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CD143 - 2008 TBC Conference

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We praise the Lord for a wonderful conference here in Bend in November of 2008—three days of meetings in the beautiful new Riverhouse facility that many in attendance reported was our best event yet!  These timely messages will encourage, edify, and equip you to counter the aggressive atheism that has gone "ballistic" in its attacks on the Bible—and on believers in Jesus Christ.

Sessions include:

Dave Hunt
  1. Our Tactics in This War
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Battle for the Cosmos
  4. In Your Patience Possess Ye Your Souls
  5. I Love The Lord
T.A. McMahon
  1. Psyching out the Church
  2. The Last Kingdom Builders: Rick Warren and the Emerging Church Leaders
Roger Oakland
  1. Man's Spiritual Journey: Past, Present, and Future
  2. The Emerging Church - Redefining the Creator
Donald Chittick
  1. Worldviews and the Question of Origins
  2. The Puzzle of Ancient Man

Available on CD or MP3, 11 hours.

  • Title: 2008 TBC Conference
  • Item#: CD143
  • Size: 9 CDs, 12 sessions, 11 hours
  • Length: 7.50
  • Width: 5.25
  • Copyright: 2008

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