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B63208 - Vengeance Is Ours

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Originally published in 1990, TBC is pleased to offer this resource as an excellent background on dominion theology and its many movements, including, Latter Rain, Manifest Sons of God, Identity, Positive Confession, Reconstruction, and many others.

"The churches in the West have become stagnated; they've either fallen into a dead formalism, or adopted a fervent religious spirit, both of which are impotent in the face of life's tribulations and the world's evils."

A new militancy is stirring in the breasts of Christians in response to the evils that beset society. Cries of "enough is enough!" resound from pulpits and the Christian media. Spiritual warfare seminars are attracting tens of thousands who desire to learn how to "take back from Satan what he has stolen." A call for vengeance on God's enemies and a restructuring of society under godly principles is being heard in ever-widening circles.

The demand for society to be guided by biblical ethics has raised some questions: Is it the church's responsibility to take control of society and reconstruct it in accordance with God's Law? Souldn't the church content itself with preaching the gospel and suffering at the hands of the ungodly? On the other hand, why should we allow evil to flourish in our midst? Is it not God's mandate to the church that we do everything possible to conform society to His rule?

Vengeance Is Ours presents some startling answers in this analysis of dominion theology, and offers some guidelines for Christians to follow in determining to what extent they should become involved in the new wave of militancy.

Al Dager is editor and publisher of Media Spotlight, a biblical analysis of religious and secular media, founded in 1977. Al has appeared on many local, national, and international television and radio programs, sharing insights on how the world's philosophies impact media.



  1. The Conflict Of The Ages
  2. The Quest Temporal
  3. The Quest Spiritual
  4. Theosophic Inroads & Doctrines Redefined
  5. Dominion Theology
  6. The Latter Rain
  7. Today's Movements
  8. Dominion Teachings
  9. Who Are The Apostles And Prophets?
  10. An Overview
  11. The Dominion Mandate
  12. The Theonomic Structure
  13. Covenantalism
  14. Coalition On Revival
  15. Whose Eschatology Is Optimistic
  16. The Kingdom Of God
  17. A Short course In Biblical Eschatology

  • Title: Vengeance Is Ours
  • Item#: B63208
  • ISBN: 0-9626632-0-4
  • Size: 283 pp
  • Length: 0.00
  • Width: 0.00
  • Copyright: 1990

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