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B07331 - Far from Rome Near to God

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  • Title: Far from Rome Near to God
  • Item#: B07331
  • ISBN: 978-1-84871-020-7
  • Size: 362 pages
  • Length: 8.50
  • Width: 5.38
  • Copyright: 1997

This book contains the moving testimonies of fifty priests who found their way by the grace of God out of the labyrinth of Roman Catholic theology and practice into the light of the gospel of Christ.

This is not a narrowly polemical work, nor is its relevance limited to the ongoing controversy between Rome and the churches of the Reformation. The love and concern felt by the former priests for those they left behind, and their fervent desire that they too should experience the joy and peace of salvation in Christ are seen throughout. The wider relevance of the experiences described will also be felt in many contexts remote from Roman Catholicism where human pride and presumption have erected rival sources of authority between people and the Word of God, so obscuring the way of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone.

Richard Bennett is the Director of Berean Beacon, based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Martin Buckingham is the Director of The Converted Catholic Mission in Leicester, UK.

Table of Contents:

  1. Henry Gregory Adams: Christ Alone Is the Way
  2. Joseph Tremblay: A Priest, but a Stranger to God
  3. Bartholomew F. Brewer: Pilgrimage from Rome 
  4. Hugh Farrell: From Friar to Freedom in Christ
  5. Robert V. Julien: Saved by the Free Grace of God
  6. Alexander Carson: Free Indeed
  7. Charles Berry: A Priest Asks God for Grace
  8. Bob Bush: Once a Jesuit, Now a Child of God
  9. Cipriano Valdes Jaimes: An Irresistible Call
  10. Dario A. Santamaria: Yesterday, a Priest—Today, a Missionary
  11. Miguel Carvajal: Why I Left the Monastery
  12. Anibal Pereira Dos Reis: If I Had Stayed in Roman Catholicism, I Would Not Have Found Jesus
  13. Arnaldo Uchoa Cavalcante: Grace and Truth Came to Me by Jesus Christ
  14. Thoufic Khouri: The Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ
  15. Victor J. Affonso: Following Jesus Without Compromise
  16. Simon Kottoor: There is Power in Christ's Atoning Blood
  17. Jose Borras: From the Monastery to the Ministry
  18. Enrique Fernandez: I Discovered the Word of God
  19. Francisco Lacueva: My 'Damascus Road'
  20. Juan T. Sanz: 'Thou Knowest That I Love Thee'
  21. Celso Muniz: The Professor's Methods Did Not Work
  22. Manuel Garrido Aldama: From Roman Priest to Radio Evangelist
  23. Jose Manuel de LeÛn: Jesus Saved Even Me
  24. Jose A. Fernandez: I Was Blind, Now I See
  25. Jose Rico: Life Begins for a Jesuit Priest
  26. Mark Pena: The Lord Became My Righteousness
  27. Luis Padrosa: Twenty-Three Years in the Jesuit Order
  28. Joseph Zacchello: I Could Not Serve Two Masters
  29. Joseph Lulich: The Word of God Came to My Rescue
  30. Mariano Rughi: Living Water—Peace with God
  31. John Zanon: I Found Christ the Only Mediator
  32. John Preston: From Works to the Light of the Gospel
  33. Guido Scalzi: My Encounter with God
  34. Benigno Zuniga: Transformed by Christ
  35. Bruno Bottesin: I Was Not Antagonistic to the Truth
  36. Renato di Lorenzo: A Monk for Twenty Years, Then Born Again
  37. Franco Maggiotto: Saved while Officiating at Mass
  38. Eduardo Labanchi: I Received Mercy
  39. Anthony Pezzotta: I Found Everything When I Found Christ
  40. Salvatore Gargiulo: I Was a Blind Leader of the Blind
  41. Carlo Fumagalli: From Death to Life
  42. Gregor Dalliard: Not Ashamed of Christ
  43. Toon Vanhuysse: The Truth Set Me Free
  44. Herman Hegger: Light and Life in Christ
  45. J. M. A. Hendriksen: From Priest to Preacher
  46. Jacob Van der Velden: God's Grace in New Guinea
  47. Charles A. Bolton: My Path into Christ's Joy
  48. Leo Lehmann: The Soul of a Priest
  49. Vincent O' Shaughnessy: From Dead Religion to New Life in Christ
  50. Richard Peter Bennett: From Tradition to Truth