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B49263 - Little Pilgrim's Progress

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For more than a half century...Little Christian and Christiana have captivated children in their quest to reach the Celestial City. A journey fraught with danger, pitfalls, and temptation, Helen L. Taylor's retelling of John Bunyan's classic allegory, Pilgrim's Progress, celebrates more than 60 years. The anniversary edition of Little Pilgrim's Progress contains the best of the many illustrations used to depict the highs and lows of the Christian journey through life and the ultimate reward: eternity with Christ.

This profound allegory will delight children ages 8 to 12, providing spiritually rich reading they will adore and long remember.

Table of Contents:

  1. Little Christian Hears of the Celestial City
  2. Little Christian Is Found by Evangelist
  3. Obstinate and Pliable
  4. The Slough of Despond
  5. Help Finds Little Christian
  6. Little Christian Meets with Worldly
  7. In the Wrong Path
  8. Little Christian Enters the Wicket-Gate
  9. Little Christian Visits the Interpreter
  10. Passion and Patience, and the Brave Soldier
  11. Little Christian Comes to the Cross
  12. Simple, Sloth, and Presumption
  13. Formalist and Hypocrisy
  14. The Hill of Difficulty
  15. Little Christian Comes to the Palace Beautiful
  16. New Friends
  17. A Happy Day
  18. Little Christian Receives His Armor
  19. An Enemy
  20. The First Battle
  21. The Dark Valley
  22. Little Christian Overtakes Faithful
  23. Faithful Tells the Story of His Pilgrimage
  24. Talkative
  25. The Little Pilgrims Meet Evangelist
  26. Vanity Fair
  27. The Little Pilgrims Suffer for the King's Sake
  28. Faithful Ends His Pilgrimage
  29. Little Christian Leaves Vanity Fair
  30. By-ends
  31. Demas and the Silver Mine
  32. The Valley of Peace
  33. Bypath Meadow
  34. Seized by the Giant
  35. The Key of Promise
  36. The Delectable Mountains
  37. The Rock of Error and Mount Caution
  38. Ignorance
  39. The Story of Little Faith
  40. The Flatterer and His Net
  41. The Little Pilgrims Are Rescued by the Shining One
  42. Unbelief
  43. The Enchanted Ground
  44. The Little Pilgrims Wait for Ignorance
  45. The Land of Delight
  46. The Dark River
  47. Ignorance Crosses the River
  48. The End of the Pilgrimage
  49. The Celestial City
  50. A Letter from the King
  51. Christiana Shows the Letter to Her Brothers
  52. The Children Leave the City of Destruction
  53. At the Wicket-gate
  54. The Beginning of the Pilgrimage
  55. The First Trouble
  56. The House of the Interpreter
  57. The Man with the Straws
  58. Great Heart
  59. A Rest by the Cross
  60. The Hill of Difficulty
  61. The King's Arbor
  62. Giant Grim and the Lions
  63. Watchful Receives the Children
  64. Mercy's Dream
  65. Pleasant Days
  66. Matthew's Illness
  67. The Golden Anchor
  68. The Valley of Humiliation
  69. The Dark Valley
  70. Terrors of the Way
  71. The End of the Valley
  72. Great Heart Overcomes the Giant
  73. Mr. Honest
  74. Fearing's Pilgrimage
  75. The House of Gaius
  76. Feeble-mind and Ready-to-halt
  77. Crossing the Plain
  78. In Vanity Fair
  79. The Great Dragon
  80. Christiana Leaves Innocence at the House in the Valley
  81. Doubting Castle
  82. The Delectable Mountains
  83. The Wonderful Glass
  84. Mr. Valiant
  85. Christian's Father
  86. The Enchanted Ground
  87. Another Pilgrim
  88. Folly
  89. A Happy Morning
  90. In the Land of Delight
  91. Christiana Crosses the River
  92. The King Calls for His Servants
  93. The Departure of Valiant and Standfast

  • Title: Little Pilgrim's Progress
  • Item#: B49263
  • ISBN: 978-0-8024-4924-5
  • Size: 323 pages
  • Length: 8.50
  • Width: 5.50
  • Copyright: 2006

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