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B36692 - Let There Be Light - RO

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Roger Oakland heads to university with the morals and values of his Christian parents intact. When he enters school, he believes in God as a Creator, but soon exchanges this for Darwinian evolution. After graduation, he begins teaching biology (with an emphasis on evolution) at the same university. Challenged one day by a young Christian student, Roger mocks the whole idea of Creation and God.

Through a series of painful circumstances, including the death of a baby son, he begins searching for answers to life - until one day he has a dramatic experience when hit with the realization that God created everything.

From the wheat fields of Saskatchewan to the classrooms of evolutionary humanism to a fallen USSR to poverty-stricken villages in Myanmar, Roger shares his message of a Creator to over 130 countries. This apologetics biography will inspire you to give all for the sake of Christ and His Gospel.


  1. Let's Call Him Tyler
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Death of a Conscience
  4. Summer of Change
  5. The Dedicated Instructor
  6. Gods in Disguise
  7. Only a Pickled Fetus
  8. The Sting of Death
  9. A Damascus Road Experience
  10. Called to Witness
  11. The Oakland Raiders
  12. "Go Tell it on the Mountain"
  13. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  14. Good Morning, Russia
  15. Like a Lamp Into the Darkness
  16. Pain Too Great to Bear
  17. Another Spirit and the Road to Rome
  18. The Darkest Place on the Planet
  19. New Age or Age-Old Lie?
  20. Countering the Counter Reformation
  21. Life, Death of a Vision, and Beyond
  22. Putting on the Armor of Light

Roger Oakland is an author and lecturer and the founder of Understand the Times International. His easy-to-understand teaching style communicates to people of all ages and backgrounds. Over the past twenty-five years, he has lectured at numerous churches, conference, universities, and educational facilities in over fifty countries.

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