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B03111 - The Sword of the Prophet

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  • Title: The Sword of the Prophet
  • Item#: B03111
  • ISBN: 1-928653-11-1
  • Size: 312 pages
  • Length: 9.00
  • Width: 6.00
  • Copyright: 2002

For the first time in American history we have been forced to confront Islamic militancy as it has assaulted the rest of the world for almost 14 centuries. In The Sword of the Prophet, the reader receives the unvarnished truth about the rise of Islam and the patterns set by its founder, Muhammad; the historical meaning of jihad against the (non-Muslim) infidel that we see today in the al-Qaeda terror network; the broad sweep of the global military, political, moral, and spiritual struggle that faces us; and what we must do if we wish to survive.

From the back cover:

We hear it said: "September 11 changed America forever." Less often do we hear a coherent explanation of what, exactly, changed. What changed, in fact, was that for the first time in American history we have been forced to confront Islamic militancy as it has assaulted the rest of the world for almost 14 centuries.

The sober, factual, and contextual presentation found in this book is essential. Every person owes it to himself or herself to know the real score of the post-9/11 world—and this invaluable volume is the place to start.

Serge Trifkovic is a graduate of the University of Sussex in England. He received his PhD at the University of Southampton and pursued his postdoctoral research on a State Department grant at the Hoover Institute at Stanford. He started his working life as a broadcaster and producer with the BBC World Service in London and with the Voice of America in Washington. He also covered southeast Europe for U.S. News & World Report and The Washington Times.

In addition to authoring several books Serge Trifkovic has written scores of commentaries for—among others—the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Times of London, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He has appeared many times on the BBC World Service, CNN International, MSNBC, and other leading media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic as a commentator on world affairs. He is also a regular contributor and, since 1998, foreign affairs editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

"The arbiters of official Islam will not tell us what Islam is, only what they want it to be. For the truth, we must turn [to] Dr. Serge Trifkovic, a European historian of broad learning, sound philosophy and keen political insight." —Brian Mitchell, Washington Bureau chief Investor's Business Daily

Table of Contents:

  1. The Setting
  2. Pre-Islamic Beliefs
  3. Not a Prophet in His Native City
  4. Hijrah
  5. Muhammad Unleashed
  6. Prophet Victorious
  7. Master of Life?
  8. Eschatology
  9. Sin, Reward, and Punishment
  10. Allah's Will, the Only Freedom
  11. "People of the Book"
  12. The Kuran
  13. "Ecumenical Jihad"?
  14. Caliphate
  15. Christendom Strikes Back
  16. Intolerance Codified
  17. Conquest of India
  18. Ottoman Nightmare
  19. Dusk of Levantine Christianity
  20. Blueprint for Conquest
  21. Shari'a
  22. Stupid, Faithless Women
  23. Homosexuality
  24. Slavery and Racism
  25. Islamic Anti-Semitism
  26. Myth of a "Golden Age"
  27. Decline Without a Fall
  28. Slaughter in the Islands
  29. Balkan Connection I: Bosnia
  30. Balkan Connection II: Kosovo
  31. Ambiguity in Chechnya
  32. Pakistan, a Nuclear Rogue State
  33. Whither Turkey?
  34. With Friends Like These: Saudi Arabia
  35. Betrayal in Africa
  36. Any Lessons?
  37. Hospitality Abused
  38. Osama's Fellow-Travelers
  39. Failure of Law Enforcement
  40. Unholy Alliance: Islam and Liberalism
  41. The Third Conquest of Europe
  42. Avoiding the Camp of Saints