How one of Dave's books influenced me
Dave Was One of Three Men That God Used to Help Me Leave the Charismatic Movement - Philip Watkinson - Mexico -

It was 1981 and I found myself at a dead-end spiritually and emotionally. My experience with the "Restoration" branch of the Latter Rain Movement had left me empty, burned out, and in a deep depression. I was living and working in Los Angeles at the time, and was serving in youth and worship ministry in a Hispanic congregation in Southgate, CA. In spite of my conservative Christian Church upbringing on the mission field in Mexico, I had grown tired of the absence of passion for evangelism and the lack of growth in the church of my youth. This dissatisfaction was clearly the catalyst that eventually drew me to the fantastic claims and to the dynamic lifestyle of the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement. Nevertheless, here I was on the other end of that very same journey having tasted the poisoned muddy waters of the Shepherding Movement, with more question that I had answers for. It was at that moment that I happened to turn on the local Christian radio and began to listen to a series by John MacArthur Jr. on the gift of tongues. Wow! It was almost like he was speaking to my personal need at the time. Later on, God led me to a series of articles written by Albert Dager in his Media Spotlight newsletter on the Kingdom Now/ Dominion heresy. Shortly after that, I discovered Dave Hunt's newsletter which further reinforced many of the things that I was already discovering in God's word. Finally, it was "Seduction of Christianity" and "Beyond Seduction" that put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. I have saved every Berean Call newsletter that I received over the years, and I especially appreciate Dave's generous donation of a number of his tapes to our ministry in Mexico. He was a great defender of truth and he will be sorely missed by many. Surely he has received the reward of a faithful servant. All of us here on the mission field will miss him, and we pray that Ruth and their family will be comforted by the Holy Spirit.

Met Dave for the first time - Louis and Leana Ackermann - East London, South Africa -

My wife and I visited Berea Baptist church in East London, South Africa and we heard that Dave would be the speaker for several meetings. I attend all of them and bought The Occult Invasion and later Cup Of Trembling and What Love Is This. I was impressed with his research of each of them and still read them to stay informed. Dave made a big impact on my life and I thank our Father for that and looking forward to meet him around the throne of grace in the New Jerusalem.

1 COR 15,58 - Lulu Renteria - Veracruz Mexico -

Dave writings for the truth guided me during my first years as a believer, warned me about false doctrines and his life is a true example of a man that loved JESUSCHRIST , we will miss him, thank you brother Dave for your life surrendered to God, our deepest condolences to the family . 1 Cor 15.58

A great and powerful witness - Allen Chee - Malaysia -

I was made aware of the ministry of The Berean Call (TBC) back in 1999 through the Chick Publications website. It was in my college days that I began to be serious in seeking the truth instead of just taking every teaching and preaching from my local church. The book Seduction of Christianity was an eye opener but at that time, it seemed alien because the church in Malaysia was still strong in the Word. But recent years have proven otherwise as more and more churches here are being seduced into adopting New-Age teachings and leanings instead of opposing them back in the 90s. Other books like A Woman Rides The Beast is a great resource in understanding the Roman Catholic Church and using it to debate with Catholic friends with the hope of opening their eyes to the delusion and falsehood of their religion that offers no hope but bondage and spiritual emptiness. The monthly newsletters are a great source of information and inspiration to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. I thank the Lord for your ministry and thank Dave for his dedication and Spirit-led life which has let to lots of good books published for the edification of the saints. Shalom and rest in peace.

In memoriam - Matthew Dean - Germiston, South Africa -

I woke up this morning to the news that Dave had passed away. First of all, my wishes of strength to the family, and praise God brother Dave is home with the Lord now. Hopefully Jesus will come for us all soon and we'll see each other again in Heaven! I particularly learned from Dave's videos on Megiddo, Israel and Calvinism. Regarding the Calvinist issue, I grew up in Holland as an Atheist, but in the town of Veenendaal which is extremely Dutch Reformed. I never understood why they were the way they are, but despite being Christians, they looked down on non-believers and I never knew why, but Dave's video What Love Is This explained exactly why. Thanks Dave, and praise God how many you have reached. I write this from South Africa - that's how far you touched people! God speed to the family, Matt -

Godly hero - Janette - Zambia -

The verse, "I will make the godly of the land my heroes," applies to Dave. He is one of my godly heroes, and I thank the Lord for his life, his testimony, and his willingness to speak up for God's truth even at the risk of gaining enemies. His books have helped me to see more clearly how God's Word has been undermined and how lies have been infiltrating the church for a long time. I look forward to meeting him one day in heaven. For now, I have no doubt he is receiving a "Well done, good and faithful servant." Praying for you all, Ruth, your family and all of his close friends who are feeling sorrow right now. I'm crying, and I never even met him. The Lord comfort your hearts warmly.

Seduction of Chrisitianity - Diane W. - Guyton, GA -

In the 1980's I was working as a librarian when the book Seduction of Chrisitianity literally fell into my hands. What a title for someone who thought Christianity was secure and the truth was totally accepted by all who were Christians, This book opened my eyes to see that many so called Christians were changing Christianty...making new religions that they called Christianity. Since that time, I have read Dave Hunt's other books and the Berean Call news to keep abreast of false teachings in the church. I thank him for making me aware of the things that are happening so I can do my best to follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to meeting Dave in heaven to thank him personally for his help.

A life changing blessinng - Jackie -

As a young adult, and searching my way, my young husband and I were seeking churches and teachers, and falling straight into the whole name and claim it positive thinking bit. We were so stupid and really had no idea what we were being taught. We were so innocent, and so dumb. I feel so silly sitting here crying over someone I never met. And a tad jealous that my husband of over 30 years, who passed away a year ago, now is with great teachers such as Mr. Hunt and here I sit in tears. Mr. Hunt was my Paul, sending a letter to straighten out my messed up head. As I read The Seduction of Christianity,(which God put in my hand) I know a war raged, I could feel it. Dave Hunt instilled a determination within me that I am a stronger, more passionate, determined seeker of Truth. From that time on I could see the coming deception and desired to combat when and where I can. I saved my quarters through the years, because my change was no longer counted in the budget, and I bought most of his books. The Lord used Mr. Hunt to make a difference in my life, to call an innocent, not very bright, wondering(but seeking), sheep toward and into solid doctrine. And my brothers and sisters, that is a gift that keeps on giving!! Ruth, sister truly, may God hold you and your children in the peace of His mighty arms of love and grace. Thank you Dave Hunt and all of the Berean Call. 1Th 4:16 For the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ shall rise first. Maranatha!!

Thankful - Ryan - Dawsonville, Ga -

My wife, who was not my wife at the time, heard Dave speak at a prophecy conference in Atlanta in the Summer of 1997. He spoke about the prophecy in Daniel concerning the 70 weeks for Isreal. He spoke the Word with authority and compassion that lit a fire in me for God and His Word. Over the years I have read many of His books and listened to the radio program. He is probably the most influential Bible teacher in my life. It gives me great delight to think that he is worshipping The Lord Jesus face to face.

The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist - Joyce E. Wilkins - Covington, Georgia -

I am an ex-Catholic. It was through Dave Hunt's book -- The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist -- that I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. What a wonderful man, a man that wrote a wonderful book -- that led me to a glorious salvation. He who wins souls is wise... At last, he will be in the presence of the Most High and Living God!

A Sad but Happy Day - Jenny - Montreal, Canada -

My heart is sad about the news. I first knew the name of Dave Hunt when watching a documentary on Youtube. I then started checking any videos on Youtube and reading any articles by Dr. Hunt. That was about 5-6 years ago WHILE I was in search of God. Just recently, I purchased 3 of his books on; 2 as a gift and one for my personal knowledge (Cosmos Creator & Human Destiny). One of his quotes when he was debating at one given place behind the pulpit he said: "I will prove to you that God exists" and "If you debate me, you will lose"! I loved it! He spoke his mind and was not scared of saying the name of Jesus to the crowd unlike some political correct so-called Christians. God bless him. As I said, I am sad but at the same time, I know that he's presently happy with the Lord. Knowing what I know of Dr. Dave Hunt, I'm sure he's bombarding God with questions. Who wouldn't?! Maybe even a debate in Heaven?!! Why not! You will be missed. Jenny Montreal (Canada)

Dave always stood firm! - Joseph Kargol - Chicago,Il. -

Just heard the news about our beloved Dave. My wife and I and her brother have been praying so diligently lately. We prayed that the dear Lord would finally take him without any more suffering. Well, I see the Lord has answered our prayer.He's at last sowing all the poor man has reaped. Joyfully, Dave's with our Jesus and receiving, not only his just rewards for all his steadfast labor but finally in the arms of our Lord ,Jesus Christ! What a fantastic blessing! We sure will miss him and his thoughts. His book," The woman rides the beast" is so Dave Hunt and his shouting out to help,not only the Catholics but to any who are deceived in other so called paths to heaven. Dave really nailed it! If anybody that is a Catholic,and reads Dave's book (The woman rides the beast) and doesn't leave this cult, they must NOT be reading what I have read. All the facts and figures are all in the book. I know for sure Jesus is saying to our dear friend, " Well done thou good and faithful servant!" As we all would say as well, well done thou good and faithful friend. Joseph Kargol Chicago,Il.

The next chapter - Joanne - Michigan -

When I first read The Seduction of Christianity, I was astounded. I had become influenced by Christian Psychology through a certain radio host. This book opened my eyes to the truth, as well as the dangers of eastern mysticism that had infiltrated the church, among other things. I will be forever grateful to Dave for obeying God to warn the church. May Jesus Christ comfort Dave's wife and family in their grief. Dave's departure, and those of other godly men recently, leaves an emptiness in this world. Nature abhors a vacuum and will rush to fill it. What will fill the void as beloved saints die will be horrific. Strong voices for God are being silenced, and it won't be long before the great delusion is fully operational. I pray that we will carry on, bringing the light of God into a darkening world, so long as we have breath.

Praise God! for Dave Hunt and his ministry - Randy Dykwell - Grand Rapids, MI -

My sympathies to the family and friends of Dave Hunt, although we are assured in Scriptures that we can know that we are going to heaven to be with Jesus and we can be sure Dave is waiting for us shouting and leaping for joy in our LORD's presence. Dave Hunt's books have been a great influence on me and my ministry. I first read his Seduction of Christianity about eight years ago. Though it was written in the 80's it is still relevant today. I also continue to receive emails and Facebook posting that I'll read and forward to many family and friends. There is little error in the Berean Call as there in no error in God's Word, infallible and inerrant. Thank you Dave for you watch on the wall, there is no blood on your hands. And please continue the Berean Call to search the Scriptures daily so that we may be approved workmen not ashamed of the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. I Tim 2: 15

Confirmation of the Church Adrift - Pastor Gregory Allen - New Covenant Baptist Church, State College, Pa. -

Amen! He is finally home. As a young pastor, passionately connected with the Bible, I recall the early 80's exposing the churches incremental drift into experience-driven mysticism. That in-creeping is now epidemic & systemic. Dave discerned this and blew the Trumpet of Zion to warn the church at a time when many refused to heed that horn. He was a "watchman" in the the most profound sense. Discernment being all but gone in many places, Dave was one of the first to document the drift and sound the alarms in both culture and the churches. Many preachers, otherwise fearing reprisals for speaking out were encouraged to do the same. Conceivably, whole churches were strengthened and saved. Dave broke new ground and bridged the gap between common sense and Biblical soundness at a time when relativism was corrupting American culture and 'easy-believism' was shipwrecking the evangelical culture. Reading Dave's resources was like a crash course in practical theology that eclipsed 6 years of seminary and graduate work by far. Dave's earliest newsletters and Seduction I & II (Beyond) confirmed that what I felt was happening was no mirage. He confirmed I wasn't crazy, and that it was right to sound the alarm. Now, 30+ years later, remaining sound and speaking out has come with a price I've learned to consider a "tithe" to God. Dave's writings were a continual well of fresh water, in that his best writing always pointed us back to the Word-the Living Water of the Spirit's inspiration. Dave's works (while rejected as overly-'negative' and hyper-critical at first), have proven quite prophetic. I'm grateful to Dave, T.A. & their Berean Call staff for the continual flow of solid apologetic materials that have helped millions discern between Truth and error. Dave's reward in heaven will be great, and I am grateful to have had a small part in supporting his ministry. Well done my beloved brother!! You have fought the good fight of faith and finished well. You've defended the faith, run your race and finished your course; leaving an example for us all. You will be greatly missed; but we will meet again on that golden shore.

Thank you! - Nena - Pembroke Pines, FL -

The Berean Call Newsletter came to my hand in Lima, Peru and I wrote to register to receive my own copy. To my surprise I also received a book for free: “An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith” by Dave Hunt. I learned to be bold in defense of the faith. I was deeply grateful that someone would invest in me. I rejoice with Ruth that Dave is now with his Savior. At the same time I have a deep pain in my heart because he will not be around for us. What a great teacher, friend and example he’s been for us. His opinion, books and all his works have been a great resource to me, all firmly based on God’s word. I’m deeply grateful to God for The Berean Call and for Dave’s life. I look forward to meeting him in heaven. What a great joy when the Lord comes again and takes us with Him to be forever in his presence or calls us home, as he did with Dave. May the Lord keep on comforting Ruth in the days to come. I also look forward to watching the videos of TBC summer conference this year for all its great material but also for that time when Dave will be remembered. Thanks to Tom McMahon and TBC staff for the great job they do.

Understanding The History Of Catholicism - Stephen Geiger - Bozeman, Montana -

I grew up in the Catholic Church like Tom did. I went to Catholic schools for ten years. Back in about 1996 I ran across Dave's book "A Woman Rides The Beast" in a Christian book store. I had long before left the Catholic Church and had finally been saved in 1993. I could not put the book down. I read it with captivation of just how evil the institution of Catholicism has been throughout the centuries. I believe that God exhorts us to hate evil. I believe the institution of Catholicism is very evil. It is a distortion of the gospel masterminded by Satan. It has led millions of unknowing people to an eternity in hell. As such I hate Catholicism itself. I know that Dave had a heart of concern and compassion for Catholics but I would guess that he also hated the institution of Catholicism for the same reasons I do. I have read other books by Dave and Tom and have been blessed with great insight into whatever the topic of the book was. I remember in the videos Megiddo I and Megiddo II there were some clips of Dave sitting at a desk with his Bible. His Bible was well worn. He would lift a page or two off of the binding, turn them over and lay them back down in the Bible. I had to kind of chuckle about it. I couldn't help think, "Dave, you could use a new Bible". I am greatly saddened that we no longer have Dave with us. I will miss his teaching and his writing. I know he is with the Lord experiencing indescribable joy while he waits for his loved ones to arrive. I have never met Dave so when I get to heaven I will have the opportunity to talk to him then.

Seduction of Christianity - Pat - USA -

I cannot begin to express my sorrow that this great man of God is no longer with us. Because God used him to write "Seduction of Chrisitanity,"  my sanity was restored, and I left a church that I had questioned almost from the beginning of my affiliation there. Now, many years later, I still relied on Dave Hunts comments that I receive by email. I do hope the Berean Call will continue to function, it is a much needed ministry in these times. Thanks to Dave Hunt and his love for the Word and his love of Jesus that so many of us have been led out of the "Seduction."

A Woman Rides the Beast - Thomas Ohlendorf - Abingdon, MD, US -

Dave's books began influencing me as soon as I discovered them. From there it was his voice with T.A. on the radio show. I knew about the atrociousness of the Catholic Church but Dave's book made it even more clear. Dave helped me even though we never met.

Dave changed my life... - Phyllis - Wisconsin -

I grew up in an occult and Masonic home. God and Jesus were only cuss words there, or "the man upstairs". It was a pro-longed battle in my mind and heart to understand God the Father (my own Father was a very mean man), and "Jesus" simply was not a person or concept I could grasp. A Bible was given to me by a "Christian cult", and they could not explain Him in a way that I could understand. They told me to read the book of "John". In that old NIV, it said (John:1:18) "No one has seen God the Father, but GOD the only SON (my emphasis) has made Him known". Jesus is God, and I got on my knees and asked to be saved. I was 36 years old. The church I was in had no clue about the occult, what it was, or how to teach me about it. They had no knowledge that Yoga was occult. They had serious doctrinal issues of their own, and were clueless. I was studying and doing Hatha Yoga (exercise) regularly. I knew in my spirit something was wrong, but could not grasp what. My 10 year old daughter told me there was a garage sale on a neighbor's porch. She wanted to go check it out. I told her I only had a quarter (we had very little money). She said, "Let's go anyway", and we did. Going onto the porch, the first thing I saw was a stack of books for sale. (I am a reader.) Then, the top book on the stack was "The Seduction of Christianity" by Dave Hunt! My daughter could find nothing she wanted at the garage sale, and miraculously the book was only a quarter!! Reading Dave's book, it was like "the sun came out". I came out of the occult that I had hung onto, understood the evil in Yoga, started devouring scripture, and it was like an earthquake going on inside me. I am now 70, and praise our Lord for getting to hear Dave, read his books, and meet him. I was supremely blessed through Dave. One extra special blessing that came out of Dave's ministry was when you folks used to help like-minded people in the same local area, who wanted to meet others of the same beliefs, do so. I met, through your ministry, my very special dear friend (same town), and we have been very close friends since then....I think maybe 16 or 17 years now. Dave was a blessing from our Lord, and I am so grateful for him. He is with our Lord, and experiencing the truest joy. May the Lord hold Dave's family and T.A, and all the staff very closely as they deal with the shock, joy, sadness of losing this dear man. What an amazing blessing he was. I am 70 now, and 34 years ago, he was used by the Lord to transform my life. Phyllis

The Seduction of Christianity - Walter B Richards - Liverpool UK -

I never met Dave, but I hope to meet oneday in the Kingdom of our Saviour, I cannot express in words how much I am grieved by his passing. Nevertheless I am deeply grateful for his deep insights into God's word through his Books and Dvds, and I have loved his debates and Radio discussions through the years (especially with Tom). All my love to Ruth,Tom and family and all at TBC. 

What a wonderfuly legacy! - Wanda - Orange, VA -

Never will my husband and I forget the huge impact and influence that 'The Seduction of Christianity' has had on our spiritual life! I am often skeptical when I hear that a particular book has "changed someone's life" but I have to say that this book did just that for us when first we read it. We were in a 'hyper-charismatic' church at the time. My husband had not long been saved and we both were craving Bible teaching. As we read the Word and compared it with what we were getting from the pulpit and from fellow church members, confusion began to set in. We talked with the pastor, the superintendent of the denomination, 'mature' Christians, etc. etc., and got no answers to the discrepancies we were seeing in the movement versus what the Bible was saying. What we did get were explanations based on experiences. When we asked for verses to back up these experiences we received scriptures taken out of context or 'verses' that were not even in the Bible. Somehow Dave's book, 'The Seduction of Christianity', came into our hands. As I read it I could hardly believe there was such deception, indeed seduction, in the Body of Christ. At times I felt sure Dave was exaggerating. I look back now and think what innocents we were. The Bible calls us sheep. I understand that term a lot better than I did then and I can see we were following false shepherds. We read and re-read 'Seduction' and were convinced of its truth because of the scriptures Dave used copiously throughout. And they were in context. We praise and thank God for Dave Hunt and his willingness to stand for the Word. We know all too well the reproaches that fell on him because of his stand for the truth! But he is just beginning to reap the rewards of a life lived for God. I am so happy for Dave although my heart is broken. We are looking forward to seeing him in Glory, maybe soon!!

A Woman Rides the Beast & Islam, Israel & Armageddon and many more... - Ryan McKernan - Aberdeen, Scotland -

I grew up Roman Catholic and in the midst of a period of dealing with difficult questions about my denomination and faith, the Lord brought Dave Hunt into my life. I was nominally Catholic when the Holy Spirit had brought me to repentance and faith in Christ under the fellowship of an older Baptist couple, but they seemed to have concerns about my Catholic background. So, after a time of dealing with these "difficult Baptists" and their "anti-Catholic attacks", I tried to integrate myself deeper into Catholic Church life. However, the Lord had other ideas. Because of the questions I was asked by these, really caring, Christians and others about Catholic doctrine I was led to explore the issue further, more for peace of mind than anything else. I bought material produced by Catholic sources and some by non-Catholics. This led me to buying Dave's video, "A Woman Rides the Beast" and I was bowled over by his knowledge of the Scriptures and history that exposed the Roman Catholic Church as a false system disguised as Christian. This led me to purchase Dave's debates with Catholics. Dave's use of the Word of GOD and his presentation of the facts surrounding the Roman Catholic church in light of It seemed to shatter the very core of my Catholic faith, but not in a way that left me feeling vanquished and without hope. Rather it caused me to realize my position before GOD and opened me up to the leading of the Holy Spirit to leave Roman Catholicism and repent of my involvement. One of the things that settled it for me is the way Dave would always point me back to the Scriptures, saying, "Don't take my word for it - you check me out against the Scripture" - like a good Berean. Catholic sources, on the other hand, would just encourage me to trust the "mother church" and not be so presumptious to think that GOD would speak to me through the Scriptures and lead me to truth! Since leaving the Roman Catholic church I have been "working out my Salvation with fear and trembling". I thank GOD for Dave and the ministry the Lord gave Him with his side-kick, Tom. The Lord has used the Berean Call mightily in my life and turned it in a whole new direction - toward Christ and away from false doctrine. I have benefitted in so many ways from their material, from understanding Islam to Mormonism, apostasy in the professing Church and "Christian Psychology" and have been greatly encouraged in the use of discerment in general. I will look forward to singing praises to GOD with Dave when we are in our Saviour's presence. While it's sad that he has gone on a human level - I will miss him - I know that he will be in the presence of the Lord, having recieved those precious words from our Lord Jesus Christ, "well done, thou good and faithful servant".

Whatever Happenned to Heaven - Carl Widrig Jr - USA -

Came across Whatever Happened to Heaven c. 1991. These were the days before the internet, a time when it was more difficult to access information. Prior to reading this book, among the company I had kept I had been made out to be the only one who said the Vineyard had replaced the hope of the gospel with the false hope of "the great end-times revival," and because I (it was argued) was the only one, my arguments must be foolish and therefore there must be something wrong with me. Dave's book showed me that I was not the only one who saw things this way, in fact this sort of thing as I had lived through in the Vineyard as a new believer had been going on for years in Christendom, centuries in fact. His book was a tremendous encourgement to me to carry on with "heresy hunting", with an emphasis on what Dave documented in this book. My favorite quote in the book, I'm paraphrasing now: "Heaven is a place Christians only want to go to when forced by death to go there."

What Love is This? - Barbara Eggerton - Fort Worth, Texas -

My husband and I were caught up in Calvinism for many years and Dave Hunt's videos and book, "What Love is This?" helped us to better understand that Calvinism truly is a misrepresentation of God. His books "Occult Invasion", "Seduction of Christianity", "A Woman Rides the Beast" were also very helpful to me and my family. I cried when I heard he had passed yesterday because he truly was like the apostle Paul and I was so encouraged by his godly and loving witness. He was an awesome defender of the Faith and will be dearly missed. Thank you, Mr. Hunt. You were a blessing to so, so many!! One of my favorite things about Mr. Hunt was that he would always say how he loves the Bible, how he loves God's Word.

Peace Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust - Chris Young - Chandler, AZ -

When the New Age Movement came out, nobody knew what it was. There were a lot of books out there telling how great it was but none explaining it in the light of Christianity. And then came Dave's book entitled, "Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust." That opened our eyes to what was going on in the world around us. I have seven of his books and didn't realize he had written so many more. I want to be sure and get those others, too. He had such insight and was not afraid to speak the truth. I love his website and have some of his videos and watch others on his Freebies site. When I became a Christian, I didn't have extra money for books, etc. I appreciate his website that has something for even the poor to learn from. It is so critical because a lot of the churches aren't speaking a clear message of what is going on around them. They are fearful of losing people. Dave loved enough to tell them the truth. It's hard to let someone go that brings that much to the table. We will miss him and know that he leaves a great legacy behind, that will continue to live beyond the grave. Sunset in one land is Sunrise in another. Chris and Family

The Seduction of Christianity - Ernie Schierbeek - Holland, Michigan -

I read with sadness yesterday about Dave Hunt’s death. I will have to wait until Heaven now to shake his hand and to let him know how much his stand for the defense of the faith encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. I was saved in 1984 when I was 28 years old. Coming out of a life of addiction to pot and booze I was brought to many different churches by well-meaning friends to "help me grow". I was steadily and eagerly in God’s word every day, trying to get to know this wonderful God that saved me and called me His child, but what I was hearing off the pulpits brought me confusion and bondage. During this time I was reading about everything I could get my hands on when I came across Dave’s book entitled the Seduction of Christianity. I was warned about this book by some people in the Charismatic movement but of course I read it anyway. I do believe that the Lord used this book to help my climb out of the religious confusion that was all around me. It certainly helped my sort things out and see the truth of what just really what was going on. I am deeply grateful and will always have a fondness in my heart for this dear brother who is now rejoicing with the Lord. I have many of Dave’s books on my bookshelf and will always treasure them for their pointing me to a clearer understanding of the Bible..which is the best treasure of all.

His provision... - Judi Carlton - Palmetto, Florida -

After spending ten years in a cult, I read Walter Martin's book. After spending fifteen years in the Word of Faith, I read Dave Hunt's book and got the "rest of the story". How grateful I am to have had these men open my eyes and confirm the truth to me. God surely is the great Provider! Blessings and comfort to the family.

Seduction of Christianity - Patricia B - New Hope, Pennsylvania -

I came to know Christ in 1977, delivered by the Lord out of Catholicism, Spiritism and Hinduism. The Holy Spirit used Dave's book to greatly enhance discernment re the intrusion of these beliefs and practices into Christianity today and I still refer to my original copy. I will be forever grateful to Dave and to a sister in Christ who introduced me to his writings. I continue to receive Berean Call and Dave will always be a huge influence in my walk and witness. Thank you, Dave, you will be greatly missed!!

A courageous man. - Brad - California -

I remember Dave for his tremendous courage to dare to follow wherever his research led him, whether his conclusions were popular or not. I'm sure that his abiding faith in our ability to find the truth and having the truth set us free will be his abiding legacy to all. Let us not be afraid of men, nor the truth, if God be for us who can stand against us?

Dave Hunt Profoundly Affected My Chistian Life - Judy - Amarillo, TX -

While searching for better understanding of the Christian life, as a fairly new Christian, I came across Dave Hunt and TA McMahon's book "The Seduction of Christianity". What simple yet profound logic in that book! It answered so many questions I had pondered. I became a "fan" of Dave Hunt from that time forward because I was a "follower" of Christ Jesus. Dave and TA's truths expanded my knowledge of the truth of God's Word. Dave's boldly humble reflection of his Savior encouraged me greatly in my walk with Him.

The Nonnegotiable Gospel, the newsletter and many of his books--not enough space to mention all of them nor have I read them all - Nicholas Komis - Northeast PA -

I never personally met brother Dave. I wish that I had. I was told about the newsletter from another brother and I subscribed to it 8 or 9 years ago. I have ordered several books and I cherish all of them. It has been a blessing to read them and to see what brother Dave so lovingly wrote to warn the body of Christ of all the false teachings and the deception that's out there. He was, and will always be, a tremendous blessing. I thank the Lord for him. I had never shed a tear when someone passed on, not that I was not grieved for them--even my own parents. I don't know why the tears just would not come; but when I started to read the letter for brother Dave, my chest heaved and a lump came up in my throat and the tears came so freely I could not stop them. Even as I write this, they are still falling. He is going to be sorely missed, but I rejoice that he is with the Lord. I pray that the Lord will comfort and bless sister Ruth and all the children and the rest of the family. I hope that the Lord may bless the children to pick up where brother Dave left off. The body sure needs men like brother Dave to speak and defend the truth. May the Lord bless you and comfort you all as I know He will. Your brother in Christ: Nicholas

The Seduction of Christianity - Paula J Knutson - Milwaukee, Wisconsin -

My husband and I were saved around 1984, and got involved in a prosperity church, who was a sort of name it and claim it. we were new believers and didn't understand much. Someone eventually gave me a copy of Dave Hunt's book Seduction of Christianity . We knew things in this church were strange, but we didn't know very much. Dave's book really helped us, I read it and shared info with my husband. Our eyes were really opened. I've always enjoyed Dave's books. The more recent one that helped us really get perspective was, What Love is This? Although I have been a fan of his books for years, I really appreciated him being willing to step out and challenge Calvinism. It's a huge problem in the church. I was very sad to hear of Dave Hunt's passing, but thank God he is with Jesus now. There are so few today with the integrity and character that he had. My prayers will be for Ruth and their family. We don't sorrow as the world does, we will all see Dave again. Paula J Knutson

Seduction of Christianity - M. Miller - Florence, KY -

I was living in rebellion and sin before I read Seduction of Christianity because I believed the lie of the Word of Faith and psychology people. His book exposed those lies and brought me to repentance and now I am truly saved.

saved from deception - Denis Toms - Wales -

It is sad that we have lost a great teacher, but I do rejoice that he is now home with the Father. I remember going to buy a book called Christianity in Crisis but ended up buying The Seduction of Christianity. It helped me understand the deception of the Toronto blessing and all this healing stuff with Benny Hinn. I was truly blessed by his book and teachings and it helped me out of the deception. God bless his wife and family.

Prophecy Conference at Niagra Falls - Don - Greenville Ohio -

I first met Dave and his wife at this conference. I have read a few books and this book (A Woman Rides the Beast) was setup at Dave's table and I wanted some friends to read this so I bought all the books on the table! Dave was the most popular and most wanted speaker to be heard there and the most humblest..............I will miss Dave greatly he was our modern-day wishes to Ruth and family!

He gave me my sister back and more - Sandy M. - Florence, KY -

I've been a Christian since I was 10 years, although I wasn't allowed to be baptized until after Dad left when I was 14. My youngest sister was 12 years younger than I was and listened to me some when I taught her about the Lord. But when I left home and she grew up and went to college she got in with the wrong crowd. I tried to witness to her, but she wouldn't listen. At the time, 1982 I got in with a church that eventually got into the Ecumenical/Contemplative/Emergent Church movement. I was deceived for a while. But then my sister read Dave and T.A.'s book, "Seduction of Christianity" and I saw a total 180 degree turn about. We became close again, like we were when we were growing up. Eventually I read the book and came out of that church. More recently Dave's book, "A Woman Rides the Beast," gave me the boldness to speak out against the lies of the Catholic church as I write Sunday School lessons for the small Sunday School I help teach in the senior apartment complex where I live. I will forever be grateful to Dave for what he has done for me and my sister. Thank you for obeying the Lord. In His service, Sandy

Great encouragement - Simon Br. - Deutschland -

Since my conversion in 2009 it has been very important for me to know, that my faith is not just a "leap in the dark". Dave´s book "In Defense of the Faith" has been a great encouragement for me in my young Christian life, because he gave me many answers to my skeptical questions. Furthermore, his powerful sermons (e.g. encouraged me, too. I am really looking forward to seeing our brother Dave in heaven. I wish all good for his family, especially for his wife. Simon

The Seduction of Christianity - Joanne - Temecula, CA -

The first time I had heard Dave Hunt speak live my spirit was so generated I thought it was Isaiah himself. He was so sure, so bold and spoke the truth in love and never skirted any issue. I read his book, "The Seduction of Christianity", and I was shocked to find my husband's company....Success Motivation it. I was having emotional problems with my husband but could not quite grasp it. I had been raised Catholic and went to their school for 12 years and never went to church after being married. Well......then I read all that Dave had to say about that false religion....actually antichristlike....and to be sure I became born again and my soul saved from sure destruction. Thank you Dave and Ruth....and my Savior and Lord for blessing me with their work. For sure Dave is one that can say without any doubt he ran his race to the very end and was a fruitful worker for God's Kingdom. I love you. 

A Woman Rides the Beast book - Cloti Olivas Reyes - Mesa Az US -

I first heard him on a TV commentary for just a few minutes and I knew he was a true servant of God , I recognized my Shepherd's voice and calling in Dave. I am moved with a sense of sadness in the loss of such a brilliant man of God who chose to use his gifts for the advancement of God's glory. Dave chose to serve His creator with obedience and diligence, he spread a beacon of light wherever he went and God directed me to his resources online for guidance as I grappled with a sense of despair in the dark looking for God in the wrong places being tossed back and forth without understanding but thinking I was advancing, while being quite deceived in my salvation. The enemy set troubles and obstacles in my way for some time and successfully misdirected my path, but I did not desist altogether and God prove to be faithful as he answer the knock at his door whose butler was Dave. And he brought me forward. I am so glad for Dave for he has many a reward in waiting and a crown. But I am sad indeed for a great loss to humanity. I am deeply grateful and in debt for the leading and holding of my hand, ushering me onto His precious Word. We know Dave rests in peace and glory with Christ today, Amen

Dave Hunt's book helped to keep disillusioned teen from getting tangled in the New Age - Connie - Ohio -

Dave Hunt has always held a special place in my heart. His book The Seduction of Christianity literally kept me from falling into the trap of the New Age Movement. In my late teens I had become more and more disillusioned with the Christian faith. I wanted excitement and power instead of another boring church service.. So when an opportunity came to get involved with the New Age I was tempted to try it. However, because I had read Dave's book, I knew that this movement was not only deceptive, but extremely dangerous as well. I tried to warn my friends, but they wouldn't listen. I may have lost a few friends that day, but the seed that was planted through Dave's book took root and grew over the years. Now in my 40's I continue to warn others (including my own children) about the New Age (now called the New Spirituality). Thank you Dave Hunt for your years of hard work and dedication to God's truth and willingness to expose the lies. You will be greatly missed!

Global Peace and the Rise of the Anti-christ - John A Bennett - Mt Vernon,Ohio -

I never thought I would read a book in my life, being a high school drop out who never liked reading. In 1989, an uncle who was very dear to me passed. It hurt so bad, I knew I had to find out why this world isnt the way G-d intended. My brother-in-law lent me a copy of Global Peace I couldnt put it down! I belive that book changed my life! I have read more books than I ever thought possible...all from a spark that book gave me. Thank you, Mr Hunt! Thank you for being brave enough to speak The Truth and for being smart enough to write in such a way dummy's like myself could understand scripture more clearly!!! G-d bless the Hunt family, it's not goodbye, it's see ya later...

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! - Jim and Maggie -

This is in loving memory and thankfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ for His faithful servant, Dave Hunt. I write this with tears in my eyes because, Dave will be greatly missed by the body of Christ. As former Roman Catholics, the Lord used Dave's writings to confirm for my husband and I what the Lord had already shown us, by His Holy Spirit, regarding the cultic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Later we would teach a class at our church regarding the Catholic Church and use Dave's book, A Woman Rides the Beast, as one of our resources. We, also, were blessed with an opportunity to meet Dave when we were living in Lexington, KY where he came to speak. We looked forward to and were fed by his newsletter, The Berean Call. This newsletter has helped keep us on track regarding deceptions in the church. We rejoice for him as his long journey is over and he now stands before his loving Savior Who no doubt says "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Of course we all know...TO GOD BE THE GLORY! We look forward to seeing him again one day soon in heaven. Our hearts go out to his dear wife, Ruth, and our prayers for the Lord to comfort her and strengthen her during this time. We are also grateful that his ministry still continues. Jim and Maggie

Blessed to have met Mr. Hunt through his newsletter - Ed Persinger - Pittsburgh, Pa -

Although saddened to hear of the loss of this great warrior against evil and deception, I am overjoyed knowing that Mr. Hunt is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for Brother Dave and I will miss him until I see him in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ! - Erin - USA -

Shalom to all of you and to the family and friends of Brother Dave Hunt, I want to express my immense thanks for the life and work and person of brother in Christ Dave Hunt, for all of his years of books and writing. I know he is now looking upon the wondrous face of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah. Books such as "A Woman Rides the Beast" and his books on the new age and other topics as well as articles and videos helped to boost and encourage my faith and have greatly helped me to witness and spread the Gospel of salvation to others. I am so wordlessly thankful that Dave defended once saved forever saved, the unconditional eternal security of the born again believer in Jesus Christ. Remember, all of we who are saved will be there to see that grand reunion with brother Dave in the Kingdom.

The Man that did not fear men. - Bill Keeton - Olympia, Wa. -

Approximately 20 years ago I came out of the new age movement and gave my heart to Jesus Christ. By this time I was so spiritually confused and depleted I made a commitment to myself that if Jesus was as real and true as His word declared that, I was determined to go head first, full on and not fall into a counterfeit Christianity as this was my last hope. I had to get it right! I naturally took a special interest in apologetics as I had been duped so often before in false spirituality. After several years, I began to realize that many of the apologetic ministries that I was learning from in some ways seemed to be going soft of God's word. Many appeared to be more interested in not naming names, not calling out false teaching and especially not calling obvious cults "a cult". I went back and God had me stumble upon Dave and Tom's book, The Seduction of Christianity. As I read the book again, as I did many years back, it seemed to have a whole new, more relevant meaning and truth than it did before. I felt relieved that there were still Christians among us that feared God more than men. As a result I started re-reading more of Dave's books and I continue to do so. So many men and ministries that claimed to "defend the faith" have backed off and down due to fear of men. I thank God that Dave was fearless of men and willing to risk all for The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I could say much more about Dave and the wonderful way he applied God's word into his writings but space would not allow. I pray that all of us would have the courage to go all out, only fearing God as Dave Hunt did.

Suduction of Christianity DVD Set plus other books - Lui Palombi - Adelaide Australia -

Firstly my condolences to Ruth and Family and to Tom and Berean Call Ministry on the passing away of Dave Hunt. I will miss him. I joined Berean Call in 2002 after attending a conference in Melbourne, Australia where Dave joined up with Moriel Ministries. After listening to Dave for a while you quickly notice that he is a man who truly loves God and His Word. Dave put emphasis on the Word, preserving its integrity and protecting its credibiity from false teachings. As I read his material and listened to the radio programs, I noticed something unique about Dave. Dave never had to retract anything he had stated. Scripture was his source and his ability to research a matter was inspiring. He was such a joy to listen to but more importantly, I trusted him because he used scripture as his authority. He warned the church of the New Age movement whilst others accused him of making it up. He warned the church of unbilbical worship and practicies such as wordly psychology creeping in which many church leaders leaders ignored. For a man who says he had no formal theological training, he certainly kept the theolgical elite on their toes. His debates on calvinisim with Dr John Piper and James White, with other religious lieaders I have seen on YouTube (ie that hindu dr and leaders of Islam) certain gave no such indication. Dave said it and we all cheered, Amen, Go Dave. And in the quiet time I often found myself thanking God for people like Dave and ministries such as the Berean Call for standing up and simply telling the truth. Truth, the proclaiming of truith, and exposing of error goes to the heart of what Dave stood for. Dave told the truth and for the many milions who are searching for the truth. I can always recommend a trustworthy source. Dave's material and The Berean Call Ministry. Dave had great support and I can't speak about Dave with such praise without mentioning Tom and my heart goes out to Tom at this time. I will remember Dave as basically teaching one message; To know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent, that is eternal life (John:17:3) The battle is fought on many fronts but I'm convinced (and I have no theological training) that the truth about Jesus and His Word is where the battle is at. Dave fought the good fight and I believe finished strong. Dave inspired me to check everying out, against scripture and with the help of Berean Call ministry, I pray this continue and like Dave we also finish strong for the God's glory.

New Christian - Raymond - Kansas -

As a new Christian in 2005, I came across "A Woman Rides The Beast" and from the moment I read that book, I was hooked on Dave Hunt's work. It gave me valuable insight to the Catholic church that I was able to share with others in the days since. I've read nearly every book Dave has written and they have deepened my understanding of apologetics and my desire to be a "Berean" and also brought me closer to the person and work of Christ. I thank God for Dave Hunt and his ministry here on earth and I rejoice that he is now with our Savior!

The Seduction of Christianity / Beyond Seduction - Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America -

Two of Dave Hunt´s books opened my eyes two decades ago, when the subject of the New Age Movement was beginning to spread in our country and only a few books about the subject were available in Spanish. As apologetics has become my main concern in my work in Church, Dave Hunt´s books are among the foundational rocks in that field.

Cosmos Creator & Human Destiny - Jim Amaya - Fort Morgan CO -

Dave was very gifted by our Savior. I was amazed on his being able to put together such a work as Cosmos Creator & Human Destiny. Also A Woman Rides The Beast. I had the pleasure of meeting him once. I pray others will be like gifted as he.

The woman rides the beast - Bro Christopher Opurong - Fort Worth,texas USA -

Satan has sent his army {demons} & entered men & are responsible to influence men to kill their fellow men.And has misled many souls.But the goodnews is The lord jesus Christ is still the Lord & the king. As the steward of the mysteries of God 1 Cor:4:1 he unveiled one of the old-age mysteries Rev:17:5The understanding of the dark system which was made known to John on Patmos some nineteen centuries ago which has been to oppose the kingdom of God in the earth.Instead this false religious sytem offers mankind a human substitute,a god and a religion of their own making.. Dave Hunt had courage to expose such a world-wide system accepted by the masses in an hour when the climate of our world is inclined to ecumenism.

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Significant Impact - Rodney Jewer - Gardner, MA USA -

It was my mother who first taught me about Jesus Christ at a very young age. She did a tremendous job of it because I never forgot. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs:22:6 KJV) But as I grew older, while I always believed in God, I chose the ways of the world and the lusts of the flesh. I was a lukewarm professing only Christian at best. Dave Hunt brought me back. It started with a simple " Who is Jesus Christ?" Google web search a few years ago. This is when the Holy Spirit connected me up with Mr. Hunt as one of his YouTube videos was near the top of the results page and caught my eye. I was very impressed. Dave Hunt has had a huge impact on my journey with the Lord since then. I have never met him but I truly believe the Holy Spirit used Mr. Hunt's writings and videos to capture my interest and stoked my desire to learn about biblical prophecy. This has lead me to read the Holy Bible for myself in its entirety and to pray for wisdom. You see, there is this train moving full steam ahead picking up few willing passengers on the way to God's eternal kingdom. Jesus Christ is the engineer and conductor of this train. It almost passed me by because of my own ignorance and foolishness. But Dave Hunt was there leaning on the back railing of the caboose with an outstretched arm yelling "Grab a hold boy, come aboard, this will be the best and most important ride of your life". I did and I haven't looked back nor will I. Peace to the Hunt family.

the ministry that keeps on giving - Brooke Browning - Wichita, Kansas -

I had heard about and read about Dave Hunt for as long as I can remember thanks to my wonderful parents. so we were very excited when Dave was asked to come speak at our church. I was back from college and very sick at the time, abs I was very excited to have someone who is a giant in the faith to encourage me. . My family and I made sure we got to have him out to our home for lunch. we spent much time that afternoon fellowshiping together. talking of important things and those wonderful mundane things in life :). we were especially grateful at the time for Dave's new book " what love is this?" especially as it was being a hot button issue at our church. we found great encouragement and hope from that book, as we did from all his and the Berean call books and materials. He was the one of the biggest spiritual mentors in my life. A testimony for serving the Lord and being a Berean. through his ministry he has encouraged many to be Bereans! All of the books he wrote and information he brought to us means his ministry lives on! God bless his wife whom I know through her loving support helped him touch so many! Sincerely, Brooke Browning

Thank you and see you again! - Janusz - London, UK -

Im originally from Poland a country run by Catholics. Dave's bold ministry and publications helped me see the truth and navigate this world since 2005. It was then when I converted to real, evangelical Christianity after a period of Catholic induced atheism. Thank you Dave and all within the ministry. God bless you all!

Dave leaves a big gap... - Alex Taylor-Innes - Auckland, New Zeland -

I wept today when I read of Dave's going home. Partly in grief, partly in joy, as he is with his Lord forever which I'm sure he wanted, like us all. I had the privilege to hear Dave preach in New Zealand in the 1980's. I can't remember the exact year. It was around the release of Seduction. He was preaching in a small Church hall. Apart from the message, I was impressed that even though this was a small Church hall, he spoke as though it were to a packed arena. It didn't matter to him. What was important was that he preached the Word. He would always start with "It's a privilege to be here", I must say it was a privilege to have had Dave here. I also heard him preach on his many visits to New Zealand in later years. I know he is with his Lord, and that place is better than here, but I will miss him terribly. He seemed to wear out his body from traveling and so much speaking. He was a great man of God. We can grieve at his going home for a time, but he has left us with such a rich life ministry that we can still read and hear. Thank you Brother Dave for years of so much devotion and hard work in Christ. This world has lost one of Christ's great servants.

Defending the Faith - Eileen Thompson - UK -

I've never met Dave , but he was one of the first I remember having the courage to speak out against the false teachings invading the church. His research and understanding of the situation helped me enormously via his early tapes and literature. A brave Christian soldier has left us but - as with my own late dear husband - we will all be together again with the Lord one day .... my thoughts and prayers are with Dave's family


What can I say at a moment like this? Words will simply not be enough to describe the impact that Dave has had in my life through The Berean Call, his books, his DVDs, etc. Only eternity will reveal the true value of Dave's wonderful ministry. I have truly been blessed to have him speak so clearly into my life for more than 20 years. yes, I am sad that he has departed for his heavenly home, but I rejoice knowing that Dave is in the presence of Jesus whom he loved so much and always extolled and put in the center of his life and teachings. To be honest, I'm actually a bit jealous today. My thoughts and prayers go to Ruth, the family, T.A McMahon and the staff; May you all experience the presence of the Lord in a very special and tangible way in the days ahead and may our precious Lord soon return to take all of us home. Maranatha.

Salt and Light - Pat Penecale - Doylestown, Pennsylvania -

At 44 years old I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in 2004. Prior to that I was a belligerent, but uninformed, atheist. Seeking reliable and sound information concerning Christianity and truth, I luckily found the Berean Call Ministry and, of course, Dave Hunt. Dave has been blessed to be a blessing and has served the Lord well. Because he has been unwilling to compromise he has become precisely that salt and light that we, as Christians, are asked to be. We will keep the Hunt family and the Berean Call Ministry in our prayers. Dave will surely be missed.

Humility - Grace Kemp - West Palm Beach, FL -

Dave Hunt and my father, C. Ernest Tatham, were great friends for many years. My step mother told me about one incidence when he was staying in their home while spending a few days in our area speaking at Palm Bible Chapel in North Palm Beach. She heard a little noise in the middle of the night so crept down the stairs in the darkness to take a peak. There was Dave Hunt standing in the dim light of the kitchen, washing the dishes left over from dinner.

Y2K - not - Deborah Shah - UK -

I had been worried about the effects of Y2K as predicted by some and had prayed about it being quite fearful. The next morning a Berean Call bulletin arrived through the mail, debunking the whole scare with Holy Spirit-breathed Scriptural-referenced common sense from Dave Hunt. Our loss is Heaven's gain. Condolences to family and friends.

To A Race Well Run - Kevin and Claudia - Illinois -

Dave has been such a blessing to us. His ministry to the church was so vast. He will certainly hear "Well done good and faithful servant". We used his books while teaching Sunday School. We used The Berean Call Newsletter while witnessing to others and defending the faith. His faithfulness to the Lord and His Word was a tremendous example. He will be missed.

Walking close to the LORD - Marshal - Catawba, VA -

My husband and I met Dave at Calvary Chapel of the FIngerlakes in upstate NY in 1998 when he was speaking at a conference there. I had read several of his books and was incredibly blessed by hearing him and meeting him in person. Being able to talk with Dave and spend time with him afterwards, I marveled at his boldness and his passionate love and great knowledge of our Savior. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see Dave in action with his steadfastness and pure desire that we should all know the Truth and share what our great Lord has done for us. He was bold and thorough in his knowledge, courage and joy in the Lord and that the Spirit of GOD filled and overflowed him was evident. The Berean Call and his books became a permanent part of our lives being shared with all that were interested in growing in their knowledge and love of GOD's Word. Our hearts grieve for Ruth and for all those who love Dave but we rejoice that he is now where we long to be. It has been our prayer that Dave would be blessed to cheat death coming into the presence of the Lord at the rapture but oh, how full of joy and love Dave's heart is right now....I can only image. Our thanks and appreciation that Dave has finished his race so well. Blessings.

Being A Berean - Laura Lee Reid - Montreal, Quebec, Canada -

It was the Berean Call ministry that introduced my Christian friends and I to the serious call to be faithful to the truth and to be stalwart Bereans. Dave and T.A. McMahon were faithful to minister to our spiritual needs through for almost, if not more, three decades. We met them personally at the Word of Life, in upstate New York. We met Dave again in Niagara Falls. These men loved God, and that could only be a rich blessing for us. Amen. I was thrilled to think that right now, this very moment, Dave is looking at our precious Lord Jesus Christ. I bet they have not stopped hugging each other. How wonderful is that! How complete is that! Thank you, thank you Berean Call for your long years of faithfulness . . . Keep on because we need you NOW more than ever. Sincerely, Laura Reid

Finally, Real Answers on Denominations - Iaci Flanders - Tennessee -

I thank the LORD the day someone in the EKKLESIA shared their copy of The Berean Call Newsletter! I didn't grow up in synagogue and was forbidden from churches. When I got saved, I had no clue that each denominations representing "church" had their own belief systems, some very anti-Biblical, others slight variations. Dave and TA helped me understand these differences so well that it doesn't take me long now to listen to someone speaking about what they believe to see the underlying system they have as their foundation. Thank you for naming names and books, articles, etc. that help us be aware of the deception constantly being put before us. Praising the LORD for Ruth and Dave's ministry and life! Praising the LORD with Ruth that Dave is with Jesus!


Ruth and all involved with Berean Newsletters and website: I have been recieving the newsletters for approximately thirteen years. I have searched the website for questions I have had. I have found answers that are logical and Scriptural. Dave reasoned in a way that was realistic, logical and without extreme views. I thank God for his life and labour, always against the tide and post-modern reasonings. I praise God that he will recieve his blessed reward! He is an example to us to live a fruitful life!

Why do I feel all the true men of God are leaving? - john leslie - United States -

So many in this late hour are being called home. A generation of Godly men that had large pulpits are less and less and replaced by what? They are replaced by falsehood. Truly there is only a remnant left that are established and sit before the throne waiting. Being kept by their Savior and Lord. These little groups or one here and one there are in some cases shepherdless. They are led by the spirit and groan at the darkness around. It is so dark an hour. A darkness that can be felt. I am so happy for Dave to be home now. A new body free from aches and pain and he is very "big" now. Big enough to enjoy the fullness of the glory of Jesus. I can see Dave with tears of joy as he met his Beloved. Like Solomon said "I never imagined". With the biggest kids smile he ran to worship and enjoy praising he who kept him. He did not want to stop as the purest pleasure ran through him. Even with his bigness he was overwhelmed with the goodness of His Lord as never seen before. Then Dave responded... On earth I knew in part but now I know as I was known. So little I knew upon earth as I see now in such fullness your love.

Discernment: Marching to a different drumbeat - Donald A. Knapp - Kernersville, North Carolina -

Dave Hunt's publications such as The Seduction of Christianity became a major source of information for my Sunday School classes in the church we were part of from 1980-1998. Of particular interest was his willingness to name names of those leading God's people and unbelievers astray through many of the philosophical substitutes now rampant in the churches of today--Seeker churches, the Emerging Church, Purpose-Driven churches, etc. We were able to attend one of the Arno Froese conferences in Myrtle Beach where Dave was a speaker. It was the same year the Bobgans, Mike Gendron and Ron Bigalke were also invited. This had to be one of the most blessed times of instruction I've ever been privileged to attend. Although brother Dave questioned God's having to draw people to Himself before, and in order that, they believed on Him, his love for others, for Christ supremely, and his dear wife will always be remembered. Thank you, dear friends, for the clarion sound of Berean Call. T.A., keep on keeping on for His glory. His return must be very near at hand. 

"Chance" meeting and Rome of Rev. - A - Mongolia -

So thrilled to have been able to join Dave and Ruth and the McMahons to the Israel trip in 1993, I was eager to catch every word Dave shared with us all. Then in Rome right after Israel, that day, Dave had already spoken to the group, but I still wanted more! H'jah! He and Ruth were in the café where my aunt and I were eating. Graciously, Dave spoke from the Words of Life and filled my hungry soul yet again! The next day, as the group flew out from Rome, Dave started straining to see out the plane window. Suddenly he announced, "It is true! Rev.18* is true about the merchants!" You see, Dave was at that time writing "Woman Rides the Beast," and he wanted to prove what the scripture says about the fall of Rome--mystery Babylon. That moment was a real revelation for him and me! ....I'll never forget this precious man whom our Father used to PROFOUNDLY impact my life forever! H'jah!! *Rev:18:15 "The merchants of these things, who became rich from her, will stand at a distance because of the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning, 16 saying, "Woe, woe, the great city, she who was clothed in fine linen and purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls; 17 for in one hour such great wealth has been laid waste!' And every shipmaster and every passenger and sailor, and as many as make their living by the sea, stood at a distance, 18 and were crying out as they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, "What city is like the great city?' 19 "And they threw dust on their heads and were crying out, weeping and mourning, saying, "Woe, woe, the great city, in which all who had ships at sea became rich by her wealth, for in one hour she has been laid waste!' NASU

My eyes were opened! - Jo Bowkett - United Kingdom -

At this time (early '90s) I was involved with a UK ministry, Ebenezer Emergency Fund, helping Jewish people in the Ukraine to return to Israel. A colleague loaned me a copy of The Berean Call and I was impressed and amazed at the depth of teaching given. My subscription request followed and since that time I have been so grateful to Dave Hunt and TA McMahon for the clear and unambiguous stand for Bible believing Christianity. The battle for the faith once handed down to the saints has been and continues to be fearlessly enjoined and we are the richer and stronger for it. As an ex-Catholic, Dave's book "A Woman Rides the Beast" was an eye-opener into the history of Roman Catholicism of which I was sorely ignorant. "What Love is This?" also cleared away much "fog" emanating from wrong scriptural interpretation imbibed in early years. The Berean Call's monthly newsletter always brought a timely and needful reality - thank you. There will be rejoicing in heaven at the entrance of God's servant and we can only thank God that He allowed Dave to be on planet earth for the span he was. Now, we have TA and the team running with own little chapel in Bere Regis, Dorset has much to thank TA for...his ministry to the youth of the UK who attend Truth 4 Youth is testimony to Dave's vision that the truth of God's Word is taught fearlessly to His glory.

The Seduction of Christianity: Spiritual Discernment in the Last Days - Adin - Romania -

That was the first attempt that opened my eyes (my first step) after reading in 1996-1997 this colossal piece of work; it opened my horizon to a better world: the world of Almighty God. My Lord helped me a lot through this work to see the REALiTY. Thank You very much dear Lord for this worker. Bless his loved ones and make them strong.

Gebet aus dem Warschauer Ghetto - Marico Hirsch - Austria - Wien -

Guten Tag ich betreue einige wenige Jesusgruppen Online - im kleinem Stil - es ist nicht grosses, jedoch sehr wertvolles. Zu meinem Lieblingslesematerial, daß ich an die Geistesgeschwister weiterreiche, ist natürlich der monatliche TBC GANZ vorne .-) Dave kenne ich klareweise nicht persönlich und doch kenne ich Dave & Tom, wie zwei alte Freunde - die ganze TBC Crew miteingeschlossen. Es ist der Lebendige Geist, welcher überstrahlte - Vertrauen wiederspiegelte - man spürt das Bruder Dave vom Geist der Wahrheit geführt wurde und zwar im besonderem Maße - da mir ja bewusst ist, daß Bruder Dave bei Jesus Christus seinen geliebten Herrn und retter verweilt - muß ich auch nicht traurig sein. Gesegnete und Liebe grüsse an TBC - macht weiter! mfg. euer treuer Leser marico


Hello,I’m ministering online to a few Jesus Groups -  it is a small, not a big ministry, but quite precious. Favorite reading material (highest priority) is of course the monthly The Berean Call newsletter, which I’m forwarding to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I didn’t meet Dave personally, but yet, I seem to know Dave & Tom like two old friends – including the entire TBC staff. It is the living spirit, which was shining through – providing trust – one could always feel that brother Dave was clearly led by the spirit of truth - to a special degree. Since I’m fully aware that brother Dave is now with his beloved Lord and Savior – I don’t have to be mournful. Blessed and dear greetings to TBC. Please keep-up. Warm regards. Your faithful reader Marico.

Remembering Dave - Ed Decker - United States -

I met Dave in the late 1970s.. and we struck up a strong friendship and because of a common concern for those lost in spiritual darkness, we shared ministry at many conferences and churches. Those get-togethers led to us co-authoring the book, The God Makers. In all those years and events, I never saw Dave have a bad day or have issues with anything or anybody involved in any part of anything we/He did .... I tried to emulate him in my own life and ministry.. well, except for his habit of taking cold showers. The Kingdom on earth has lost a great saint...Heaven has gained a great saint. Carol and I send our deepest Sympathy to Ruth and the family. I know that Dave went to heaven knowing that the ministry will continue, in good hands with faithful people.

What A Friend We Have in Jesus - Mark and Melanie Haville & Family - Wiltshire, UK -

What a friend we have in Jesus. As a couple Ruth and David were just the best example of God's love expressed and selflessness lived. Now one half of that whole expression of love rests in Jesus. What a life in Christ, what an example, what a hero of the faith and now what a reward well earned. How sad I am today to hear the news and glad for him.

B rave E ver R eady E nduring A nd N urturing

This was our David.

Boldness to move forward - Monty Roths - Ransom, Kansas -

I met Dave at the Calvary Chapel Fort Worth after he spoke to our congregation several years ago. Pastor Bill Quinn is the Pastor there and often referenced Dave's teachings so I had already been familiarized with Dave's ministry and tools created to use in our walk. We since have moved to a rural area in Midwest Kansas and are often in discussions to so many here that don't have the Lord in their hearts and I am always confident to guide people to Dave's teachings to find in depth information to help open the eyes of many as well as to reiterate what we discuss. I am a husband and father as well as child of God and I truly am grateful to God for the impact that Dave has had in our family as well as our walk in this fallen world. Our Lord Jesus Christ has prepared a great place for Dave as he has so many crowns to cast. Lord bless this family in this time of celebrating and grieving. Love Never Fails, Monty

Precious brother - Frank and Vi Thomas - Kirkville, N.Y. -

We first heard Dave on the radio teaching that it was unbiblical to try to picture God while praying. I said right out loud, "I do that!! I do that!!" and immediately repented, confessed, and asked forgiveness. When we heard that Dave was speaking in our area we went to listen and heard the richest teaching from scripture that we had ever heard. From there we eagerly read Seduction and were amazed to be informed and recognize the subtle deception that had crept into the church. Then we dared to inquire if Dave would come and speak to our little tiny church and he did! We feel so blessed and privileged to have sat under his teaching. When the Lord led us to leave our denomination and to become an independent church, taking the name "Berean" was a direct reflection of the influence of Dave Hunt. The church will miss him sorely and so will we. We rejoice that our brother is home with the One he loved so much and spoke of so tenderly. We eagerly look forward to our reunion. Frank and Vi Thomas

A Blessing - Tom -

Dave's books and insight were and are such a blessing to me, the first book By Dave I read was Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust . It is always a kind of loss for the body when the faithful old saints are called home.

Berean Call - Veronika - Durban South Africa -

I have been reading the Berean Call for years and years and it has been like a correspondence course in Bible Study. I used to look out for these News Letters and read them cover to cover and then pass them on to the guys in the Toolmaking Department where I worked. I have also read quite a lot of books by Dave. I loved his novels. I also attended one of his talks in Durban South Africa some years back. Rest in Peace Dave.

a Man of God, a Hero of The Faith - disciple of jesus - chicago, usa -

Heavenly Father in The Conquering Name of JESUS, thank you for your bond-slave servant of the truth, dave i cried when i saw this, i kneeled and gave thanks to God, i lost a Man of God, a protector of the body of the truth of God, a defender of the true once and for all (the faith) delivered unto the saints, a man of valor. i know dave would not buy any man's praise, i say that only for the only Glory of God in Christ Jesus. oh, Tom, my hero also, this website is my homepage since i was introduced to it by a dear believer in Christ in new Zealand. oh, Ruth, woman of God, faithful wife, virtuous godly woman, darling dove of dave, a sister of mine, you took him in resurrection. oh, bereans, stand up erect, oh, staff of God,look up a head, the truth is immortal, your reward is waiting, The Master (JESUS) is Calling, I found a man among many who will breach the gap. be courageous and victorious as i was with dave i am also with you. let us cross this Jordan in the triumphing of JESUS THE RISEN LORD AND MESSAIAH, let us trump THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL. l love you all. a disciple of jesus

Memory of a fine gentleman and teacher - MaryAnn Sykes - Harare, Zimbabwe -

My husband, Bill and my family join me in extending our deepest sympathy to Mrs Hunt and her family and to everyone at The Berean Call on this sad occasion, though we are all confident in the joy that Dave is at home with the Lord. – We had the privilege of meeting the late Dave Hunt during three visits he made to Harare, Zimbabwe many years ago. We were struck by his love for the Lord Jesus and His Word, as well as his air of authority and confidence in the Scriptures when speaking to us. While the large local conference centre drew big crowds of hundreds of people for their 'Touch the Fire Conferences' etc, we believe the small group who gathered for Dave’s meetings was far more blessed by his lectures in which he shared the truth of God’s Word with us. May we too, be like the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily [to see] whether those things were so (Acts:17:11). - I particularly remember on one occasion, how graciously he answered a lady in the audience, who expressed her indignation over Dave's explanation that recovery programmes, specially the AA's 12 Steps to Recovery, were occult-based and involved psychology which is un-Biblical. - Dave's teaching through his books and articles and DVDs too, has led me to explore the work of other men and groups who faithfully stand for the Truth eg Light House Trails and their writers, Understand The Times (Roger Oakland), Proclaiming The Gospel (Mike Gendron), Moriel Ministries (Jacob Prasch), the Bobgans and several others, all of whom hold Dave Hunt in high esteem. What a blessing to have met this gentleman and to continue being able to read his books and articles and to watch his DVDs! "Your love has given (us) great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, refreshed the hearts of the saints" (Phil vs7 NIV).

New World Order - Stefani Smirnes -

It was Dave Hunt and Constance Cumby who exposed the dangers of the New World Order and Globalism. I saw them speak in Santa Barbara, California. That would have been sometime in the early 1980's Mr Hunt has always been teaching and warning. I thank God for him and his willingness to serve the Lord because seeing him and hearing him taught me the importance of the Holy Bible and studying it like the Bereans!

A Man of Courage - Laura Tallman - Petaluma, Ca -

It is with profound sadness that I learn of the death of Dave Hunt. He was a brilliant writer, teacher and lecturer. No one other than our Lord Jesus Christ and His precious Word have had more impact on my life. There are few alive today that compare. His books are classics, several groundbreaking. Not only did Dave have a mighty faith, but great insight into the scriptures and the courage to proclaim the truth despite fierce opposition. I hoped & prayed he would make it to the, “Catching Up,” but alas, it was not to be! Certainly now that day is ever closer. I send my deepest condolences to Ruth, other family, & his dear friends. Our comfort is knowing Dave is with the Lord, in a much better place...and what a great comfort that is! 'Til we meet again! Maranatha, Christ Jesus!

News Letters - Bill Casey - Powell WY -

I'm so grateful for Dave's work. As a former Catholic, I have lots of opportunities to witness to family and relatives, even with Priests! With his insights and the power of the Holy Spirit I had a holy boldness to reach out to those so deceived by the Catholic Church. Now living in LDS country, I'm so grateful again for the Call's clarity and powerful insights dealing again with another works-based religion! God Bless you Ruth, and family, and, of course, Tom and all who had the wonderful opportunity to walk besides Dave for a little while here on earth Blessings, Bill Casey In His Grip! Phil:3:12

long term effect.... - Mike - Florida -

I was saved in 1985 and a year later discovered Dave. My wife and I were attending Bayside Community Church in Tampa where we heard him several times. We also joined the audience on the "Action 60's" TV show (ch 22) where Dave was the guest. We had read several of his books and knew he was speaking the truth. AND YET, we still managed to wander "off"! Most of what we heard was truth, but we look back and know it was a mix (leaven). For the next 15 years or so we led worship at Vineyard churhes and went to many conferences (Morningstar Ministries, Rodney Howard Browne, etc). A long story short, we have found our way back to "solid ground", desiring only Him, unadulterated and undiluted. I am thankful for Dave for encouraging us to be Bereans. Can't wait to see him again!

Go to - Phil - Southeast Illinois -

I just wanted to say that over the years since I became a Christian, I found that I could always go to Dave and his writings, to see what his thoughts were about different topics. I found his book 'The Seduction of Christianity' in a Christian bookstore in the mid Eighties and realized that this man was a serious Christian who knew what he was talking about. Ever since then when I would hear of him publishing a book or going to on some TV program, I would try to find or watch it--just to see what Dave was wanting to talk about or his opinion on different subjects. I knew quickly that he was strictly a 'Bible first' person because what the Bible said about something always came first. His Berean Call website was not only aptly titled but is also a great source for the truth. His input into our lives will be sorely missed--but he's safe at home and hopefully the rest of us will be joining him soon.

Impact of His Life on My Life - Doris M. Tamblyn - Toms River, N.J. -

It was with a mixture of joy and profound sadness that I read the email I received about Dave. Few Christian men, however faithful and sincere, affected me more than Dave. I read his books and watched his DVD's and punctuated his teachings and apologetics with comments of my own like, "Wow", "Got that right", "Amen", "Thank you Lord" etc. He was just so fearless! I referred to him so many times when discussing the present condition of the church and the apostasy with others and also when noting how prophecy was being fulfilled before our very eyes. I know Dave is at home with the Lord now and his pain is over and I rejoice in that, but the Body of Christ has suffered a terrible loss. One more great, good and faithful servant has gone home. I hope someday to meet him in Heaven.

How Dave Hunt helped me through the lonely years after my husband died. - Nahlene Best - Chemainus, B.C. Canada -

One day shortly after my dear husband went home to the Lord in 2007, I was in a Salvation Army Thrift store and came across a book called "Occult Invasion". My friend who was with me told me the writer, Dave Hunt, was very good and "right on" in doctrine. So I bought it and spent a glorious week reading it. When I finished it, I started hunting for more books by him and found a few in secondhand stores. Also I was able to borrow the ones my friend had. What a pleasure they were! Since my husband was gone, I found it difficult to find a church that did not stray from doctrine and who offered the meat of scripture to grow on. When I finally could afford a secondhand laptop, I went on the Berean Call site and avidly read everything that I had time for. It helped me in my own personal study and brought me ever closer to the Lord. I have been on my own for over 5 yrs. and have grown ever closer to the Lord and the material put out by Dave Hunt and those associated with his work has enabled me to make great strides in learning to trust and believe. It has been a treasure in my life . The other day I saw a recent picture of Dave and realized he was aging and I thought, "When the Lord takes him home, how are we going to do without him?" When I found out today that he had gone Home, I just sat and cried. But still, I thank God that he has left a rich and tremendously helpful legacy and many faithful people to carry on his work in the Lord. I am really looking forward to meeting him in person when it is my turn to go home to the Lord, or when Christ comes to take the church home, whichever comes first. I am so grateful to my Father in heaven for raising up people like Dave Hunt who stand for the truth and purity of the Word. May God richly bless all who are part of this ministry and may he cover Ruth, his wife with his wings of comfort. I know what it is like to have a precious husband go home without me.

Dear Dave my brother in Christ, - Jodi Martin - Chester Springs, Pennsylvania -

I do understand how God puts people into our lives. I believe that the Holy Spirit of God has put Dave in my life. I never really understood what being led by the Spirit meant. I do now. I was heartbroken to learn of Dave's passing today 4/6/2013 while I was signing up for the newsletter. I have been watching his videos and debates for weeks/months. What a shock when I logged on to your website today. I truly feel I have lost a dear friend and a loving brother. The Lord has a plan. At a time like this it makes me feel as though the enemy is winning. I know better because of Dave. The end was written from the beginning. This is not about me. Because of Dave's unique ability to shine the light of truth on the darkness of the evils of this world, I actually DO believe in God and his plan for salvation. I feel forever indebted to the love he has shown to all of God's children who through the providence of God, souls have been saved. Dave, you have forever changed my life. I have been struggling with the Catholic faith I was taught as a child. I need to help shine the light of truth on a world that seems to grow darker each day. There really is no other purpose in my life that I feel is more important than to glorify God and spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whatever role His Spirit leads me. Thank you Jesus for your servant Dave and all who serve the Lord. May our heavenly Father comfort and bless Dave's family and all those who feel deep sorrow for the loss of our brother Dave. And may He continue to bless this ministry in the work of bringing souls back to the Lord. Sincerely, Jodi Martin

Apart in time and space, but of the same spirit. - Brian Lunsford - Mishawaka, IN -

Though I have never had the pleasure of meeting Dave, he has been an inspiration to me throughout the years through his writings and radio Apostleship. I have always long held that fellowship in Christ can come to us in many forms. I don't need to shake a hand or meet and greet. His books are among my prized possessions. The Word of God comes to us in many forms; listening to Dave and reading his words have helped me over the years to maintain a higher level of spiritual obedience to Jesus Christ and a much better understanding of God's Word through the Holy Scriptures (KJV) that are so dear to me on a daily basis. Thanks, Dave, for your ever vigilance to His Word in Christ's name and given of the Holy Spirit. "May the presence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ's name be with his wife and family." I know where Dave is and no prayers are necessary for him. He has run the good race and fought the good battle. He is in the presence of my Father... what a glorious event that is! I thank God for this man in my life through his writings and over the air waves. In His service, Brian

Condolences - Sandy Gross - High Point, NC -

Praising God with you and your family on Dave's going home to be with Jesus. Oh how wonderful it must be for him to have no more pain, no more of what the earth throws at us.... I am so grateful for his ministry and the sacrifices he has made to get truth to believers. God Bless. Love in Him, Sandy Gross High Point, NC

Knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and mouths which hath not kissed him - David S. Williams - Cardiff, Wales, UK -

After the Mormons came to my door in 1978, after researching them more and more carefully over two years, I came to Christ in Cardiff, UK. The Mormons repeatedly failed to answer the questions I was asking but, by carefully reading the Bible and looking deeper into the true history of this cult, I was also struck by the massive deception and incredible apathy that existed everywhere in the ‘orthodox Christian’ churches in the UK. But even the few workers I knew in counter-cult ministries seemed relatively unperturbed and discovering the work of Dave and Tom and The Berean Call was like reading of Elijah and hearing the Words of the Lord: ‘Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him’ (KJV; 1 Kings:19:18). Every book and newsletter I have read from their ministry has blessed my heart and, obviously, many others, too! There can be no greater blessing to a family than to know that, as every good father and pastor loves, feeds and protects his family and flock and every good worker builds upon the foundation of Christ with precious materials (1 Corinthians 3v10-14), The Berean Call will continue to be a strong witness to the Lord Jesus Christ until He comes - Maranatha!

How I learned from and was inspired by Dave - Brendan Flynn - Motherwell, Scotland -

I was brought up in a very strict Catholic family. One of my brothers is a priest and one of my sisters is a nun. Then at the age of 26, I got saved, I was on my own at the time and since no one led me to the Lord, I had no one to explain anything to me. Anyway, I got a Bible,  and the more I read it the more I came to realize I was in a false religion, I felt very confused at the time as my wife was a Catholic and not saved, so I prayed to the Lord to send someone to help me in my new found faith. Not long after that I heard there was a speaker from the states speaking at a Brethern church in town so I went to hear him. That was 1991 and it was Bill MacDonald. After the service I picked his brains as I had a lot of questions written down on a piece of paper and he answered them for me, Bill faithfully kept in touch with me as we wrote to each other up until he passed away. I hadn't known Bill long when he posted me a copy of the Berean Call newsletter, and he told me to put my name on their mailing list, so I got it every month and I loved it. My wife was now saved and we both read each one and learned so much from them, I also bought every book Dave wrote and that Bill wrote, in fact I bought 12 of Dave's books COSMOS, CREATOR, AND HUMAN DESTINY, and the guys I work with offshore on the oil platforms bought every one of them from me. Dave and Bill were an answer to my prayer to the Lord for the Lord to send someone to disciple me, so we love Dave and Bill very much, and although we are very sad to hear he has passed away, we know he is in heaven and one day I will meet my dear brothers Bill and Dave who have helped us and our 4 children so much in the faith. I also want his wife Ruth to know that they are very highly regarded among the believers here in Scotland, and will be sadly missed. Your brother in Christ, Brendan Flynn

THANKS - rhonie johnson - gilmer, texas -

I was a naive type of Christian, when a friend of mine recommended you, and the Berean Call to me. Ever since then, the Holy Spirit has used you, T.A., and the staff to equip me for the defense of the Gospel. You are now at home, another solider who did what the LORD wanted him to do, and be. I will miss you, but enjoy your true home. P.S. T.A., keep the faith, and the work going. We need it now more than ever.

podcasts - stephen brooksbank - Malaga, SPAIN -

I have learned so much through listening to Dave & Tom's podcast over the years on so many topics. It has been a great joy to me to have seen the videos put up on YouTube in addition to their many teachings via internet podcast. Dave will be sadly missed to millions worldwide but we rejoice with him as he enters the very PRESENCE of the LORD. Praise GOD for a life well used to HIS GLORY

I Consider Dave Hunt to Be My Christian Mentor - Barney Browne - Green Bay, WI -

I met Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon at the Great Lakes Prophecy Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin around 2000. I became a Christian in 1989 at the age of 40. In 2000 I discovered the Appleton prophecy conference and I met Dave and several other solid Bible teachers. I was in great need of biblical teaching and discernment. In addition to beginning to attend a decade of Appleton prophecy conferences, I began listening to The Berean Call radio programs via the Internet and eventually downloaded a few hundred MP3 files of Dave and Tom's teaching conversations. This was followed by reading several of Dave's books and learning from his DVD's. This began a new chapter in my growth as a Christian. Dave was not aware of this, but he and T.A. were mentors to me. I forwarded today the notice of Dave's joining the Lord to the 130 men on my e-mail list who attend or have attended in the last year the men's discipleship class I teach. The following is my text at the top of the forwarded notice: ========= Men, I consider Dave Hunt to be one of my top Christian teachers (via his mp3 audios, videos, teaching at the Appleton conferences, and books) because he taught me much about how to trust the Bible, test everything in this world against the Bible, and do it by rightly applying sound reason and logic. Although I only spoke with him briefly a couple of times at the Appleton conferences, I consider him to be a Christian mentor to me. His radio program with T.A. McMahon was really a personal conversation between the two of them on the Bible and what the Bible says about many issues. I felt like I was there as a student being mentored to. His teachings are a treasure for anyone who wants to grow in a solid biblical worldview. We are blessed that they are still readily available. Dave always asked the question: "What does the Bible say about this?" This is a question we all need to be asking continually as we live in this fallen world. Barney "And he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks. And when Silas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia, Paul was pressed in the spirit, and testified to the Jews that Jesus was Christ." Acts:18:4-5 KJV ===================

pastor - Ed Yearack - Buckeye Arizona -

It Makes me cry......Dave will be missed but we will see him soon! I love Dave Hunt! He was an integral part of the body of Christ in these last days! Thank you Jesus for such a precious contender of the faith! Pastor Ed Yearack

A Rare Boldness... - Mary - central Illinois -

I did not know Dave Hunt personally, but his bold stand for scriptural truth in the face of secular opposition made me greatly respect him. He took a stand on hard topics, which we don't see very often anymore. I will miss his boldness, and I hope he mentored and influenced many who are now willing to step up to the plate in his absence.

The woman rides the beast - Sonne Diermoci - Santiago Chile -

I love you Dave! They say you died, we know you are translated! I had been battling for years through the issues of Christianity and the Catholic church. I suffered an awful divorce and cruel enmity from familiy and friends in my Church. After nearly forty years of being tossed to and fro by way of religion and the spiritual powers playing havoc with my life I came to Dave Hunt and his clear and balanced perspectives on this very great issue. It was a particularly difficult subject with many layers of deception that Dave was able to walk me through by way of his many podcasts on youtube and his book, ' A Woman Rides the Beast'. As a side note, I had an especially grievous day and night April 5th. I did not know of his passing until the following day. Our planet groans to lose the very great men of God that are so extremely precious to us all! Now you are among the great in heaven! Halleluia

Thank you God for Using Dave - Jeff and Joan Thompson - Abbotsford, British Columbia -

We would just like to say how much Dave Hunt has influence our Walk with Christ and how he has taught us about the importance of doctorine and being Bereans. We were first introduced to The Berean Call by my mother and father many years ago. Since then my mom has gone home to be with the Lord but we have passed this newsletter on to our grown children. We feel as though we have lost an old friend. We pray for Dave's family and have prayed for Dave and his family for many years as he has plowed the way for many of us who also have learned to contend for the faith. We praise God and marvel at the gifts that God gave Dave. He will be greatly missed but we will carry on contending for the faith thanking God for His goodness and for His faithful servant in carrying out God's ministry. We will continue to pray for your ministry and we ask that God will bring along others to carry on the work. With Much Love and Prayers, Jeff and Joan Thompson

A great man missed - Santa - Carson City, NV -

I looked forward to the newsletter sent to me for many years. Dave had the gift of wisdom from our God. He had such deep understanding of scripture that he shared with all of us. He will be greatly missed.

Dave Hunt has been the single greatest influence on my life of all men I have known. - Karl Shields - Leesburg, VA -

I met Dave in September, 1974, in Northridge, CA. I was 22 years old and not a Christian. As anyone will attest who has, as an unbeliever, encountered Dave in conversation, he had a way of gently but surely bringing any conversation around to the most important of topics. I was brought up in a set of beliefs that derived from Hinduism, Buddhism, and the occult— collectively what would be called New Age religion. At the time we met, Dave was working with Rabi Maharaj on Death Of A Guru, and was well prepared for all my arguments. Dave was very patient with me, and I enjoyed talking with him, so at the invitation of his daughter Karen, I joined a weekly Bible study with other college students at his home. Rabi came to visit and work with Dave and I spent some time discussing spiritual matters with him. The months passed, and I learned much about the Bible, the prophecies and their fulfillment, the teachings of Jesus, the true source of the ideas that underlay my own mystical beliefs, but something was missing. I had knowledge of the Gospel, but I was not responding. One evening in January 1975, after a Bible study at the Hunt home, I found myself confronted internally with the fact that I knew that Jesus was Lord, that all my beliefs had been rebellion, and that I needed to repent and tell Him from my heart that I believed in Him. As everyone around me mingled and chatted, I was frozen in my seat, eyes closed, caught in a personal confrontation with the Truth. I then walked outside, stood alone under the night sky and confessed my faith to God. At a later time I told Dave that I believed. He gave me a hug and said, "Praise the Lord brother!" In the years that followed Dave and I grew closer. Dave invited me to accompany him and his son Jon on my first of many backpacking trips into the Sierra Nevada mountains, where he taught me to fish, shared scripture and hymns, and many a good laugh around the campfire. His son Jon and I still return often to our favorite of all places we discovered with his father, 11,000 ft. Crabtree Lake. Whenever I sing How Great Thou Art, I am reminded of Dave, for that was his favorite on the trail. When through the woods And forest glades I wander I hear the birds Sing sweetly in the trees; When I look down From lofty mountain grandeur And hear the brook And feel the gentle breeze; Then sings my soul My Savior, God, to Thee How great thou art How great thou art. In January of 1979 Dave introduced me to Susan Lane. Susan I were married in September in the same little Faith Bible Church I first attended with Dave and Ruth and the Hunt family in 1974. Susan came on several pack trips with us, and Dave helped her pick out a new fishing rod for my birthday. Susan became fast friends with Dave's daughters Karen and Janna. All these things—friends, fellowship, a marriage of 33 years, and most of all the Gospel— are the things that God brought into my life, and Susan's, through His faithful servant, Dave Hunt. When Jon shared with me today the news of his passing, I felt both the loss of this dear man and the joy of knowing that Dave is with the Lord. Knowing that he is there, I am all the more looking forward to the day when I too will be called to heaven, where I can once more walk with Dave and ponder the glory of God's creation.

Eye Opening Newsletters and Radio Show - Jesse Larsen - Minnesota -

Dave Hunt's newsletters from June 2004 and July 2004 where both eye openers to me, and they both helped me to better understand the penalty for sin after T.A. McMahon had discussed it a bit in the May 2004 newsletter. This was later made even more clear to me after I heard Dave discuss it in a radio segment from December 2004 titled "How Could Jesus Suffer Eternal Death?" I began to see that Hebrews:2:9 had to be speaking of more than just physical death since the Bible also tells us Jesus' SOUL was made an offering for sin (Isaiah:53:10) when it was "poured out...unto death" (Isaiah:53:12). The Lord used Dave to show me that I had been missing the most significant suffering that Jesus endured on the cross - the spiritual suffering.

What Love is This? A Woman Rides the Beast, and many others - Joy - California -

Dear Ruth and Staff at the Berean Call, You have my deepest condolences. May the LORD comfort you during this time. Brother Dave Hunt has been a blessing to me. I work as a Hospital and Hospice Chaplain and I have used many of the resources from Brother Dave Hunt. Many of his books and videos have helped me understand better the scriptures and what the Bible says about false doctrines. I rejoice in knowing that Brother Dave Hunt is with The LORD and I look forward to sharing with him in Heaven. I will continue to use the resources he left for us. In Christ Forever, Chaplain Joy Singer

The blessings of Dave Hunt's ministry - Cathryn -

When our church fell apart due to sin in the leadership, when every church I tried had doctrinal errors in theology and in practice, when I was about to give up on ever finding a home church I could trust, Dave Hunt's newsletters and books gave me the guidelines I needed in order to find biblical Truth amidst so much church and Christian media confusion. Eventually I found solid churches, having learned the discernment tools I needed. And most of these tools were learned entirely through Dave's ministry. Praise God for the influence of his life on me and my family!

A good man - Mike Moskau - Crowley, TX -

Dave was a man who helped people. That is a good person. Dave helped me to grow in truth and knowledge about Christianity. He helped me to protect myself from wolves in sheep's clothing. He helped me to get excited about the rapture which could occur in our lifetime. Dave had his own personal rapture so that had to be very special.

Dave Hunt a mighty warrior of the LORD - manny porter - san jose ca -

Brother Dave was a blessing to me in so many ways. He is now beholding the Lord's Glory,  praise Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Berean Call, and most of all "thank you,  Jesus" for raising up mighty men of your HOLY BIBLE who have contended for the truth and have stood fast even unto there last breath. All Glory to GOD amen....

One of the Body's Best Investigative Reporters - Scott - Los Angeles, CA -

I hesitate filling out 'forms' but think of this entry as more of something to get our heavenly conversation started when I someday join Dave on the streets of gold. I wanted to say how much his writing influenced me as a young pastor starting out in 1990 when I first received the Berean Call but who also was reading 'What Love is This?' brushing up on things a couple weeks ago. Dave was like one of the Church's best investigative reporters and never feared to speak the truth even when it might offend those within the Body. I learned so much that I didn't have the time or resources to research personally and often found a fellowship of spirit in his writings that helped confirm my own understand of things controversial when you just CAN'T be wrong because it will be scrutinized and critiqued carefully often by those who NEED to find an error in fact or logic to prop up their own presuppositions. So Dave, though we haven't met in this life I'll count it a joy to see you in heaven and thank the Lord for using you to uncover the truth when it is suppressed by man. (Rom:1:18) I pastored a church with Berean in the name and would often think of you when ever the name was mentioned so you were on my mind alot! Kind Regards, Scott

The blessings of Dave Hunt's ministry - Cathryn -

When our church fell apart due to sin in the leadership, when every church I tried had doctrinal errors in theology and in practice, when I was about to give up on ever finding a home church I could trust, Dave Hunt's newsletters and books gave me the guidelines I needed in order to find biblical Truth amidst so much church and Christian media confusion. Eventually I found solid churches, having learned the discernment tools I needed. And most of these tools were learned entirely through Dave's ministry. Praise God for the influence of his life on me and my family!

Really have enjoyed Dave's writing and "The Berean Call Newsletter" for several years - Bruce - Texas -

God bless the Hunt family survivors. May God supply comfort and all needs. Continue to sustain the Berean Call Ministry. In our Lord we pray, amen. Hebrews chapter 11

Life Changing & Life Challenging - Art Pfeiffer - Riverdale, NJ -

I can only imagine how great Dave's rejoicing is to be with the Lord he has loved and served so long! As a brand new Christian 30 years ago I ate up the Word of God and every other book that Christianity had. I soon found many discrepancies between the Word and the writers of these Christian books. Fortunately I was lead to Dave's ministry. This was before the Berean Call was established and there were few teachers of discernment. The Christian bookstores were in their infancy along with Christian publishing. It was because of Dave's ministry I avoided the pitfalls of the Health & Wealth salesmen. In 1989 I had the privilege of picking up Dave at the airport for a weekend ministry event we were hosting and having dinner with him and some friends that night. What a great impact he had in my life as I observed a humble servant arrive wearing his "Columbo" overcoat, eat a modest meal, stay in a very modest hotel, and accept a modest offering for his time. He spoke the Truth in Love and was simultaneously bold and humble. He and his ministry have been both life changing and life challenging for me. When I saw him last a few years ago he blessed one of my dearest friends by baptizing him in the pool at Word of Life NY. He was still the same gracious lover of the Lord and proclaimer of the Word he had always been. I believe Dave showed many of us how to run the race, how to finish the course, how to be confident that He will complete what He has begun in us until the day of Jesus Christ. And for our brother Dave, today is that day!! Amen. Art

Dave's impact on my life - Gary - Salinas, CA -

The Lord has used Dave's teachings in a powerful way to keep my focus on the Lord and His Word, rather than the thoughts and ways of men. He was a light in this dark world and because of him, there are now many more such lights shining to help other Christian travelers.

faithfull to the Word, not the world. - Bill Littleton - Grande Prairie Alberta Canada -

At this time in history the lord has been very faithfull to his followers and has given to those willing to search, access to very large quantities of information. Sometimes we have to be carefull and spit out the bones as we sift through this available information. Having read and/or listened to most of what Dave hunt had to say on anything he felt was important enough to write about, I can tell you that there were no bones about it. I dearly hope that this information will remain available to earnest seekers untill we have all gone to join the Lord in heaven. I would also like to thank Ruth for Sharing Daves time and her own, for so many years with people like me who were so much in need of guidance.

To Ruth - Rick Jenkins - New Zealand -

Dear Ruth What an amazing woman you are to loyally sit by Dave's side till the end. Dave was a wonderful God fearing man and I learned so much from his books, tapes and Berean Call. Dave was so humble and knowledgeable. I don't know of anybody who comes close to his love and passion for God's word and His truth. He stood true to the end, despite the many battles from the religious, especially those inside the church. It was an absolute honour to have you both in our home when I hosted you for New Zealand meetings. May God bless and strengthen you at this time. Rick Jenkins Wellington New Zealand

"A Woman that Rides the Beast" - Lorraine - Calgary, Alberta, Canada -

A friend I had met at a discernment, prophetic, evangelistic-type of ministry in Calgary had lent me this video by Dave Hunt called, "The Woman That Rides the Beast". I had previously been Roman Catholic and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in October 1990. There was a lot I still didn't know about the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. In my watching this video, my eyes were really opened and so much made sense to me. It brought about even more deliverence in my life and understanding about how I had been raised and taught this very deceptive and oppressive religion. I had so much respect for Dave Hunt and all the research and wisdom that Our Heavenly Father and His Word and Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit had revealed and exposed and shown Dave Hunt to produce "A Woman That Rides the Beast". I feel very sad from an earthly perspective that Dave has passed away, but I also feel very happy for him that he is truly now with Our Lord Jesus Christ. It also brings me so much comfort and reassurance that Our Lord used a man like Dave Hunt who truly stood for the truth of the Gospel and exposed the works of darkness deceiving the church. He will be sorely missed but his work will go on through his books, videos and teachings and we will all get to see him one day soon. With sadness, but hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ, Lorraine

First Meeting with Dave
Sitting with Dave in Tiberias, Israel - David Natanal Siegel - Haifa, Israel -

I have no grand story, or an especially humorous or witty one. Just an encounter between one Israel and one Mr Dave Hunt. I had written a few letters to Dave in the year or so before he came on this particular trip to Israel. I was touched that he got in contact with me, and said he would like to see me in person. I was living in central Galilee, and he was staying for a day or two in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, so we arranged to meet there. He recalled our letters, and his comments showed that he had read them carefully. We discussed a number of matters of faith, of Israel and prophecy. We had dinner with his tour group, and chatted again alone after dinner. What pleased me about the man is that he had no airs about him. He was mild mannered, and a great listener. Mostly, he was an even greater commentator. There was no drama to this encounter, but I did meet a genuine fellow, and there aren't all that many left these days. We didn't agree on everything, but he asked me to read the proofs for one of his books about the middle east, and asked for my endorsement, which I heartily gave. I really learned that Dave listens, as he made a few significant changes that I only suggested, after asking his wife what she thought. We are one good soul short on this planet now, but I am sure he doing fine.

Daves New Zealand trip - Paul Houston - Feilding, New Zealand -

"Dave Hunt" to hear that name has always brought me hope & inspiration. I never met Dave personaly but we traveled with our children to see him in Wellington New Zealand one night. It took us just over two hours by car each way but it was so refreashing to be in that meeting to know that I was in the midst of a body of believers that understood the value of Gods's word and his love that it was precious. Daves warnings of various ungodly intrusions into the body of the church have been a lighthouse beacon for us, and that light seems to only shine brighter with every passing day. Surely Dave must have only missed seeing many of the propheceys yet to be full filled by a narrow margion. He is surely in Gods hands right now. I will savour his works even more now until the day the Lord takes me home as well. Love & prayers to both Ruth and all those that will be missing Dave even so much more than my heart can only imagion.

M Mum met Dear Dave and Ruth a long time ago now in Oxford! - Zoe Tredgett - crawley , England -

I did not personally have the pleasure of meeting with Dear Dave and Ruth when they had a conference in Abingdon Oxfordshire in England but my Dear mum Beryl did and she was able to share most gracious hospitality and attend the conference which was very very good and spend time and talk with both Dave and Ruth which was such a blessing I know, Icaught up with the excellent teaching later on video and have read and listened over the years to Dear Daves and TA'S teaching with many books , videos berean articles etc etc, ALWAYS SOUND AND SO EDIFYING AND NEEDFUL! ESPECIALLY in these days too! It is with such sadness on the one hand that we hear of Daves passing OH HOW WE WILL MISS HIM AND HIS FAITHFUL WORK!!!!!!!!!! But Glory that he is now well, and out of any suffering and has now been welcomed Home by our Lord saying WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!!!!! We send our warmest Love and best wishes to Dear Ruth and the rest of the family and please know that all our Love , thoughts and prayers are their with you and also to Dear TA and the rest of the berean team at this sad time as well. God bless you all Zoe and Beryl Tredgett.

A truthful man - Mark Farris DDS - Morganton, NC -

I remember going to a small church in San Diego to hear Dave speak in the early 90's. I met him after his talk and had a difficult question for him. He answered it truthfully and very straight forward with grace. I came away from that one meeting thinking, here is a man that is not afraid to speak the truth even if it is not popular with man. I have followed his ministry since then, and have appreciated his voice of reason exposing the deceptions that snare so many. RIP Dave.

Prophecy Conference at CCOB in NJ - Alice Gallagher - Roanoke, VA, presently, but from New Jersey -

I will never forget first meeting and hearing David Hunt speak in 1996 at a prophecy conference at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, New Jersey. Chuck Missler and others were there, but David's words are the ones that penetrated my spirit the most and helped me to realized just how "near" the Lord's coming could be. For weeks, I walked around telling anyone who would listen: "He's coming back SOOON!!!". Since that time, David had visited my church in New Jersey two additional times, and once a group of us ventured to Bethelehem, PA, to hear him share. I soon signed up for the Berean Call and have been a faithful reader, a prayer partner and a small financial supporter since then; in addtion, I own and have read several of David's book. When I saw the subject line 1926-2013, I immediately knew that David had parted from us and went to our Lord, and I did cry a bit.. but not for sadness.. for incredibly joy and longing, knowing how content and grateful David must be to be with His lord. I will pray for his family and friends, but I'm sure we all hope that Jesus will come back to retrieve us soon so we can finally be "home." May God bless you, richly!

Dear Ruth & Berean Call Ministry: - Art & Crystal Horne - Chambersburg, PA -

After reading Dave's book Globel Peace in the early ninties, I was informed that Dave would be speaking at the Mens Fellowship of Bible Churches Conference at Camp JoyEl near Williamson,PA. This was before the FBC built their present Camp Tohiglo near Mercersburg,PA. I knew I wanted to hear more of what Dave was revealing about the apostasy of the ecumenical movement. I was a fairly new Christian and thought that some of the things Dave was saying was kind of harsh and "judgmental" until I realized that he was only quoting in context those who were deceiving Christianity, as Dave used to say; "Don't confuse me with facts". Since that introduction to Dave I have heard Dave speak at a Midnight Call conference, and at Camp Tohiglo. I have read many of Dave's books and viewed many of his videos which enlightened me and encouraged me to be a Berean. I thank God for Dave and Tom and the Berean Call Ministry who have opened many sleepy eyes "In times like these". I believe that there was a glorious reception when Dave entered into our Saviors presence, and certainly will, if not already heard Jesus say: " Well done, thou good and faithful servant." 

A reasoned response to mass hysteria - Alec Stevens - greater NYC area -

I first met Dave Hunt at a prophecy conference at Calvary Chapel of Old Bridge, NJ in 1999. Having seen a number of his videos, I was nonetheless surprised to see how tall a man he was (and I'm 6' 2" myself)! And his hands were like baseball catcher's mitts. He looked good, having already had hip replacement surgery. Physically he came across like a rugged outdoorsman, someone you wouldn't be surprised to see hiking a treacherous mountain path (which I'm sure he had done, before and since then). He was quite warm and genial, and covered a variety of topics at the conference. I best remember him as being one of the ONLY sober voices out there regarding the imminent Y2K "crisis" which even many Christian alarmists were being swept up by. I purchased Dave Hunt's book that day, Y2K: A REASONED RESPONSE TO MASS HYSTERIA, and found it to be a well-documented refutation that this would be a global, national, or even local crisis. Very few stood with him in that assessment (there were opportunists selling 'survival kits' at the same prophecy conference!), but history has proven him right. It was very brave of him to subsequently take on Calvinism (and I'm sure it cost him a good deal of support), but it is important to root out any 'ism' that would attach itself (and ultimately try to supplant) the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

A very different teacher - Gabriela - Langley, BC Canada -

Someone had invited me to a conference to hear this man by the name of Dave Hunt. I was a new believer and I started seeing things in churches that didn't seem right but didn't dare to say anything and felt rather guilty for having critical thoughts about using emotionalism, showmanship, and lack of biblical teaching. Seeing Dave on stage really surprised me. He looked so different from the pastors I met so far; in an old-fashioned suit, humble, calmly explaining things from the Bible. Yet, his teaching was very powerful because it was true. It was so different from pastors jumping on stage, screaming, asking for money with music playing softly in the background for more effect. The two friends who came with me to the conference left. They thought it was wrong to use names of false teachers and to expose them. They said they we shouldn't touch "God's anointed" but for me the conference was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone had explained to me why I felt uncomfortable with many of the pastors and showed me that the Bible teaches differently - that's why I felt uncomfortable. Dave taught me to be a Berean, to never follow any teachings without checking them with the Bible first. He was bold to speak the truth even though many didn't like it. He was a great scholar but was always very humble and his desire was for people to know the Truth. I am very thankful to God that I had the opportunity to meet him some 20 years ago.

My Beloved Mentor - Judith Steinwedel - Deland, Florida -

Having been deceived and delivered out of the new age movement in the 70s I desperately needed a mentor that I could trust to teach me the ways of the Lord and keep me from ever being deceived again. The Lord led me to Dave in the local Christian bookstore. I read all of his books and received the Berean Call since it began and saved all the copies. Many times the Lord would put people in my path that were into cults, occult, and new age. Unknown to Dave, he always came to the rescue because no matter what the subject or the false teacher or preacher, I could count on Dave to have done the research for me. I met him at a conference once and when I shook his hand I blurted out " Dave, I love you". He looked stunned. Those of us he helped bring out of bondage truly did love him.

He was the only one to approach us - Sheri Hepworth - Auburn Hills, MI -

We were so excited to hear Mr. Hunt speak near our city. A church congregation met in an elementary school where Mr. Hunt was holding a conference. We had six children; three of them very small. We chose to sit in the very back of the room so as not to disturb anyone with our wee ones' noise. Not one person in the congregation greeted us; not even the door greeters acknowleged us. Mr. Hunt was talking with some folks up front; we were all awe-struck to be in the same room as such a godly man! Imagine our surprise when he walked to the back of the room and shook hands with my husband, inviting him to bring all of his family toward the front of the room for better seats! He was the only one to talk to us that day. He truly was a good, kind man.

My first meeting of Mr. Hunt. - Kevin - Rochester, NY -

I had heard messages from Dave Hunt many times before actually seeing him speak. He spoke with conviction and respect. Then, he autographed his books for me. He was kind and glad to talk. I then watched how people would debate with him during the breaks at the conference and he dealt with them patiently. He was an admirable and godly man and we were blessed by him.

The Knights Templer - Lois Eisenstein - Oakland,Oregon -

My Husband and I went to out first conference in 2008. We had read his books prior to this, our favorite being The Seduction of Christianity, though we now have a bookshelf full of this works. Dave was at the conference that year. He was wearing a light gray suit and I could see Christ shining in him really all I could think of was that he look like the Knights Templer from the Indiana Jones Movie ....He truly shined with the love of Jesus--it took my breath away!!! I knew I was truly looking at a man of God. As I listened to him I would only hope to ever have that much he shared I felt so honored to be there. I saw a true Berean!!!! Again we were honored to be there for his and Ruth's anniversary, the room was beautiful and when they shared their life through the video I was so amazed at what a full and interesting life he had. I am saddened that he has left the earth, overjoyed that he is with our Heavenly Father now, and I am sure he heard "well done my good and faithful servant." Thank you, Dave, for sharing your knowledge and life with us and thank you, Ruth, for being the woman of God you are and sharing your husband and his life with all of us! My prayers are with you and yours always. Thanks for the memories!!!!!!

Man of God - Al Enderle - North Tustin, California -

I was privileged to meet Dave at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills during the years I volunteered as a greeter, etc., at the annual David Hocking Prophecy Conference. Dave was a gentle giant of a man who knew what he spoke of and enjoyed sharing it with everyone he could. It grieved me to notice his contributions to the monthly news letter were falling off because I knew that indicated that he probably would not be around much longer. Dave stands with other men I've been privileged to meet and in some cases get to know and call friends: Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Torrey Johnson, David Hocking, Philip De Courcy and Pete McKenzie. What a blessing it is to know where Dave is and that I will see him again in the not so distant future! 

My first meeting with Dave - Kathy - New Mexico -

I had practiced Transcendental Meditation and other occultic practices for 20 years. When I met Dave in Encintas, CA I was a brand new believer. He did a series of talks at my Church and really opened my eyes to the deception that I was now delivered from. He took the time to talk to me personally. I have been a strong supporter of the Berean Call and Dave's books ever since. He made a tremendous eternal mark on this then young believer.

My first encounter with Dave Hunt - Kevin Walding - San Clemente CA -

I first met Dave Hunt at a conference that he spoke at a local Calvary Chapel near where I live in Southern California. Although I was a bit nervous and awkward, Dave made me feel like I was his friend and of special interest to him, even though there were others there of far greater importance and status than I. I was fortuntate enough to be invited with Dave and some others to go to Soup Plantation after the conference. I remember walking with Dave in line where he insisted on buying my dinner when we got to the check-out. When we all sat down, I remember asking Dave a very serious and tough question on wether he would speak out to warn someone about a problem that was evident in the way their particular minstry was going. I had said it in a way that I thought Dave would approve of stressing the warning portion. Dave just kind of paused and shook his head a little. When I continued and expressed my love for this person and not only my frustration at the compromise in communicating a confusing message, Dave's whole expression changed from doubt to a genuine softness and kindness. He said Oh Oh. I knew then he understood what I really meant. I realized that not only did Dave have a real abhorrence of evil and compromise of the truth but that he cared very deeply about speaking the truth in love to the person and not just the issue. As I think back on my short encounter with Dave I realize this is what Jesus would be like and that Dave represented his Lord well. Just this morning I turned at random and read the verse "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints" and thought about Dave. I then got the e-mail and saw it was the verse that was used on his memorial page. I thank the Lord for speaking to me about our friend and just how precious he is not only on earth but now in heaven. I look forward to seeing Dave again and I am so grateful for the Godly example he set for me and countless others. If I could sum things up in one word about Dave it would be just that. OTHERS. Sincerely, Kevin Walding Rally for Jesus

First saw Dave - Susanne - San Jose California -

We first saw Dave at an evening service at Calvary Chapel San Jose, where he gave a talk. We loved his deep thinking and love for the pure milk of the Word. Still enjoy the newsletter. Perhaps there will be a time for us all to have more fellowship with Dave in Heaven!

First Baptist Church, Houston Texas So pleased to meet Pastor Hunt and hear him teach, in person! - Mrs. William Brazier - Bell County, Texas -

For a moment, tears began to flow. Suddenly I realized Bill Brazier met Dave Hunt at the Gate! Bill was a Berean, became a Christian in 1982. We married in 1983. We became subscribers to the Berean Call, shortly thereafter. Our label number is in the very low 6000. Bill read everything that was published. He truly loved to hear and read words of Dave. Bill has been with the Lord since March 31, 2001. Me? I am still here, talking with people about twisted scripture, and how important it is to spend eternity with the Lord, not be separated from HIm. About the Harbinger, I thank Dave and TBC's staff for taking a stand, and breaking down passages in the book, to tell the truth, expose the subtle lies and teaching of the Harbinger book. I was very wary. Ladies here in Texas were upset with me, the Call came, and was shared with them. When a person turns from the truth, they do not allow their ears to hear. I know Bill Brazier was at the gate, greeting Dave Hunt! Now they are waiting on us! Grief is something unique, heart breaking, and as Bill said, just take the waves as they arrive. If not sooner, see you in Heaven... grannie, here in Texas loving the Holy Scripture, and Jesus Christ , my Lord

Memorial - Don - Quarrryville, Pa -

Met Dave years ago at a conference at Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster, Pa. He was very godly and nice. Remember telling him what affect his book Seduction of Christianity. He was a great warrior for God.

Backpacker, author, speaker extraordinaire - David Coppedge - Santa Clarita, CA -

It was bittersweet to hear about Dave's graduation to heaven; bitter to think we will no longer have his wit, humor and godly intelligence to interact with, but sweet to think of him finally enjoying the glories of heaven he so often wrote about and spoke of. I had the opportunity to go backpacking with Dave in the Sierras six times, between 1982 and 1989, when he was in his late fifties and early sixties. His strength and endurance at nearly double my age were incredible. He and Jon would take off with bigger packs than mine and I couldn't keep up with them. He would read from C. S. Lewis or from manuscripts of his upcoming books at rest stops or around the campfire. Those were great days. My photos of those trips are favorite memories. I also attended a couple of his home Bible studies. As leader of the Bible-Science Association, invited him to speak to a large audience. I introduced him as a "Jeremiah for this generation" -- a mantle he took on with honor, because that is what he was. I've read many of his books. Each was a gold mine of well-referenced and well-thought-out material. His confidence in the truth of the Bible gave him tremendous courage to combat error wherever it was found. But in person, he was always gracious, smiling, and non-judgmental. He knew how to confront the sin without attacking the sinner. He once encouraged me as a writer, saying I had the gift and should use it for the Lord. That encouragement led to a website ministry, something that the Lord has blessed, though not with near Dave's immense following. To Ruth and Jon, I pray for encouragement in your sorrow, knowing that Dave is with Jesus, rejoicing in experiencing what he so often wrote about from the Scriptures. Knowing we will see him again (those who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus), we can carry on his influence to a needy world by making sure his legacy expands for those who did not have the joy of knowing him in person.

Second Coming Conferences - Dr. Terry & Boni Moore - Cedar Rapids, IA -

We are saddened to hear of the death of Dave. We first met him at a Second Coming Conference in Oklahoma City many years ago at the Southwest Bible Conference, and was so taken by is knowledge and concern for people to keep aware of the times and not accept the New Age teachings that were going on at the time. My husband took away from those teachings much knowledge and understanding and passed those teachings on to others back home through our Bible studies. We remember he didn't smile very much and had an opportunity to sit down with him for a breakfast in the hotel, and saw his smile light up the room at that time. We will always remember his kindness and love for the Lord. We extend our heartfelt condolence to his family and close friends, but are so happy for him knowing he is now with the Master!

Backpacker, author, speaker extraordinaire - David Coppedge - Santa Clarita, CA -

It was bittersweet to hear about Dave's graduation to heaven; bitter to think we will no longer have his wit, humor and godly intelligence to interact with, but sweet to think of him finally enjoying the glories of heaven he so often wrote about and spoke of. I had the opportunity to go backpacking with Dave in the Sierras six times, between 1982 and 1989, when he was in his late fifties and early sixties. His strength and endurance at nearly double my age were incredible. He and Jon would take off with bigger packs than mine and I couldn't keep up with them. He would read from C. S. Lewis or from manuscripts of his upcoming books at rest stops or around the campfire. Those were great days. My photos of those trips are favorite memories. I also attended a couple of his home Bible studies. As leader of the Bible-Science Association, invited him to speak to a large audience. I introduced him as a "Jeremiah for this generation" -- a mantle he took on with honor, because that is what he was. I've read many of his books. Each was a gold mine of well-referenced and well-thought-out material. His confidence in the truth of the Bible gave him tremendous courage to combat error wherever it was found. But in person, he was always gracious, smiling, and non-judgmental. He knew how to confront the sin without attacking the sinner. He once encouraged me as a writer, saying I had the gift and should use it for the Lord. That encouragement led to a website ministry, something that the Lord has blessed, though not with near Dave's immense following. To Ruth and Jon, I pray for encouragement in your sorrow, knowing that Dave is with Jesus, rejoicing in experiencing what he so often wrote about from the Scriptures. Knowing we will see him again (those who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus), we can carry on his influence to a needy world by making sure his legacy expands for those who did not have the joy of knowing him in person.

True Servant - Teerth Sond - England -

Dave to me was a man blessed by God with great passion and wisdom, yet with such a humble manner. I met him in England when he did a small conference with Jacob Prasch. At one of the meeting as Dave was teaching he forgot certain things and asked Jacob to help him, he never thought he knew everything but was humble enough whiles teaching to ask for help. Daves books I have all of them, and they are a true blessing and eye openers. Now our brother is with The Lord, the one who he truly loved and Glorified.

Favorite quote from Dave
My favorite quote from Dave - Joan - Mentor Ohio -

Thank you, Dave, for being such a faithful man of God, and a Christlike example to so many people. I saw you speak in Mentor Ohio back in the 90's, and the one thing you said that I always try to remember was, "You can't compromise truth for the sake of unity." May your legacy of standing firm in this politically correct culture keep shining in the hearts of believers until the Lord returns!

Quotes from Dave - Robert Heine - Grafton, WI -

I liked a few quotes from Dave....."People will believe anything, but the truth." "Let your words like your friends be few and well chosen." "Learn to talk less and say more." In the mid 80's we started to get his newsletter. He was used by the Holy Spirit to introduce me to one of my bedrock verses. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jn:8:32 Also Acts:17:11 that we should be noble and search the Scriptures daily. Just don't take my word for it. You have to know God for yourself. Have been listening to mp3 emails every day........ever since they came out. What a blessing!

A fan - Warren Drew - Lakeside, MT -

I cannot remember when I first became aware of Dave's work--I think in the very early '80's--After Oswald Chambers Dave taught me so much-- I remember clearly when he said how he got into writing about what he did--He was reading Matt 24--Let no one deceive you---That truly impacted mne! Also his thoughts if you do not love the truth God will send a spirit of delusion! I have been really blessed by his Work-- Thank You Dave!

Funny story about Dave
The Soup Connoisseur - Pastor Bob - Victor, NY -

My wife's and my condolences to Ruth and all the Berean Call family. Praise to Jesus for guiding Dave home. While on staff at a church here in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York, I was honored to be able to pick Dave up and deliver him to the airport when he was here for conferences. (One year, we were doubly blessed because Ruth accompanied him.) Conversations in the car were always lively as Dave often shared recent research and our thoughts and ideas were exchanged. Dave was always a highlight of the conferences in which he participated. On the way to the airport, there was always one consistent stop-off when it was time for him to head back home. That was The Olive Garden Restaurant. Dave always enjoyed their homemade soups. Frequently, he would try a bowl of all of them, and at least once, he had the waiter mix a couple different kinds into a single bowl. Now when we stop at that restaurant, we are always reminded of Dave's love for soup, and his simple, straight forward approach in his walk with the Lord, and His knowledge of God's Word. Dave continues to bless our lives still. All glory, to Jesus!

Dave's well worn out Bible - Shannon Haas - Wisconsin Dells, WI -

It was always amusing yet humbling to see Dave in movies/speaking with his well worn Bible. In fact, it was so well worn that it was actually entirely worn out! He would go to turn the pages and would have to flip over multiple pages that had come completely detached from the bindings. This always made my wife and I laugh, along with his die hard enthusiasm as he commented on God's Word and the current events of our times. He was a genuine uncompromising bold warrior of the faith, and will be greatly missed by so many of us that have a genuine love for truth in this age of unbelievable deception.