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LT002 - Lighthouse Trails Set 2

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We’re pleased to offer these fantastic booklets from Lighthouse Trails! Each booklet covers a topic in just a few pages and is perfect for personal study or to give to others. These five booklets are available as a set or individually. We hope to feature more in the future.

This set includes all five booklets listed below:

Meditation! Pathway to Wellness or Doorway to the Occult?
Yungen—In the West, mysticism always used to be restricted to a tiny fraction of the population (i.e., shamans, esoteric brotherhoods,
and small spiritually elite groups). Now, mysticism pervades the Western world. How did this happen? Lighthouse Trails, 15 pp.

Chrislam – The Blending Together of Islam & Christianity
Oppenheimer—Oppenheimer—“Christianity, Judiasm, and Islam are all part of the Abrahamic tree of faith. We all believe in the same God, and in many aspects we are all trying to accomplish the same goals.” That quote is one example of how a movement (and a mindset) called Chrislam is becoming
increasingly commonplace in the church. Lighthouse Trails, 19 pp.

Be Still And Know That You Are Not God
Smith—Our Spiritual Adversary would have everyone believe that we are all “one” because God is “in” everyone and everything. But is that a dangerous
misinterpitation of Scripture? Warren Smith gives the answer to this question.  Lighthouse Trails 19 pp

Is Your Church Doing Spiritual Formation?
Lighthouse Trails—Is your church involved in a Spiritual Formation program? If so, you might want to ask the question, what is Spiritual Formation? This booklet delves into the practices of SF, its mystical elements, ecumenical nature, and its roots in contemplative prayer. Lighthouse Trails, 19 pp.

A Trip To India — To Learn the Truth About Hinduism and Yoga
Matrisciana—Caryl exposes, from first hand experience, the spiritual roots of Yoga and its undeniable connection to Hinduism. This booklet is an excerpt
from Caryl Matrisciana’s fascinating biography, Out of India. Lighthouse Trails, 15 pp.