Always an Objection |

TBC Staff

No matter what evidence is presented for the existence of God, it is always possible for the unbeliever to counter with some objection or with another question.  No argument or combination of arguments can ever convince someone who does not want to submit to God.  Even if he is completely overpowered and silenced by the arguments, he will still be of an unbelieving heart, and this is what really counts.  ‘A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.’

Nevertheless, the evidence is there!  For a person who sincerely desires the truth and is willing to believe, there is an abundance of proof concerning the fact of God and the character of God.  The evidence is such as either to completely satisfy an open mind and heart or else to irrevocably condemn an unbelieving heart.  For the latter, the only acceptable evidence may prove to be the heavy hand of God’s chastening judgments, and even this may only harden it yet more.

-- Henry Morris, Many Infallible Proofs, (2005, Master Books, Green Forest, AR), p. 108