Apples of Gold - October 12 |

Hunt, Dave

Why is Islam the fastest growing religion of today? 1) Those of its adherents who are more than nominal are very fervent, devoted, and zealous; 2) Its missionaries are backed by a tremendous number of petrodollars; 3) Many of its followers are in nations where people have no birth control and large families; but even under other conditions, reproduction is basic to its proliferation; 4) A Muslim’s basic understanding is that the whole world is meant to be, even born to be, Islamic; and Islam is to be spread by word and by sword (by word if it is received well; by sword if not); 5) The extreme penalties for anyone who leaves Islam for another faith operate as a strong deterrent even for those who feel trapped in Islam or who desire to convert from it.

"Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue."


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