CD136 - The Emerging Apostasy - Radio Discussion |

CD136 - The Emerging Apostasy - Radio Discussion

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  • Title: The Emerging Apostasy - Radio Discussion
  • Item#: CD136
  • Size: 7 discs, 9 hours
  • Length: 7.50
  • Width: 5.25
  • Copyright: 2008

In this 24-session series from Search The Scriptures Daily Radio, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon discuss the “pros and cons” along with the “ins and outs” of the latest movement to take the evangelical church by storm, popularly known as the Emerging Church (EC). 

In addition to the historic foundation of the EC, listeners will get an introduction to various leaders of the movement and how postmodernism is impacting Christian “conversation” as well as Bible interpretation.

Dave and Tom’s insightful and biblical discussion equips listeners to relate and respond to the EC movement and its teachings, which is leaving no church body or believer unaffected. 

Topics include:

  • What Is the “Emerging Church”?
  • Does Christianity Need “Reinventing”?
  • What Is “Cultural Christianity”?
  • Why Does the Emerging Church Attract Young People?
  • Is the Emerging Church “Authentic Christianity”?
  • Should the Church Attract the Lost?
  • What’s Wrong with Candles, Incense, and Icons?
  • Is the Emerging Church Just Catholicism?
  • Why Does the Emerging Church Mess with Mysticism?
  • Can the Emerging Church “Raise Your Spirituality”?
  • What Is “Sacred Reading”?
  • Do You Pray “The Jesus Prayer”?
  • Is There a “Biblical Mysticism”?
  • Is Your Spirit “Exercised”?
  • Achieving “Union with God”
  • Can You Like Jesus But Not His Church?
  • Is the Bible Just Poetry?
  • Is the Bible Too “Domesticated”?
  • What Is the “Ancient Future”?
  • Christianity—from Classical to Post-Modern
  • Digging Up the “Church Fathers”
  • Following Hermits and Mystics
  • What Is Post-Modernism?
  • How Dangerous Is the Emerging Church?

Available on CD or MP3, 9 hours.