CD112 - Seeker-Sensitive or Self-Seeking? |

CD112 - Seeker-Sensitive or Self-Seeking?

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  • Title: Seeker-Sensitive or Self-Seeking?
  • Item#: CD112
  • Size: 2 cds, 91 min
  • Length: 0.00
  • Width: 0.00
  • Copyright: 2005

Seeker Sensitive or Self-Seeking?

This thoughtful presentation lays out key areas of concern regarding the seeker-friendly and purpose-driven movements. Recorded live at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast, Dave includes historical and recent examples of how the church is subtly but steadily departing from the true faith. Surveys the popular teachings of Eugene Petersen, Rick Warren and the latest ecumenical trend: the "emerging" church.

Available on CD or MP3 Download - 91 min

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