TR115 - Islam and the Gospel |

TR115 - Islam and the Gospel

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  • Title: Islam and the Gospel
  • Item#: TR115
  • Size: 6 panels
  • Length: 8.50
  • Width: 3.75

What's the Conflict?

The Islamic Curtain separating Muslim countries from the rest of the world is every bit as impenetrable as the Iron Curtain ever was, but who hears a word of it in the media? In Saudi Arabia, for example, which Americans died to protect, there is a total blackout on anything Christian; one cannot carry a Bible on the street or have a Bible study in the privacy of one's own home. Even in our embassy, over which the American flag flies, Christian church services are banned. It is officially the death penalty in Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim countries (and enforced unofficially elsewhere) for a Muslim to convert to any other religion.

Distilled from chapters in Dave Hunt's books and newsletter articles on pivotal issues, these eight-panel, black-and-white tracts were created because of the frequency of reader inquiry. 

Packet of 10.

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