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TBC Staff

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If you can't join us in person this year we hope that you will join us online September 1-3.  

Please click here to register for our online conference. 

Click here for information about on our in-person conference August 25-27

How to Watch the Conference:


All times listed below are Pacific Time

Thursday - September 1

  • 1 pm Tom McMahon: Strengthening the Next Generation​
  • 2:30 pm Rob Congdon: The Spiritual Motives Behind the Ukraine War
  • pm Mark Cahill: Contending for the Faith
  • 5:30 pm Mike Warren: The All Sufficient Word of God

Friday - September 2

  • 1 pm Carl Teichrib: Cult of the World Order
  • 2:30 pm Dave Hunt: The Rapture: How Close Do You Want It To Be?
  • pm Greg Stone: Marriage As Unto Christ​
  • 5:30 pm Mike Warren: The Four Pillars of a Godly Society

Saturday - September 3

  • 1 pm Carl Kerby: Within Our Reach
  • 2:30 pm Mike Oppenheimer: Our Foundational Doctrines
  • pm Carl Teichrib: Confusion in the Pews: Trends in Christianity
  • 5:30 pm Tom McMahon: Visual Idolatry​

Our Conference Podcasts: