The World and the Church--Where are They Headed?: The Necessity of Understanding Biblical Eschatology Part 2 |

TBC Staff

In this session, Tom explores further the importance of understanding biblical eschatology. He addresses mysticism and pantheism, including the idea that we are all gods, and that the Antichrist who is to come will embody all the evil that Satan has been spreading since the beginning of time. Tom introduces one of his favorite books, Christianity and Antichristianity, by Samuel Andrews, who wrote this book in 1899, and which Tom found it to be right on track with our world today, down to some specific details of where we are, eschatologically speaking. This book has become one of our favorites at TBC.

T.A. McMahon is president and executive director of The Berean Call ministry, editor-in-chief and contributing writer for The Berean Call newsletter, co-author of The Seduction of Christianity, America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, Understand the Times, and author of Showtime for the Sheep? and Temporal Delusion.

Holder of a master's degree in communications, he has researched and written numerous documentaries and scripted several feature films. His writing/producing for Christian videos includes The Cult Explosion, The God Makers, The New Age: Pathway to Paradise? The Evolution Conspiracy, A Woman Rides the Beast, Israel, Islam & Armageddon, and Psychology and the Church.

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