CD073 - Debate: Is Calvinism Biblical? |

CD073 - Debate: Is Calvinism Biblical?

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  • Title: Debate: Is Calvinism Biblical?
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This lively exchange between Dave Hunt and James White clearly demonstrates the contrast between the opposing sides of this old controversy which is both educational and revealing.

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There are 2 Comments

Brother Dave, I enjoyed your debate (both written and verbal)with James White. I believe that many will be enlightened to Mr. White's tatics and misrepresentations of what you clearly expoused. Having heard Mr. White's argument-I can appreciate the written debate which allows you give an unfettered response to the Calvinistic eisegesis of scripture. Godspeed in all your ministry ventures for our Lord and Savior. I pray you well in Jesus. DR

Dear Brother Dave, Thanks so much for your materials on Calvinism, particularly your 2 books and CD. God bless you and Mr. McMahon. I have since left Calvinism behind where it belongs.