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I was edified by Dave Hunt - 04/08/2013 - 00:18 -

I am a calvinist pastor, but when I heard of the Dave's passing I was quite saddened. I truly did admire Mr. Hunt for his boldness and his courage. I was edified in my early years of Christianity when every week I would listen to Berean Call radio program while attending Bible College. I was always inspired by his bold stand on the truth of God's word and looked forward to this program every week. Truly his passing is a sad day. Although I adamantly disagree with some of Dave's theological positions I believe that he is my brother and one day we will speak in the Kingdom of God.

THANK YOU, DAVE! - Bill Gray - Riverside, CA - 04/08/2013 - 00:35 -

RIP DAVE HUNT! - For many years I have eagerly looked forward each month to receiving my latest issue of The Berean Call, the Christian apologetic newsletter published by Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon. With each issue, I jump right to the Q&A Section where readers ask their questions pertaining to our Christian faith -- and Dave Hunt or Tom McMahon gives a solid Biblical answer. I love a good Christian discussions -- so, that was always my first taste of each issue of The Berean Call newsletter. Then, I would gain much knowledge reading each issues' cover article and other articles within this treasured resource. One thing we know about Dave Hunt. If he were here today, he could most assuredly say, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy:4:7). And, we know that our Lord greeted Dave with, "Well done, good and faithful servant" (Matthew:25:21). I pray our Lord's comfort, assurance, and peace for all of Dave's family and friends. And, I give thanks to our Lord that His servant, Tom McMahon, is carrying on the work of The Berean Call, which has been his partnership with Dave Hunt for so many years. God bless, Bill Gray

David's Boldness - Dr.Raymond Russomanno, MD - Randolph, NJ - 04/08/2013 - 00:52 -

I first learned of the occult through David's teachings. His boldness in preaching positively affected my spiritual growth. I rejoice that he is in the presence of our Savior!

Servant of Christ - Alban Nedelko - Elbasan, Albania - 04/08/2013 - 02:13 -

Dave what a great man of God he was. I have been blessed by his preaching's through you tube, through his tapes and I owe to this man of God this explanations. I am from Albania and have followed Dave through internet and his ministry at Berean Call. He came to visit in our church in Elbasan Albania and I stood there sitting listening this man and I was so blessed though the time was short all of us in our hearts could have said more more... He answered to many questions and enlightened me through his teachings in many topics, He was faithful to the Bible and I praise God because of him. Now he is in heaven in peace. Honestly I feel a bit empty in my soul and have mixed feelings of sorrow and of joy. Sorrow because not only me but all whom love God and His Holiness though far were friends and brothers with Dave. Joy for Dave because he is in a better place now. My prayers are for his family, his church and the Berean Call ministry. I hope you will continue to be a voice for the truth, compatible with the Bible as you have been until now. Blessings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Alban Nedelko

Dave the workaholic - Colin le Noury - United kingdom - 04/08/2013 - 03:58 -

I shall always remember Dave as a spiritual workaholic. In 2006 we, in Prophetic Witness Movement International, invited Dave to the UK for a three week national tour including our annual Bournemouth Convention. Dave was the keynote speaker every night and attended all other sessions to listen to other speakers. After his evening address he would go up to his room and work until sometimes 3:00 am editing passages on his forthcoming book on yoga and sending submissions to the USA. I guess the time difference between the two countries necessitated some of that but I did wonder when he found time to sleep!! Truly an amazing man. Rev Colin Le Noury PWMI General Director

A Timely Gift - Tennessee - Philippines - 04/08/2013 - 05:47 -

While in a Middle Eastern country in the thick of Word Faith (WF) teachings, 10 cassette tapes were distributed by an American during an underground conference attended by various nationalities mostly from the Pentecostal (born again) background. By the grace of God, one was handed to me. In this teaching, Dave Hunt exposed the heresies of the WF movement which I have started to question myself but wished that I had a better grounding. So via his teaching and the subsequent two books, The Seduction of Christianity and Beyond Seduction which I bought in a bookstore in the Philippines, I became better equipped. Thanks be to God for His gracious gift of this expose through Dave, and many have been taken out of the heretic WF among those that I have passed the teaching on. I am glad Dave is truly and perfectly happy now in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless - shaun - kwinana - 04/08/2013 - 07:19 -

God bless you Dave, i enjoyed your teachings and i will continue to do so for many years to come, i loved it when you got stuck into Yasser Arafat and Islam and exposed their evils....

Dave's encouraging letter - Alexander Gillan - South Wales, UK - 04/08/2013 - 07:28 -

I wrote to Dave in 1986, sending him an outline of a book I intended to publish at the time. His swift reply and positive comments were very encouraging. Having come through Roman Catholicism, Eastern Mysticism and the occult, before hearing the call of God, I found Dave's books on deception to be always spot on and extremely valuable. Dave was, without doubt, a true man of God and a man of our time, whose ministry has been a help to thousands.

Thank You Dave - Matt - NY - 04/08/2013 - 07:45 -

Dear TBC, I just want to express my sadness (wordly) at the passing of Dave. His articulate, bold, logical, balanced writing/speaking helped me, especially, when on the cusp of leaving the RCC (a very difficult time), but also well beyond. The Lord used Dave to call me into His kingdom, and I can only imagine the vast number of others with similar stories. I will be forever grateful for his bold stand for the truth!!!! I could go on, but it seems the last thing Dave would want is me giveng him credit that he felt was the Lord's only. My prayers are with you all. May the Lord comfort you. Matt

A great man of God - nicole - switzerland - 04/08/2013 - 08:02 -

What a great man of God! He spoke up for the truth of God's Word--in season or out of season. He is a great example to me of how a man of God is to walk before the Lord. He was like a father for me teaching a daughter. I am very sad but also happy that he is in the presence of the Lord Jesus. I pray that the Lord will put somebody like him in his place, because we need men like that-- especially now in this end time season, when apostasy is rampant and progressing.

Discernment - JACK DEWITT - IOWA - 04/08/2013 - 09:40 -

I had just been born again while incarcerated and began my new life. The Berean Call played an important role in my ability to accurately discern all the spiritual activity going on around me. I thank the Lord for Dave Hunt and the Berean Call. I look forward to meeting him on That day....

A Simple Thank You - Chris - 04/08/2013 - 09:57 -

I am thankful to Dave for his stand for the simple truths of God's word. His ministry has strengthened my walk with the Lord and my understanding of His word. I am praying that the Lord will lift up more men who share his love and concern for the Word of God and for the body of Christ.

I have been blessed. - Cheri - Sacramento - 04/08/2013 - 10:41 -

I have been blessed to work with wonderful people throughout all my working years. But working with Dave Hunt is a special memory. He was always kind and patient, and always most appreciative of any little thing someone did for him. I praise the Lord for allowing me to spend time with such a Godly man. I was just now thinking about the Y2K party we all had.

Remembrance of Dave Hunt - Dr. Ed Hindson - Liberty University, Lynchburg VA - 04/08/2013 - 10:46 -

Our prayer's are with Mrs. Hunt and the family. Dave Hunt's brilliant mind, passionate faith, and personal determination will be greatly missed. However, through his writings, "He being dead, yet speaks." His books and articles need to be read today more than ever.

How I Met Dave Hunt - Jerry Thornburgh - St. Louis MO - 04/08/2013 - 10:57 -

In St. Louis, MO my wife and I listened to Dave Hunt when he was on the Tim N' Al Show on KJSL Radio. We were very impressed with his knowledge and he was a very big part of the influence in our lives that caused us to hunger and thirst for the truth that is in God's Word. He was always level headed and brought much honor to the radio program in St. Louis. I particularly will miss him very much and am saddened how so many of our well informed older ministers are leaving us. It concerns me that we will be going further into deception with these great servants of the Lord leaving this earth. However, it is much better for them and they are awaiting their rewards and crowns. We will miss him so much and are praying for the Body of Christ to be blessed with more men and women of integrity as Dave had. Jerry Thornburgh Evangelist/Teacher

Berean Call - Escondido, CA - 04/08/2013 - 11:01 -

I first heard Dave speak at a church I was attending in the late 80's. I was extremely impressed by his quiet but firm presentation of truth. I became a reader of The Berean Call soon after and have received the newsletter monthly since. I am always excited to see it arrive in the mail. It has been a constant source of guidance to truth and information to me that I would not have gotten otherwise. Although I rejoice in Dave being present with his beloved Savior Jesus, I pray for comfort for Ruth and the rest of us who so loved his writings.

Mentor - Kip Brown - Collingwood Ontario - 04/08/2013 - 16:13 -

......the most important man in my life for over 20 years. I knew this day was coming but I cant help but feel the emptiness.

Dave's Humility - Cordell & Patricia Burch - Springfield, VA - 04/08/2013 - 18:32 -

We are so sorry to hear of Dave's passing away but almost immediately the hymn came to mind One day the silver cord will break And I no more as now shall sing But O the joy when I awake Within the palace of the King And I shall see Him face to face And tell the story saved by grace And I shall see Him face to face And tell the story saved by grace Dave is now in the palace of the King! And he is seeing face to face the One Whom he loved and served so faithfully. We heard Dave speak on many occasions beginning in 1992 and including two of the conferences in Bend. One, though, that stands out was at Schroon Lake in 2000 where Dave answered questions one afternoon in the lobby of the main building. It was almost like being with Jesus on the road to Emmaus as he opened the scriptures to us. We could have listened all night. We asked him once why don't they ever allow you enough time during any of the conferences at which you speak. He said we are spoiled here. In Russia the Christians will stand for hours to hear the Word of God preached. Always with such humility yet authority he taught the Word and answered questions. What a loss to us below, but praise God his job is done and he's with our Savior.

A Lasting Legacy and Blessing to God's People - Linda - Coppell, Texas - 04/08/2013 - 21:06 -

I am sincerely overcome with respect and yes, sadness for the family and many friends of Dave Hunt. I join with all brothers and sisters in Christ, to say how blessed we were to have him grace God's planet with us. My heart is sad, though, as I just now heard of Mr. Hunt's passing. I wish to be among those who celebrate Mr. Hunt's life and legacy. At this moment, it is hard to come to grips with the fact that a truly fine, dedicated spiritual leader has left us. Selfishly, I wish I had known Mr. Hunt and had discovered him a long time ago. But Dave Hunt will continue to teach me the rest of my life. My "history" with Dave Hunt is far from over. Several years ago I became acquainted with Mr. Hunt's writings, through reading about him on Rapture Ready and books. Because I have narcolepsy, and I am unable to read for extended periods, I struggle with reading books or long articles. Even so, I have been able to read many of his writings...if not cover to cover...but what I was able to read was always JUST ENOUGH to get me through whatever issue I was researching or attempting to understand. I have to confess it is frustrating to greatly treasure knowledge and discernment and yet have narcolepsy. I always wished I could read every book, and to soak up everything Dave Hunt wrote. My disorder is a little complex to explain, but I share this all-too personal information with you in order to tell say that Mr. Hunt's writings are golden to me. Because narcolepsy is only one of many health problems, formal Bible study and sometimes even church attendance is not always possible. The writings...the books, the internet postings, etc...all have filled a specific need and provided wisdom so I could understand complex issues and gain needed perspective about some of the great questions of our time. I am thankful for everything that I have been able to read. I count it all joy that someone like Dave Hunt and others could be used so brilliantly to help us make sense of this world. I thank God He sent someone to help us deal with what we are seeing transpire in front of our very eyes. I thank God for sending us strong, wise leaders to guide us. Over the past several years, one of the issues that has troubled me greatly, is the Catholic Church. A couple of weeks ago, due to my involvement with many Catholic families in our community, and completely frustrated with the lack of leadership from so many, many pulpits...I searched on the internet and found TBC and Dave Hunt's writings. There, once again..I found the familiar...bell-clear, well-written, unvarnished TRUTH wrapped in inspired, challenging missives. What a gift! How I praise God for Dave Hunt and his ministry to so many. I praise God for The Berean Call. Dave Hunt left this world with a legacy we can all celebrate and be challenged by. May God bless each and every one of you, Brothers and Sisters. Thank you for providing a place to share our hearts.

How one of Dave's books influenced me
A Woman Rides The Beast - Jane Talbert - Johnson City Tn - 04/08/2013 - 01:18 -

Although I have always enjoyed Dave's books, this one gave me such a clear understanding of Catholicism and set me on a quest to understand more! I have some very special Catholic friends whom I love and pray for frequently! Thanks to Dave and his ministry and my deepest sympathy to his wife, children, family and friends. A special thanks to the Lord Jesus because we know Dave is now beholding His Face!

I've read all Daves books. - Greg Forman - Charlottesville Virginia - 04/08/2013 - 02:47 -

I knew this day would come, but I thought the Rapture might happen first. (thank you Dave) Now I know that Dave will be there to welcome us. I've read all of Dave's works and have been greatly blessed by his ministry. I give Dave the credit for keeping many of us strong in the belief that the Rapture could happen at any moment and that those who long and look for his appearing are truly blessed. I know that Dave would say, humbly, that his ministry is God's and not his own, yet he will be missed deeply. To his Ruth and his family, I met you many years ago in Niagra Falls. I've seen great men go before, but this one hurts. Love you all, looking forward to the home going...it will be soon and very soon we are going to meet the King. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

My suspicions were all verified - vincent lyons - sydney, australia - 04/08/2013 - 04:05 -

On reading "The Seduction of Christianity" in the early years of my Christian life I was so uplifted because I had so many issues which troubled me concerning things which were happening in the church. No one seemed to be able to satisfy my concerns but this book surely did. I am indebted to Dave for steering me in the right direction all those years ago and I myself have continually recommended his writings to all. At the time of reading it we had a certain pastor attending our home meeting and on seeing that book in my posession he told me in no uncertain terms that the book was from hell. Needless to say we went our different paths. Dave was a blessing even in places where he did not know it and I am grateful to God for him. Vince.

The Seduction of Christianity - Paula - Cork, Ireland - 04/08/2013 - 07:52 -

The book 'Seduction of Christianity' had a profound impact on my search and commitment to being a follower of Christ. With so many voices and the mantra that all paths lead to God. This book spoke with an authority that silenced those voices once and for all. Now 20 yrs later the message is truer than ever and I have the privilege of sharing the truth with my own grown up children I have never met or spoken to Dave but I am grateful for his courage and faithfulness. God bless Paula Farrell

Thank You Dave - Sarah Dodge - Holly, Michigan - 04/08/2013 - 08:28 -

I can't even guess how old I was the first time I met him... I must have been in elementary school. My dad brought my brother and I to what seemed like a million conferences that Dave spoke at. We hated most of them. We were too young to really comprehend what was being discussed except the core message which seemed to be that we needed to have a care for what we accepted as truth as there were many false prophets out there looking to alter our paths with God. At the time I didn't really understand the topics discussed but I did feel a sense of urgency behind what they were saying. My dad bought the book the Archon Conspiracy. It was one of few fiction books he had purchased for himself so naturally we were interested. He began reading it to us bit by bit. Looking back, I realize how hard it had to be for him to read a grown up book to two kids who kept stopping him and asking what words meant or why something was happening. Some nights he only got a couple pages before we fell asleep. I think we actually got through the book twice before Sanctuary of the Chosen came out. Now that book was different! The opening pages had us enthralled with the chase and new characters... we were hooked again. We were starting to understand some of the concepts discussed at the conferences and how they could possibly be applied in the real world. These fictional characters were helping us to comprehend the potential difficulties Christians could face. It helped us to piece together the importance of the messages we were hearing from Dave, Constance Cumby, Johanna Michealson, and Jewel and Travers Van Der Merwe. I always felt small around Dave. He was so kind and friendly, but he felt very important, a man with an urgent message that had to be conveyed. I always felt special when he said hello. We probably never spoke more than a couple sentences between each other, but all my life he's been someone I've looked up to, respected, and trusted with his message. I'm 31 years old now and can say with complete certainty that Dave Hunt was a major contributing factor to my standing with Christ. I don't know what else to say. I thank God for the part he played in my growth as a Christian.

Cult Explosion - Dennis & Rauni Higley - Salt Lake City (Sandy) Utah - 04/08/2013 - 09:21 -

Ever since we read Dave's book The Cult Explosion in 1983, we wanted to read more... We have just about all of Dave's books and love them.. We met Dave many times here in Salt Lake City when he came to speak and teach. In 2001 Dave read our self-published booklet "The Truth About Mormonism", and asked if he could publish it for us. We were honored and this little booklet has now gone through four editions, all by the Berean Call, the latest one in August of 2012. Dave has been our mentor through his books and newsletters that we have collected ever since they begun in 1992. Dave was to us our "modern-day Paul". His uncompromising zeal and love for God's Word and his firm and kind responses to those who debated doctrinal positions with him set an example for us on how to conduct our ministry to Mormons (H.I.S. Ministry) that we started in 1984. We are honored to have known Dave Hunt here and we are looking forward to the Rapture and going to meet him again at Jesus' feet. We love Dave and Ruth Hunt, and they have been in our prayers for years. We will continue to pray for Ruth till we all are with Jesus. Dennis & Rauni Higley

The Truth About Catholicism - Phil Malone - United Kingdom - 04/08/2013 - 10:36 -

Dave's book 'A Woman Rides The Beast' was the first Christian book I read and as I was saved out of Catholicism a blessing for me to read and learn what the truth about the Church which had me in bondage for so long before God's Grace was revealed to me. I learned a lot from the book that I could never have learned while I was in Catholicism and I have used the information to talk to my my Catholic family and friends. Like all of Dave's books I am always reading it over and over again without getting bored. God has used Dave to help people get closer to God and although I did not get a chance to meet him, the books, DVDs and radio programs have let me realize what a remarkable man of God Dave was. My payers are with Tom and that God will guide him in the ministering of The Berean Call, but also to Dave's wife Ruth and her family that God's Presence will be strongly felt by all. God bless you all Phil

JUDGMENT DAY - ALEX. DUPREE - S.VILLE S.C. - 04/08/2013 - 11:16 -


Thank you for such a gift - Steph - New Zealand - 04/08/2013 - 14:21 -

I love how God can and does use His children to help grow and love His other children, Dave Hunt was given a desire for truth and love that became a gift to many many people, I have been reading his book 'A Woman Rides the Beast' and I am greatly appreciating what I am learning and so grateful to people like Dave that put their time and efforts into compiling these truths for us so we can learn by reading and listening to books and audios. These have helped by having factual evidence put in front of me that I don't have to spend years looking through myself. Things I believe and know in my heart to be true because I believe God is who He says He, are laid out in front of me and I can just absorb it all in! These things will help me better answer questions that others ask that I have struggled to give a clear and straightforward answer to at time because I simply have not known enough of history, I am so grateful as I am getting to learn more and will have more to offer in turn, o how we are a body. Thank you Lord for the body! Thank you Lord for you and for the love and gifts you place in your children. Dave has moved home! What a blessed day! Jesus come and take the rest of us home soon, in the twinkling of an eye meet us in the clouds! Our world needs you! Thank you for the love and goodness you still have in this world via your Bride, of which Dave Hunt is apart! A brother in Christ, I will meet you at home at the great dinner feast! xx

Our hearts our heavy yet rejoicing - Sam and Kellee Strunk - Auburn, PA - 04/08/2013 - 19:24 -

Dear TBC staff and friends and loved ones of the Hunt family. We know that this life is very short indeed and only what's done for Christ will last. Dave has been a voice in our generation that will never be forgotten. In 1993 we started our marriage and soon after our beloved pastor resigned his position in the church. Another pastor took his place and began preaching strange teachings. Some of his teachings were based on Robert Schuller, psychology, Freud, Ghandi, need I say more? While shopping at a local Christian Bookstore we came across "The Seduction of Christianity". The Lord brought this wonderful book our way just in time. We did some research about Schuller at the local Library so we could gently try to persuade our new pastor about this man's false teachings. Well, sadly, this pastor did not want to hear the truth and stormed out of our house. We left this fellowship and found a small little Baptist church where the truth was loved and taught. Our new Pastor told us about the Berean Call Newsletters and signed us up to receive them. We have been getting them ever since and are so blessed by the TBC ministry. Dave will always be remembered with much love and respect. We are saddened at this loss, yet rejoicing because we know where he is. What a hope we have in knowing Christ and knowing we will see our loved ones again. What a day of rejoicing that will be, when we ALL see Jesus and sing and shout the Victory! Carry the torch! Lovingly, In Christ Jesus our Blessed Redeemer, The Strunk Family

Touchstone. - Gary Paterson - Vancouver, Canada - 04/08/2013 - 20:27 -

I never met the Man except through his books, but as I struggled with my faith in Christ over the years with many attempts to chase after what I thought were more glamorous examples of religion ie. cults, I would pick up a book by Dave and all would come right again. His thought on Christ, and his ability to express it to people like me was a Touchstone that I came to rely on! I will miss him, but because of him I know I will meet him someday, with Jesus Christ! Thank You Dave, Gary

Seduction of Christianity - Les Brindley - Perth , Australia - 04/08/2013 - 21:57 -

I thoroughly enjoyed the book & its clarity in exposing areas of false Doctrine & teachers that I was aware of (only as a babe would have an inkling that things are not right, But unable to explain why.) Dave Hunt articulately explained "Why" they were wrong. Thank you Lord for the man who does not compromise your Word & his conscience. I was so excited to share the book & its contents to those at Bible college. However their rejection to clear warnings in the Book from Our Lord, Master & Loving Saviour were evident. It made me feel like I was doing something wrong by sharing the book & its contents, when one of the main leaders asked me Not to share the message from the book. When I continued to ask why, I was taken into the office (by a well meaning but deceived Minister) & asked to refrain from asking too many questions. Questions which I believe were not being answered. Eg. , If The" Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom," Why is there no foundational teaching of this Precious subject at Bible college. You soon realise that it is more of a Business College rather than a Bible college. When I came to Australia from England my primary motive was to warn Aussies of the Deception taking place in their country, & how the events taking place in the World will make Adolf Hitler look like a Sunday School teacher in Comparison to the Wickedness of those who are manipulating these Events. My suprise was the openness of the unbelieving Aussies, & how they seemed aware of these events. Events causing detriment to Australia, as a once almost self sufficient nation, to a nation that is becoming more & more dependant upon others, being slowly seduced. The professing believers however seemed unaware of these events & unaware of the seduction taking place in the Church gatherings, the twisting of scripture that tickle their ears. The" Falling away" , As clearly indicated by those who do not have a Love for the Truth is very evident Please be encouraged and read 1 Corinthians 15: 58.

First Meeting with Dave
A hero of the faith - Jack - Edmonton, AB - 04/08/2013 - 05:16 -

I first heard of Dave in the early 1980s when he used to appear occasionally on Southwest Radio Church. The first book of his that I bought and read was Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust in 1983. I've benefited tremendously from his work, especially where my own discernment has been concerned. A warning ministry isn't one that's going to make you popular, but I greatly appreciated Dave's ministry. He came to Edmonton in 1995 with Larry Thomas for a conference, and was very warm and gracious in person. He was kind enough to take the time to autograph copies of his books that I brought with me (a considerable number). I was also impressed with the fact that there was no admission charge for the conference, just the taking of offerings to meet expenses. I'll miss Dave more than I can say, but the Lord will raise up people to continue in his place, and I look forward to that day soon when we'll meet again.

His Influence - Rev. Dan Luttrell - Frankfort, Ky. - 04/08/2013 - 06:24 -

I became aware of Dave Hunt, in the early 1980s, after reading some of his articles and books, while I was the associate pastor and administrator at the First Assembly of God Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. He was so articulate, and got right to the heart of the matter with dead on scriptures! I found myself reading almost everything that he wrote, from that time on, and sharing his thoughts with my bible classes. Later, when I became the pastor of a small Assemblies of God Church in the mountains of Middlesboro, Kentucky, I wrote his office in Oregon, to invite him to speak to us, anytime that he might be in the area and available. Months later, to my delight, his office called to inform me that he could speak in my little church, over a weekend, while traveling from one part of the country to another. He spoke to us on a Saturday Evening, and the next Sunday Morning. That Sunday afternoon, I drove him about 120 miles from Middlesboro, to Lexington, so speak at another Assemblies of God church that night. I will never forget, the two hours that I spent with him during that drive. A "captive audience" with one of my Christian Heroes and great man of God....He has fought the good fight...Rev. Dan Luttrell-Pastor of the Antioch Church-Frankfort, Ky. 40601

Thanks for the enlightenment and farewell. - Don Marillier - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - 04/08/2013 - 14:40 -

I am a new subscriber to TBC and am so sorry to hear of his passing on. My heartfelt condolences to all that were close to him. He will certainly be sadly missed and I mourn with you today. In the short time that I have been a subscriber I had begun to feel a strong rapport in spirit with him and was impressed not only with his courage and boldness in bringing out into the open the many many things that are slowly corroding the true faith in the one and only true God, but also his loving encouragement to all who truly seek to know and come closer to Him. Thank you, TBC, for your very enlightening account of his life and work. He touched millions of lives in his lifetime in a way that has made our lives better if only because he has brought us closer to the truth. What a remarkable legacy! He's gone to be with Christ now whom he served as well as he was able and I sure that our Lord has prepared a fine mansion in heaven for him.

Funny story about Dave
Dave's Poker Face Jokes - Nancy White - Wayland, NY - 04/08/2013 - 06:30 -

I met Dave several times up at the Prophecy Conference in Farmington, NY at the Calvary Chapel there. Often got to sit right behind him in the auditorium. But he had a unique gift for being able to tell a joke with a straight poker face and until you heard the punch line you did not know it was coming. My favorite of all time was a year that Ruth came with him because he had just had a hip replacement. He told the audience how they very seldom argued but when they did have a bad fight, she would always come crawling to him on her hands and knees and say "Come out from under that bed, you Coward!!!" The audience was howling with laughter. He certainly has earned his wings and I will miss him as will many. I truly think he stands tall right alongside Finney, Moody, Whitfield and others. A national treasure. God bless his family with loving memories. I think he must have met Lady Thatcher on the way up!!