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B43122 - The State of the Church

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  • Title: The State of the Church
  • Item#: B43122
  • ISBN: 9781936143122
  • Size: 156 pp
  • Length: 8.00
  • Width: 5.25
  • Copyright: 2010

In 1911, global mission leaders met in Edinburgh, Scotland, to confront a sobering situation: two-thirds of the world was unevangelized, churches were declining in membership, and spiritual vitality and interest in missions was waning. How could such a weak and sickly church meet the challenge of The Great Commission? In response to this situation, Andrew Murray wrote this urgent call to repentance and prayer that helped spur on one of the most fruitful missionary movements in the church's history. Now, one hundred years later, the church finds itself in a similar condition. This contemporized version of The State of the Church gives a clarion call to all believers to full surrender and service to Christ our King.


  1. The State of the Home Church
  2. The Present Crisis
  3. The Unsolved Problem
  4. "Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace"
  5. "Why Could We Not Cast Him Out?"
  6. The Supernatural
  7. Christ's Last Words
  8. Primitive Christianity
  9. Seven Times More Prayer
  10. A Revival of Holiness
  11. Christ's Claim upon Us
  12. The Promise of the Father
  13. Contrition, Confession, Consecration
  14. Repent!
  15. The Valley of Decision
  16. The Ministry
  17. A Plea for More Prayer
  18. Fear Not, Only Believe
  19. A Personal Word