The Berean Call

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“When We See Him…” Hunt, Dave Nov 2007 feature article 10,928
“Was Jesus a Stoner” TBC Staff Jan 2003 TBC Today 1,989
“Urgent Call to a Serious Faith” TBC Staff Dec 2002 TBC Today 1,785
“They Have Forsaken the LORD” Hunt, Dave May 2007 feature article 20,423
“The lack of dopamine made me do it!” TBC Staff Jul 2004 TBC Today 2,473
“The Handwriting Is on the Wall, America!” Hunt, Dave Sep 2012 Dave Hunt Classic 1,942
“Road Map” to Armageddon Hunt, Dave Jan 2004 feature article 21,336
“one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”... Hunt, Dave Feb 2007 TBC Today 4,201
“Noah Found Grace” Hunt, Dave Apr 2005 feature article 8,736
“New Reformation” Prophets Peddle Products With Promise Of Power Dinsmore, Mark May 2006 tbc extra 8,106
“Negligent” Child Seduced? TBC Staff Apr 2003 TBC Today 1,876
“Mysteries” in the Church: Occult Subversion of Church & Nation Dager, Albert James Jun 2013 tbc extra 1,827
“Miracle” babies TBC Staff Aug 2004 TBC Today 2,170
“If Any Man Thirst...” Hunt, Dave Jan 2003 feature article 7,816
“He’s bad” TBC Staff Mar 2003 TBC Today 1,822
“Courage” Is Now Pushing Your Loved One into Assisted Suicide TBC Staff - EN Sep 2013 TBC Today 519
“Christian” Psychology TBC Staff Jan 2003 TBC Today 2,676
“Christian Hedonism” — A Response Hunt, Dave Mar 2006 tbc extra 4,736
“Behold the Lamb of God” Hunt, Dave Dec 2003 feature article 10,678
“A Way Which Seemeth Right...” McMahon, T.A. Oct 2005 feature article 34,832
Zhang sentenced in China TBC Staff Nov 2003 TBC Today 1,717
Youth gay about homoszual marriage TBC Staff Aug 2003 TBC Today 2,838
Your Fail-Safe Heart TBC Staff - EN May 2013 TBC Today 592
Your Cause Is Christ's Gospel TBC Staff - EN Feb 2013 TBC Today 1,041
Your Bible, Now Made in China TBC Staff - EN Apr 2013 TBC Today 1,020
Your Best Life Ever? TBC Staff Jul 2009 TBC Today 1,834
Your 20 Watt Brain TBC Staff - EN Jun 2013 TBC Today 783
Younger Muslims Tune in to Upbeat Message TBC Staff Jan 2008 TBC Today 2,063
Young Earth TBC Staff Mar 2003 TBC Today 2,100
You Plus the Holy Spirit Cahill, Mark Mar 2013 725
You Can't Advertise With Us: You're Christian TBC Staff Oct 2010 TBC Today 1,345
You can never do more than pray TBC Staff - EN Apr 2014 TBC Today 201
You are invited to "The Everything Must Change Tour" [Excerpts] TBC Staff Jun 2007 TBC Today 4,739
Yoga's Conquest Of The West Hunt & McMahon Sep 2007 cover article 3,399
Yoga in the Church: A Conspiracy Leading to Strong Delusion? Hunt, Dave May 2012 Dave Hunt Classic 3,928
Yoga and the Body of Christ on MP3 Hunt, Dave May 2010 4,763
Yoga and The Body of Christ on CD Hunt, Dave Jun 2007 6,275
Yoga and the Body of Christ - Radio Discussion Hunt & McMahon Jan 2008 8,288
Yoga and the Body of Christ - Radio Discussion Hunt & McMahon Jan 2008 8,168
Yoga and the Body of Christ Hunt, Dave Sep 2007 6,175
Yoga and the Body of Christ Hunt, Dave Aug 2006 29,764
Years of Mercy TBC Staff Jan 2009 TBC Today 1,507
Y2K The Real Disaster - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff May 1999 newsletter 1,408
Y2K The Real Disaster Hunt, Dave May 1999 feature article 2,903
Y2K and Bible Prophecy Hunt, Dave Nov 1998 feature article 3,921
Wrong Members TBC Staff Jun 2005 TBC Today 1,471
Wrong Martyr TBC Staff Jun 2005 TBC Today 1,873
Wrong Identity TBC Staff Jan 2006 TBC Today 1,369
Wrong Ideas TBC Staff Dec 2007 TBC Today 1,710
Wrong Christ TBC Staff Dec 2003 TBC Today 2,353
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