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Search the Scriptures 24/7 with T.A. McMahon, the co-author of The Seduction of Christianity , engages guests in discussions that biblically evaluate popular trends and teachings that are influencing millions of Christians today.

The objective is to encourage listeners to be like the Bereans of Acts:17:11. They listened to the Apostle Paul and were commended for searching the Scriptures daily to see if what he was preaching was true to God's Word.

Programs are released each Friday.  The most recent ones are listed below, or use the drop-down menus below to find just what you want!

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Why Did the Pharisees Feel Threatened by Jesus? January 5, 2003
Did the Thief Know What We Know? January 5, 2003
Mormon Scholar May Face Excommunication? January 5, 2003
Shouldn't the Church Have to Face the Antichrist? January 5, 2003
Will the Day of the Lord be 24 Hours? January 12, 2003
Did Jesus Hide from the Jews in Fear? January 12, 2003
Fatwa Journalist Flees Nigeria January 12, 2003
How can Faith be both Substance and Evidence? January 12, 2003
Will Jesus Return to the Mount of Olives? January 19, 2003
Was Palm Sunday a Fulfillment of Prophecy? January 19, 2003
Is Santa Claus Dead or Alive? January 19, 2003
How Can God Condemn Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel? January 19, 2003
What is the Value of Eschatology? January 26, 2003
Why Did the Jew's Leaders Want to Kill Lazarus? January 26, 2003
Being Religious Can Help Your Self-Esteem January 26, 2003
Will People Who go to Hell Get a Second Chance? January 26, 2003
Have We Found Contradictions in the Bible? February 2, 2003
Will Christians Have to Fight the Antichrist's Army? February 2, 2003
Why Did the People Greet Jesus as the Messiah? February 2, 2003
Praying for Pay February 2, 2003
If God's Creation Was Perfect...Where Did All the February 9, 2003
Is the Church Headed for a Big Revival? February 9, 2003
Why Did the Greeks Desire to See Jesus? February 9, 2003
Did Jesus Smoke Pot? February 9, 2003
How Should Christians Relate to the Old Testament? February 16, 2003
Is the Rapture Mentioned in the Olivet Discourse? February 16, 2003
Must One Die to Bring Forth Fruit? February 16, 2003
Growing to be a Terrorist February 16, 2003
Are Our Criticisms Biblical? February 23, 2003
Does the Bible Teach Soul-sleep? February 23, 2003
What Does it Mean to Truly Serve the Lord? February 23, 2003
For a Good Bible College...Dial 666 February 23, 2003
Is Our Liberty in Christ Truly Free? March 2, 2003
Is Jesus a False Prophet? March 2, 2003
Could Jesus Have Avoided the Cross? March 2, 2003
Soccer for Suiciders March 2, 2003
Can Jews Get Into Saudi Arabia? March 9, 2003
Should Christians Be Preparing the World for Christ? March 9, 2003
Did God Talk to Jesus...or Was It Thunder? March 9, 2003
Jesus Loses Votes in Orange County March 9, 2003
Can You Explain God's Grace? March 16, 2003
Is Christianity the Only True Religion? March 16, 2003
Who Is the Prince of This World? March 16, 2003
The Raelians and the Elohim March 16, 2003
Why Did Jesus Hide From the Jews? March 23, 2003
Isn't Allah Just Another Name For God? March 23, 2003
Is Any Religion Okay As Long As It's Sincere? March 23, 2003
The Muslims and the Virgin Mary March 23, 2003
Potter Pleases the Pope March 30, 2003
Will We Ever See God? March 30, 2003
Are Rainbows Miracles or Just Everyday Science? March 30, 2003
Did Jesus Have to be Born of a Virgin? March 30, 2003
U.S. Lets Saudi Persecution Slide April 6, 2003
Is Seeing Jesus the Same as Seeing God? April 6, 2003
Is God Seeking Vengeance on Mankind? April 6, 2003
What Does It Mean To Be Saved? April 6, 2003
Is the Bible Filled With Hate? April 13, 2003
Did Jesus Come to Judge or to Save? April 13, 2003
Should Christians Go to War? April 13, 2003
What Must We Do to Be Saved? April 13, 2003
More Sparks Between Catholics and Evangelicals April 20, 2003
Was the Last Supper the Passover? April 20, 2003
Can You Have a Free Will And Eternal Security? April 20, 2003
Is the Gospel Written in the Stars? April 20, 2003
Conservative Jews Consider Ordaining Homosexuals April 27, 2003
Why Did Jesus Wash the Disciples' Feet? April 27, 2003
Is Today's Babylon in Iraq the one Mentioned in Revelation? April 27, 2003
Are Roman Catholics Saved? April 27, 2003
Orthodox Church in Revolt Over Rasputin May 4, 2003
Can a Servant Be Greater Than His Lord? May 4, 2003
How Many Raptures Will There Be? May 4, 2003
Has God Already Chosen Who's Going to Heaven? May 4, 2003
Curing Mental Illness May 11, 2003
How Did Jesus Know Who Was Going to Betray Him? May 11, 2003
Do You Have to Obey the Ten Commandments to Get to Heaven? May 11, 2003
Did Satan Torture Jesus in Hell? May 11, 2003
Does the War in Iraq Fulfill Prophecy? May 18, 2003
Was Judas Chosen to Betray Jesus? May 18, 2003
What Biblical Doctrines Must We Agree On? May 18, 2003
Must You Be Baptized to Be Saved? May 18, 2003
Politics and Religion Mix It Up in Iraq May 25, 2003
Who Betrayed Jesus... Judas or Satan? May 25, 2003
Do Dave and Tom Violate Matthew 18? May 25, 2003
Shouldn't Christians Always Feel Like Christians? May 25, 2003
Singapore Catholic Church Forgives Everyone June 1, 2003
Does the Death of Christ Glorify the Father? June 1, 2003
Was the God of the Old Testament Vicious? June 1, 2003
Is There Really Such a Place as Purgatory? June 1, 2003
Do We Get a Second Chance After We Die? June 8, 2003
New Code of Conduct at Christian College June 8, 2003
What Was Jesus' New Commandment? June 8, 2003
If God Knows Everything... How Can He Repent? June 8, 2003
Did Jesus Die Spiritually on the Cross? June 15, 2003
Christian Leaders Rebuke Franklin Graham June 15, 2003
Why Did Jesus Predict Peter's Denial? June 15, 2003
How Can God Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner? June 15, 2003
When We Die, Do We Immediately Go Into God's Presence? June 22, 2003
Different Faiths Form Mutual Admiration Society June 22, 2003
Is Jesus Preparing a Place? June 22, 2003
If Psychology Is Wrong... Where Do We Turn For Help? June 22, 2003