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PDL - Purpose Driven Life Critique

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A sixteen page printed critique of Rick Warren's book The Purpose-Driven Life.

This item is available for free as a PDF file HERE.

You may print and distribute copies of this booklet as long as they given away freely.

  • Title: Purpose Driven Life Critique
  • Item#: PDL
  • Size: 16 pp
  • Length: 11.00
  • Width: 8.50
  • Copyright: 2005

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Excellent. Informative. Timely. Provides more references than "answers" in true Berean style. Due to the unprecedentedly HUGE reception/readership of The Purpose Driven Life, this critique is truly a must read for ANY Christian. Many, like myself, may afterwards find themselves confronting their own ministers about the usage of Rick Warren's methodology (e.g. "The Purpose Driven Church" or "SHAPE"). The critique provides a good scripture-index to be able to make such a necessary confrontation necessary. The questions McMahon poses should make any Bible-studying and thinking Believer VERY concerned about the condition of many of the supposedly doctrinally conservative Western churches and her ministers since, indeed, at least in my community, such denominations have embraced Warren's book and to this day continue to run their churches accordingly!

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