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B60811 - How Close Are We?

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How Close Are We? is available for Kindle at Amazon.com.

Compelling Evidence for the Soon Return of Christ

What are we waiting for? The early church believed that Christ could come at any moment. Today we may have lost that urgent sense of expectation—and the fire, passion, and motivation such a hope inspires. But He is coming and we can renew our excitement for the future.

In a refreshing, thoroughly biblical, and compelling look at prophecy, noted author Dave Hunt challenges readers to evaluate their lives in light of Christ's promise, "I will come again." You'll be motivated to share the good news with others, encouraged by God's sovereign plan for His followers, and renewed in your love and commitment to the Lord.

Like no other, this book will change the way you think, and speak, and live.


  1. "I will Come Again"
  2. The God of Prophecy
  3. An Irrefutable Sign
  4. God's Chosen People
  5. A Unlikely Prophetic Scenario
  6. Victory by Defeat
  7. A "Passover Plot"?
  8. Back from the Dead!
  9. The "Blessed Hope"
  10. Reconciling Contradictions
  11. Signs of the Times
  12. How It All Began
  13. Self and God
  14. A Most Amazing Prophecy
  15. Christ, the Passover Lamb
  16. Forget "Good Friday"
  17. "The Prince That Shall Come"
  18. The Church Must Be Removed
  19. The Rapture
  20. An Incredible Growing Delusion
  21. Pre-trib--Key to the Puzzle
  22. A Post-trib Scenario

  • Title: How Close Are We?
  • Item#: B60811
  • ISBN: 978-1-928660-81-1
  • Size: 323 pp
  • Length: 0.00
  • Width: 0.00
  • Copyright: 2012

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