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B33361 - Keys to the Deeper Life

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  • Title: Keys to the Deeper Life
  • Item#: B33361
  • ISBN: 0-310-33361-X
  • Size: 92 pages
  • Length: 8.00
  • Width: 5.25
  • Copyright: 1984

"For some time it has been evident that we evangelicals have been failing to avail ourselves of the deeper riches of grace that lie in the purposes of God for us. As a consequence we have been suffering greatly, even tragically. One blessed treasure we have missed is the right to possess the gifts of the Spirit as set forth in such fullness and clarity in the New Testament." —A. W. Tozer

Although never considered to be a popular speaker nor prolific writer, his audiences did appreciate what he had to say, and he was probably the most widely read Christian writer of his time.

Keys to the Deeper Life contains six of Tozer's best-known essays and editorials. In them he rigorously examines many of the failings and foibles of his day. Although most were written more than three decades ago, the insights they offer are as fresh and thought provoking as the day they were published.

Robert Walker, the editor of Christian Life, and a long-time associate of Tozer, has written an Introduction to the book that delightfully captures Tozer's irascible genius.

Keys to the Deeper Life also contains the account of an exclusive interview with A. W. Tozer shortly before his death.

The late Dr. A. W. Tozer was well known in evangelical circles both for his long an fruitful editorship of the Alliance Witness as well as his pastorate of one of the largest Alliance churches in the Chicago area. He came to be known as the Prophet of Today because of his penetrating books on the deeper spiritual life.

Table of Contents:

  1. Leaning into the Wind
  2. Panting after God
  3. Showered with His Gifts
  4. Brimming over with the Spirit
  5. Touching Heaven in Prayer
  6. Favorite Themes from Tozer