How do I watch the conference online? |

TBC Staff

There are a few different ways to join our conference online:

Watch Live on Livestream on your computer

Follow our Livestream page HERE and you'll be registered for everything we stream. You will receive email reminders about each session.  

Watch Live using the Livestream app on your phone, tablet or tv

After you install the Livestream app on your phone, tablet, or tv you'll need to find our channel.  Type "Berean Call" into the search box, and make sure you are searching "accounts" and not "events".

If you sign in to Livestream and set your timezone, it will show you when each session begins in your timezone.

Watch Live on Youtube on your computer

The conference is also streamed live on Youtube.  Check out our page here:

Watch Live on Youtube on your phone, tablet, or tv

If you'd like to receive additional conference specific information you should also Click here to register for the online conference.