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B60487 - Yoga and the Body of Christ

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  • Title: Yoga and the Body of Christ
  • Item#: B60487
  • ISBN: 978-1-928660-48-4
  • Size: 175 pp
  • Length: 7.12
  • Width: 5.00
  • Copyright: 2006

Yoga and the Body of Christ is available for Kindle at Amazon.com.

What position should Christians hold?

Promising to bring peace, healing, and wholeness (even prosperity!) to its practitioners, readers will be shocked to discover that yoga is, in fact, based on the worship of (and prepares participants for supernatural connection with) unholy spirits that manifest in extraordinary and dangerous ways. The author—an avid promoter of biblically based physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness—distinguishes pure truth from popular belief in this revealing expose. Every Christian should be informed of the true origins and effects of the practice of yoga and its ungodly roots in Kundalini energy—which, literally defined, means an awakening of the "Serpent Power."


  1. What About Yoga?
  2. Yoga For Christians?
  3. The Aquarian Conspiracy
  4. The Conquest Of The West
  5. Beware The "Science" Of Yoga
  6. "The Great Dragon...That Old Serpent"
  7. Yoga's Kundalini Serpent Power
  8. Yoga, Reincarnation, And Truth