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B49211 - The Light That Was Dark

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  • Title: The Light That Was Dark
  • Item#: B49211
  • ISBN: 9780976349211
  • Size: 168 pp
  • Length: 8.50
  • Width: 5.50
  • Copyright: 1992

This timely book has all the elements of an exciting adventure novel as it takes the reader deep into the life of a spiritual seeker. Warren Smith's fascinating spiritual journey begins with a dramatic reading by a traveling psychic. Following the psychic's explicit instructions, Smith prays to spirits on "the other side" and asks for their spiritual help in his life. After that prayer, a number of mysterious, seemingly "meant to be" personal encounters and spiritual experiences propel him forward on his journey. Follow the trail as a bewildered Smith and the woman who is soon to become his wife are compelled to come to terms with the nature of good and evil. After surfacing from a series of tumultuous and harrowing incidents, he shares his journey's startling and inescapable conclusion.


  1. Seeing the Psychic
  2. Enter Rajneesh
  3. Zorba the Buddha
  4. Joy in My Life
  5. My Journey Onward
  6. The Mesmeric Meditation
  7. My Friend the Channeler
  8. Course in Miracles Connection
  9. The Rolling Mystery School
  10. More than Friends
  11. The Book in the Bookstore
  12. The Mad Magician
  13. The Ultimate Puppet Show
  14. The Aquarian Conspiracy
  15. The Gospel Truth
  16. Amazing Grace