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B65654 - The Truth About Mormonism

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Illumination or Deception?

TBC is privileged to offer this revised and expanded edition of Dennis & Rauni Higley’s concise but revealing investigation of their former faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Dennis was a sixth-generation Mormon who became an Elder’s Quorum president while still in his early twenties. about a decade later, he was ordained a High Priest and called to serve on the Stake High Council. Rauni worked as a translator and language coordinator for the LDS Church for over 14 years, and held teaching positions in Sunday school and in the Relief Society. Her privileged position allowed her to study Mormon history from many books not generally available to LDS membership, which eventually led her to share these growing concerns about discrepancies hidden by the Church with her husband.

Together they launched an intensive private study of the “facts” of Mormonism, with guidance from God and His Word. This ultimately led Dennis and Rauni out of the darkness and into the light. 

Twelve chapters include:

  • Historical Beginnings
  • Difficulties in the Book of Mormon
  • Troubles on the Family Tree
  • Archaeological Dilemmas
  • Doctrinal Contradictions
  • The Book of Abraham
  • Polygamy and Adultery
  • The Temple Ceremony
  • Brigham Young and the Adam-God Doctrine
  • The God and Christ of Mormonism
  • The One True God
  • Our Testimony

This handy booklet is ideal for personal and group study, as well as for evangelism of the LDS missionaries who visit your doorstep.

    • Title: The Truth About Mormonism
    • Item#: B65654
    • ISBN: 978-1-928660-63-7
    • Size: 78 pp
    • Length: 6.25
    • Width: 4.50
    • Copyright: 2012

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