my early christian life and remained one of my favorite teachers right up until today. I came to faith in 1986 at the age of 20. I have read many of his books, listened to most of his teaching through tapes, the internet, The Berean Call and also in person when he visited Melbourne, Australia in the mid 2000's. He was a truly humble yet strong teacher, had a vast biblical and general knowledge and yet was so real and approachable. I loved his quiet, "no frills" way of speaking. There were no gimmicks with Mr Hunt, he talked straight and I have seen him weep under such a burden for souls at the pulpit. We have lost a giant in my opinion, but our loss is heaven's gain. He has left a great legacy of teaching material which is still so relevant and will be right up to the end, which is certainly nigh. Dear Mr Hunt, thank you - you are on my list of people I can't wait to meet in the glorious kingdom of our God.

Dave's impact on my life early after my rebirth - Jose - Cape Town, South Africa -

I got saved in April 1994 and eagerly started reading and watching videos. My primary source was always the Bible, but found the arguments from Dave's videos and newsletters extremely precious in proving that the scriptures were true and that prophesy was unique to the Bible. He visited Cape Town on several occasions of which I didn't miss a single service...Dave will always be my biggest inspiration in persevering to the end - thanks Dave - will miss you very much - till we meet soon. Jose

What Dave meant to me - Carla Latteri - Richland, Washington -

I first came across Dave on the radio. It happened during a time in my life when I felt as if there was no one out there to stand boldly for God's truth. He was such a bright light in this dark world. What he really did for me was to confirm that what the Spirit was accomplishing in me was also being done in other believers. I was not alone. When I detected error, it was edifying to read confirmation in his newsletter. I so appreciated having his research to support my defense of truth. I am thankful to God for Dave Hunt.

Funny story about Dave
Archon Conspiracy - Sharon Betters - Liverpool, NY -

We were having dinner with Dave when he was visiting our area, and he was telling about how he came to write the Archon Conspiracy. He was saying that his inspiration came when his dear wife, Ruth, told him that he could never do it... He just had to then. And it was so worth it.. Love that book, along with so many others!

Dave Had A Little Message For The Environmentalists Out There... - David J. Steiger - Crystal Lake, Illinois -

While the passing of a great man will bring inevitable mourning, after all, we shall miss Dave greatly, we should also be joyful that into the presence of the Lord he went. Having had the privilege of meeting Dave on many occasions, the one instance that stands out from amongst all the rest was in Appleton, WI., at a Calvary Chapel prophecy conference, perhaps around 2005, or so. He went on a rant, a magnificent rant (T.A., you will remember this one, I'm sure!), when he began speaking to how the foolish environmental activists carry on seemingly oblivious to the Word of God, thinking they need to save the planet and everything on it from the evils of their fellow man. He spoke about the wasted riches of the area populated by the 'Spotted Owl', and how this area couldn't be touched due to the necessity of making sure that the Spotted Owl carry on, regardless of the cost to us mean-spirited earthlings. At one point Dave was so enraged that he screamed out something along these lines: "Spotted Owl" Spotted Owl" Why, I'll STOMP that Spotted Owl!!" And he did, indeed, stomp that stage! I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to die right there in the pew! I'll never forget that moment, and I'll never forget Brother Dave Hunt. As Believers we can't always say for certain who is, or is not, with the Lord, but on this day there is nothing more certain that we can be assured of than that Dave Hunt heard the following words: "His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." - Matthew:25:23 Well done, indeed. A pillar of unyielding relentless truth and tenacity. Oh that more Christians were like Dave Hunt. May you fare well in the months ahead, and know that you will never lose the support of those who value what the Berean Call means to this world. God Bless you all...

Talking to Dave - Kelleigh Nelson - Knoxville, TN -

Back in the late 90s I was the executive producer for several national talk radio hosts. I used to call and try to get Dave scheduled for at least an hour, but two if he could spare some sit-down time. Always he was looking at his calendar...I always had to call way in advance...but he always had a story to tell me if I happened to get him on the phone. What a pleasant and kind gentleman he always was, and he always asked, "What do you want to talk about?" With Dave it never mattered, because whatever he had to say we knew the show would be a success. And his books always sold like hotcakes. Berean Call is a newsletter I look forward to every month. I've saved many of them with their valuable information and articles and am thankful I found Dave back in the 90s and ordered the newsletter. We mourn for the loss of a friend and we should, and as the Lord taught us..but we also rejoice with heaven in that Dave is home. Think of the banquet he's having. And think about him talking with Paul, King David, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Moses, Joshua, Isaiah and all the rest of our biblical heroes, and seeing the King of Glory...knowing he'll hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant." God bless you Dave...we'll miss you...till we meet again!

Favorite quote from Dave
Dave - in prayer.... - Mike & Dauna - Oregon -

There is so much to love and remember about Dave! What I love thinking about the most however, is so simple yet so profound. When we were privileged to fellowship with him, in prayer Dave would always, always say "Lord Jesus, we LOVE you!" This, said with tears choking his words. I absolutely loved hearing the humility and awe in Dave's voice when he'd say that - - he'd sometimes challenge us with "have you told the Lord you loved Him today?" So basic. So important. It's been the best memory for me!

dave does not agree with everything - tony dunne - ireland -

one of the most funny things about dave was the fact that no matter who he quoted in any of his lectures or sermons, he would always say, "but i don't agree with everything he says." this is the first time in a long (and i mean a long) time that tears are flowing from my eyes. you see, the only people in all of christiandom who even bothered to reply to me in my time of torment were dave and ruth hunt. i don't agree with everything dave hunt said, but he was certainly used by the lord jesus christ in laying bare the truth before me.

Dave sayings - Zane R. Huff Jr - Neenah WI -

It was at a conference at Calvary Chapel of Appleton. Dave kept saying " I love this book, The Bible " I wrote in down in my "Fools Wisdom" Bible, which he said he loved the cover. I asked him to sign it right after his words. He will be greatly missed.

I hope this helps - Joel Blaylock - Allen tx -

Dave once signed one of his books," I hope this helps." I've since used those words in thousands of emails. I think it was a prayer of his. I really really hope God uses this to help you know Him better!! A very worthwhile prayer!!

"Turn or Burn!" - Cheri' - Washington State -

As our youth group teacher at Faith Bible Church in Northridge, CA in 1966, Dave even then captured our attention and our hearts with his clear and direct exhortations - and humor. One quip in a talk on repentance that has survived, and is still repeated by us (now senior) students, was when he held up his hand and pretended we were being dangled over the fiery pit of hell itself - and the only way out was to 'Turn' - or 'Burn'. He may not have coined the term itself, but he sure knew how to make an impression on the delivery!