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B80715 - If: What Do I Know of Calvary Love?

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  • Title: If: What Do I Know of Calvary Love?
  • Item#: B80715
  • Size: 70 pp
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What do I know of Calvary Love?

A very convicting and inspirational book about Calvary Love in common life. Based on 1st Corinthians 13, Amy Carmichael writes: "I have felt these words scorching to write, but it is borne upon me that, in spite of all our hymns and prayers (so many of them for love) it is impossible to be content with the shallows of love, if indeed such shallows should be called love at all....The more we ponder our Lord's words about love, and the burning words the Spirit gave to His followers to write, the more acutely we feel our dead lack."

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