A photo Ruth gave to me. - Jane - Bend, OR -

This is something I keep in my office, a fun photo Ruth gave to me.

Dave and Ruth
True bereans - Judith Anne Walker - United States -

These two were true bereans who loved the word of God and the body of Christ...They helped me and my family truly learn what it means to be a berean...They were faithful to God's word...they always tested all things by His word...I miss them very much..and I'm thankful for what God did in their lives...they are still having an impact on my family because we are doing what they always said..be a berean ..check it out by the bible...God bless T.A as he leads the ministry now and may he too always be a berean and the rest of the staff....I love the berean call...God bless you all..

Dave & Ruth - God's Gift to Us All - Glenn A. Knudson - Fargo, ND -

My wife and I first heard of Dave Hunt at the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference where Dave was one of the regular speakers. When Dave came every year, it was soon evident that there was a kind, distinquished lady at his side by the name of Ruth. The conference in Winnipeg was a homecoming of sorts to Ruth, as every year we would see friends and sometimes relatives from her roots in Canada, who would come to share and reminisce with her as she manned Dave's book table, sharing what was in the latest book Dave had written with those who had questions.
It was 1997 or 1998 when our small church in Fargo decided to see if we could have our own mini-Dave Hunt conference. I called The Berean Call and talked to the lady who set Dave's schedule. I said we wanted him to come to Fargo to speak two times on Friday, six times on Saturday and three times on Sunday. After a pause, the response was "you know Mr. Hunt is in his 70's". Dave came and Ruth with him. Dave spoke all eleven times and brought challenging messages that the Lord used to touch hearts and challenge all who attended, changing lives.
As Dave spoke, my wife began to observe Ruth. Although she had heard Dave speak on the topics many times before, every time he spoke she listened intently, wrote notes and later when everyone had left, she would pull out her notes and mention to Dave about things he had said that perhaps he could have phrased a bit differently. She truly cared about every aspect of her husband's ministry, my wife said she was challenged by Ruth's devotion, love and commitment to her husband.
One year, our church arranged for Dave to come to Fargo after he had spoken at the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference. My wife and I had the priviledge of having them all to ourselves for the four hour ride from Winnipeg to Fargo with a 45 minute stop in Grand Forks to eat at the Mongolian Grill, a favorite choice of foods for Dave. What a joy to hear about their children, their ministry, how God had used them to answer questions that the college students brought at the Bible studies in their home in CA, and in order to answer those questions, how it drove Dave and Ruth to study and Dave to write the books that blessed us all. It was also a blessing to hear how they were close friends with Ed McCully and knew the others who were killed by the Auca Indians in 1956. It was so humbling to hear them talk of how unworthy they felt in relation to the committment that those young men had had to our Lord. How humbling when I look at the lives of Dave and Ruth and their devotion to our Lord and Savior.
Although, we live 1500 miles from Bend and only got to see them for a few minutes once a year, usually in Winnipeg, it was amazing what a blessing they would be. Ruth would send one of her handwritten cards around Christmas with an encouraging word for us. It was 2006 when we went to our first Berean Call conference. After the last session a meal was held outside their offices. My wife still comments about how impressed she was as Dave and Ruth went through the whole line, shaking everyone's hand, thanking them for coming, sharing a word of kindness. I do not know if they even ate there that night--but as always they showed what it is to possess a servant's heart.
In 2008, Dave came to Fargo for the last time. That spring he spoke at one of the last conferences he would speak at. It was our first Red River Valley Bible and Prophecy Conference. The first night Dave was one of the featured speakers. It seemed he was not himself, it would not be until two days later that we would find out that he had fallen in the airport in Oregon on the way to his plane to Fargo. The attendants had wanted him to get medical attention, instead he insisted on getting on the plane because he had to speak in Fargo. Dave made it and spoke four times.
Later that fall, while my wife and I were in Bend at the Berean Call conference, we were amazed as Ruth came to us and asked if we had seen Bend. She then took us for a mini tour with one of the speaker's wives, showing us the city as well as driving out to their home so we could see the "pond."  My wife and I commented "we are no one," yet Ruth treated us as if we were the most important people there, this was Ruth.
On the last day, as we prepared to leave I went to shake Dave's hand. My eyes met his and we both teared up, I felt it would be the last time I would get to see him on this earth. In the spring of 2009, Fargo had the biggest flood in recorded history. We were having the Prophecy Conference and as soon as it was done we needed to begin sand bagging. The last day of the conference, my cell phone rang--it was Dave asking if we were okay and telling us we better get to higher ground. I thought he surely must have more important things to do than to check on us in ND, yet this was Dave.
Dave and Ruth were truly an example to us all. As a couple, they were truly what the Bible speaks of as one. They were one in their love for the Lord, one in the character of love and compassion, one in their servant's heart, one in their commitment to one another and the Lord, one in the faithful service to the Lord and devotion to His bride the church. If there is ever a couple who fulfills Paul's exhortation in Ephesians 5 of what a couple is to be, it was Dave and Ruth. If ever there was a woman who fullfilled the words of Proverbs 31, it was Ruth Hunt. The church will miss them greatly, but one day we shall see them again.

Not too big for the little people - Judy H. - Auburn, WA 98092 -

Dave had been invited to speak to our very small leadership group in a very small church in Federal Way, WA. I was only a year old Christian and still had many questions after he left. Surely Dave Hunt would have the answer so I called him on the telephone. Dave answered the phone and answered my question(s). I did not know anything about Dave except my Pastor invited him, he came, blessed us and he seemed to have a LOT of answers! Of course in time I came to know WHO Dave Hunt was and I was, at once, embarrassed by my ignorance and blessed that he answered his own phone! The over all lesson for me was/is humility. Would to God that I might grow in humility as I experienced it being lived out by this humble man of God.

My Journey Back To GOD - Mark Anthony Nieuwstadt - Cape Town, South Africa -

While it is with utmost sadness that we have had to take leave of Dave and Ruth Hunt, Dave Hunt and the newsletters that a friend arranged to have posted to me by The Berean Call at that time played a profound and huge role in guiding me onto the path of righteousness that I fervently pray will lead to my salvation one day. I have, ever since my introduction to Mr Dave Hunt and the sound teachings of The Berean Call, looked up to Mr Hunt as the Lord's servant who was directed to me through his teachings and he will for ever hold a special place in my heart. He is a hero who will continue to be my guardian angel. The knowledge that I have gained is today helping me, under the guidance of The Holy Spirit, to reach out to fellow travellers in the wilderness that is our deeply troubled world so that I might in return help to sow the seeds for and on behalf of our Lord JESUS and help others the way Mr Dave Hunt helped save me from myself. I know that Mr Dave Hunt and his wife hold special places in GOD's Council and I hope that there will be a time for me when I could meet him and thank him personally for saving me. God bless. Mark Nieuwstadt

What wonderful Christians - Kelleigh Nelson - Knoxville, TN -

Many times over the last 25 years I would call and get Dave on radio, as I was executive producer for several national talk show hosts. I loved Dave's work. I didn't know Ruth except for how Dave talked about her from time to time. These two generous and wonderful Christians gave of themselves immensely for God's people to learn the truth of scripture. They are now both with the Lord and again with each other. The world weeps for our losses, and heaven rejoices for their homecoming. God is so good to have given us these wonderful people for so many years. We pray for our nation, for Berean Call, for the family of the Hunts, and we pray for continued guidance in the Word that is sound doctrine like Dave brought to us for so many decades. God be praised.

Awesome people..... - shaun beard - Australia -

It was about 2 years ago when i was givin a DVD Israel and Armageddon featuring Dave Hunt and straight away i fell in love with his Passion, teachings and knowledge, i just had to have more and i came across The Berean Call web site and have been receiving your newsletters ever since and look forward to them every month and i just love the way you guy's tell the truth and expose the lies in other religions and thats the way it should be!!! God Bless you Dave and Ruth, you certainly touched my life and the lives of many others...Peace and Blessings to the Hunt Family and all the staff at TBN.... Shaun......

Thanks for Everything! - Platt Green - Sutherlin, Oregon -

I was a newly-saved Christian when I walked into Faith Bible Church for the first time 36 years ago. Dave Hunt was teaching the adult Sunday School class in the book of Hebrews, as I recall. That was the beginning of my ongoing fellowship with Dave, Ruth, and the rest of their family. I thank God that I and my family had the opportunity to know the Hunts; to learn from their example what it should be like to follow Jesus; to witness their faith in good times and bad; to learn the hunger for the truth of God's word; to witness compassion both for the straying and lost, as well as fellow members of the body of Christ. We enjoyed Bible studies that Dave led, numerous backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Ruth's meals and movie nights, hearing stories of Dave's seatmates on his numerous trips, and watching Ruth model hospitality and love. My wife and I received much encouragement and support as we raised our children and dealt with life's ups and downs. We watched Ruth care for Dave as his body slowly gave out, and we witnessed her quiet confidence and joy in her eternal destiny during her own last days. Dave and Ruth Hunt are truly some of the finest Christians that I have ever known, and I will miss them.

I met Dave in 1972 at PBC in PaloAlto,Ca. - Robert & Anna Housholder - Redding,Ca -

I remember Dave in the early Jesus Movement of the 1970's. I saw him at PBC in Palo Alto, Ca. At that time he was writing books, and started to become popular in the Jesus Movement. Also Corrie Tenboom and many others came there to give their Testimony. Dave was a good teacher, and he will be missed, and sorry to hear his wife Ruth has also passed. However, as we know, they are both with Jesus now. And that is better than being here ! They are at full peace with Jesus now and we will see them again ! God Bless this ministry. 

Remembering Dave & Ruth - Peter and Edith Watkinson -

The passing of an era, even although we did not know either Dave or Ruth we have for years followed and trusted their ministry. We share your loss but their gain - together again!!. May the Lord continue to bless the ministry from Berean Call.

Condolence for Mrs. Ruth Hunt - Fikru Desta - Ethiopia -

Dear TBC brothers and sisters.

The Glorious Joining of Mrs. Hunt with her husband Dave Hunt, what a love is this. Her support and contribution for Dave and TBC to be very effctive left a great memory and blessing for those of us who benefited and expect to continue their footprint. May the Lord bless and comfort you who are working hard to continue with the ministry of TBC. Think of what Paul wrote under Phil:1:6 "´╗┐Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ."

May God bless

Visit to Calvary Chapel in 1987 - bought "Beyond Seduction" and he autographed it with a message - "God bless you!" - Mary Jane Daigle - St Petersburg, Fl - -

After being born again, I left the Catholic Church of which I was born into. I didn't want to be deceived so I studied the Bible a lot and prayed to have help in choosing the right authors. I was led to Dave's books and I was excited to learn from them. I have almost all his books and I have entered a summary of them all on my computer so that I can print them out and hand them to all that have been deceived. That has been my hobby. I cried when Lighthouse informed me that Dave Hunt passed away - and now I'm crying over Ruth. I'm so sorry not having them here anymore, but they are with God - and my husband, who passed away a few years ago. I miss them but I will be seeing them again - praise the Lord!

Condolences to offspring of Dave & Ruth - Sidney and Phyllis Dunavent - Houston, TX -

We had already sent condolences about Dave's passing, so now it's time to focus on Ruth. We pray that her journey "crossing over the River" was painless. We rejoice with them both as they now have their just reward. We never met Ruth and that is sad, but reading about how she uplifted Dave and helped his ministry is very encouraging. Mostly, I want to say to the children and grandchildren of the Hunts: praise God that you had such godly parents! From one baby boomer to another, they really seemed very "cool/hip."  Blessings to all!

Meeting in Switzerland - Naenny Verena - CH-8804 Au ZH, Switzerland -

I do not remember tha year I met Dave on a Conference in Switzerland and since that time I got the newsletter of the Berean Call, first by mail and now by e-mail. I am very thankful abut him and the whole Berean Call. When I was uncertain about some religious matter I surely found some help in one of his books or in one of his newsletter. I have planted 10 trees in memory of Dave and Ruth. 

Faithful Servants - Agusta (and Dan) Harting -

My heart aches from missing Dave, and now his dear wife, and my role model, Ruth Hunt. No, of course I do not sorrow for them, they are in Glory with The Lord they loved and served. I only sorrow that I can no longer pick up the phone and "ask Dave."

Dave Hunt became our friend and mentor shortly after we left mormonism after fifteen years. The year was 1981. I have no doubt that God put us together.

Dave spoke many times in the Indianapolis area, as well as brilliantly defending the Gospel at Purdue University against several opponents of the Faith.  He was also a frequent plenary speaker at our Defend the Faith conferences that my Husband and I hosted in Indianapolis and vicinity. Always to the wonder and astonishment to all who heard. There were many people who heard Dave and were encouraged to go into full time ministry!

My fondest memory of Dave and Ruth? One night, at our kitchen table (Dave often stayed in our home) he and my husband began to recite poetry.  After Dave had recited a poem that had a particularly tender line of love, he suddenly looked at me and said: "Oh, that reminds me, I need to call my wife Ruth!"  Then the love birds cooed at each other in privacy on the phone!

I had to laugh when I read the Archon Conspiracy . Dave wrote a part of it at my desk and put the breakfast I served him into the story line!!!

So many memories, so much love and good friendship.

May Our wonderful Lord bless everybody at TBC as you carry the torch passed unto you by these faithful servants.   We love you and thank you for the amazing and wonderful support.

When the "New Age" hit town - Nancy Malik -

As a young wife, mother and Christian in a small mountain town in Colorado, I did not know what was happening as "new age" hit the town in 1985.  The local churches banded together to try to understand the channeling, demonic outbursts, crystal powers and so much more that came to town and to the churches.  Someone heard of "The Seduction of Christianity".  I read it and then "Beyond Seduction".  We learned powerful truths that helped us at that time.  Over the years, I would get upset when I heard of revivals of self, yoga in churches or the many teachings that were being taught in the churches that were "wrong teachings".  As a Christian school teacher in Florida, I was heartbroken to find New Age curriculum brought into the school.  I went to the principal, but most of the Christian teachers did not know what I was talking about when I said it was steeped in New Age.  I would read them the spiritualists stories, show them self teachings and they could not see it.  They had not been involved in the New Age and this did not seem to make sense to them. I went to Berean Call last April and found someone who meant so much to me had died to this world.  I grieved, but know that Dave (and his precious Ruth) have received their rewards.  I have upset many Christians involved in this movement, but some have actually turned from the practices that are not of God.  But there are so many more! 

Dave and John Ankerberg - Sam Martin -

I am in my 60s now and I will never forget the many John Ankerberg shows on CBN...I would record them on VHS (I would borrow a VCR) and watch with my Evangelical Free friends...we worked with a lot of JWs...Mormons and Muslims came later...I love Dave with the Love of the Lord...I can't wait to talk with him in Paradise...Love you too T. A....and I mean it!

Dave Hunt from afar - Karly -

It is a great honor of mine to find this and express my gratitude for Dave Hunt and his wife.  I have never personally known them, I found Dave Hunt online as I am a diligent Bible student and truth seeker and truth lover.  I remember the first time I heard Dave Hunt speak on youtube, I knew this man was different from all other Bible speakers and preachers. He spoke with such passion and grace, he spoke as if he wanted to get through people's minds and open their hearts to the Lord of Truth! His strong voice never faded, it always continued.  My favorite sermon Dave Hunt preached was on the "Reformation", back in 1987 or 1989 (according to youtube).  This lecture, sermon allowed me to hear what true Christians should preach about and reveal to unbelievers.  Dave Hunt would continuously remind his audience to know why you believe what you believe.  Why are you Christian? Why do you believe the Bible is God's Word? Why? These questions are so important in today's world, we live in an age where information is vast and quick and present, knowing the Lord in a personal and yet logical way through prophecies, through His word and truth are what's going to keep His people strong in the faith, no matter the opposition, knowing the Lord as He deserves to be known allows His people to turn the world upside down again.

I have also heard his numerous debates with false religions, his background knowledge and responses have helped me prepare myself for something similar, Lord willing.  I believe every true Christian should go and listen to all his lectures as I continuously do and read his books as I also do, if we are to call ourselves true Christians.  Dave Hunt definitely challenged modern Christianity. Not only has he shared and greatly informed us but also gave us a reason to be proud to be Christians in today's society.  Too many weak Christians are considered everything but godly, intelligent, practical, strong in the faith, Bereans, etc.  But Dave Hunt continued to be prime example of a true follower of Jesus Christ.  Of course this would not have happened without his beautiful wife, Ruth Hunt.  I would find it very difficult for Dave Hunt to have done what he has done without his wife. I remember listening to a lecture from the Berean Call Conference in 2008 (according to youtube), and how he express his love for his dear wife.  I am certain they were and are a grand example to all Christian married couples, to seek the Lord, to seek His word and to preach the gospel to all nations.

Although I have never met them personally, I look forward to meeting them in the last day!  May the Lord bless and comfort those who know them, family and friends and all. Please know it is our duty to continue in the work in the Lord.

Prophecy Conference in Greenwood, IN - Madeline Stackman - Jasper, IN -
Mrs. Hunt - Daren Croy -

I attended West Los Angeles Baptist High School on Barrington Ave from 1981-1984.  Mrs. Ruth Hunt was my English teacher.  I remember her kindness, her gentle way, and her glasses which made her eyes look huge.   She didn't talk too much about Mr. Hunt in class but we knew that he was an author and had written some book that caused a bit of a ruckus (Seduction).   While many will praise God for his life, I praise God for her life and the few short years that I had with her.  She was a wonderful teacher who was both an encouragement and challenge.  Her class was not one to be lazy in or to play around in!  It has been thirty years since my high school graduation and I still have my senior yearbook.  Here is the message that Mrs. Hunt wrote:  "Dear Daren, I have so many special memories of this year and a very important one is you. I know God has some very significant tasks for you and I pray you'll know the full satisfaction of serving Him effectively and joyfully.  Don't lose touch.  Much, much love, Mrs. Hunt."  Unfortunately I did lose touch and only found out tonight (3/2/2014) that Mrs. Hunt recently joined Mr. Hunt in the presence of our Lord.  My sincerest condolences to her family.  I will be among the many who look forward to a happy reunion with Mrs. Hunt.

Sincerely, Daren Croy
Bible Teacher at Cascade Christian High School in Southern Oregon
West Los Angeles Baptist, Class of 1984

My favorite memory of Ruth - Linda Severson - Oregon -

During a prayer meeting, I requested prayer for healing (pneumonia type symptoms).  The next day, Ruth appeared at my work, took me to her doctor, who prescribed the necessary treatment.  I was indeed healed, in more ways than physically.  I felt loved.

Dave was my mentor! - Michael Wilcox -

Dave was a true brother in Christ- what a humble person !!! Dave wrote me a couple of letters that really touched my hart !!! And to this day (15 years later) Daves and T.A.s past talk shows help me to walk with Jesus in these end times Thanks T.A. for contending for the Faith !!! Blessings !!!