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How do we choose the products we sell?

Why do we sell the resource materials we do, and what is our criteria? First and foremost, our desire is that our materials would encourage people to turn to the Word of God as their authority for living their lives in a way that is spiritually fruitful and pleasing to the Lord.

Some of our resources do this more directly than others, yet all are for the purpose of informing and edifying the body of Christ. Sometimes we offer books by non-Christians that contain research information that we believe is valuable for our readers. In some instances, we make available resources with which we do not agree entirely, yet we believe that the material, overall, is very helpful for the believer. In such cases, we may attach a disclaimer, or we may issue an exhortation for the reader to exercise discernment, i.e., be a “Berean.” Nevertheless, we scrutinize all of our materials from a biblical perspective.

We see our material resources as a ministry in itself, providing edifying media that is not usually available in local Christian bookstores. We are very conscious of our stewardship responsibility and try to make what we offer as economical as possible. We are also thankful to the Lord that the sale of materials is a viable source of provision, in addition to the unsolicited donations of those who are blessed by and who support The Berean Call.

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