MP3128 - When Will Jesus Come? - Radio Discussion |

MP3128 - When Will Jesus Come? - Radio Discussion

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  • Title: When Will Jesus Come? - Radio Discussion
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Jesus has promised to return for His bride, the church. But when will that be? In this chapter-by-chapter review of Dave Hunt’s bestselling book When Will Jesus Come? (Harvest House Publishers), Dave and T. A. take us on a radio journey through the Old and New Testaments. In this fascinating look at Bible prophecy, the focus is on Christ’s powerful words, “I will come again.” But when?

Scripture illuminates the truth that Jesus will return two times. As God’s word reveals, the first return, “the Rapture,” will take place when we least expect it. Building the case for this pretribulation appearance, Dave Hunt’s compelling argument shows that the Rapture will occur without any warning or signs, and reveals what Jesus’ promise to return means to believers, all as part of God’s sovereign plan. The Rapture is next on the prophetic calendar and could occur at any moment. Will you be ready? Our Lord’s final return will be Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. Then, as prophesied, He will rescue the Jewish people at Armageddon.

From Search the Scriptures Daily Radio

Please note: When Will Jesus Come? is no longer in print but Dave's original, How Close Are We?, from which WWJC? was taken, is now included in the Dave Hunt Classic series. This audio discusses only the text of WWJC?

Available on CD or MP3, 14.5 hours.