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2017 Conference - August 25-27!

119 days until the 2017 Conference in Bend Oregon.

Our 2017 Conference dates are August 25-27, 2017!

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Previous year's conference sessions are available  at: https://livestream.com/bereancallconference

Reasons to Come:

  • Teaching from God's Word
  • Question and Answer sessions with each speaker
  • Meet like-minded believers
  • Fellowship Evening
  • Optional Barbecue - more details here!
  • Conference Bookstore with special pricing
  • Enjoy beautiful Bend, Oregon

Conference Speakers


Dick is a retired pastor and longtime contributor to the Personal Freedom Outreach (PFO) apologetics publication The Quarterly Journal. As a veteran of numerous trips to Israel and one who has a great love for the people and their land, he has been writing regarding his concern over the growing influence of the Hebrew Roots Movement. Dick will be addressing “Is Jewishness Next to Godliness?” and “Has the Hebrew Roots Movement Bewitched Believers?”


Mike is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Gold Country in Grass Valley, CA. He is a featured speaker in the apologetics documentary Wide Is the Gate 3. As one with a shepherd’s calling, Mike’s passion is to encourage believers in the love of Jesus and the truth of His Word. His messages are “The True Heart of the True Believer,” and “God’s Word vs. the Teachings of Man.”


Jay holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology and is the director for The Starting Point Project (TSPP), a ministry that addresses creation vs. evolution and has as its objective to “help the believer think…and the thinker believe.” The Starting Point Project’s “starting point” is “that God exists, and the Bible is His inspired Word.” His messages are: “Creation vs. Evolution: The Cases from Science” and “Scientific Evidence for the Inspiration of the Bible.


Trevor is a musician in the sense of a modern-day psalmist and watchman for the body of Christ. He has composed songs that address what is taking place today in the church under the influence of the world and the growing apostasy, as well as the encouragement of our blessed hope as we look forward to the return of Jesus for His bride. Trevor will be preaching/teaching through his music.


Tom co-authored The Seduction of Christianity with Dave Hunt and has been the executive director of The Berean Call since its beginning 25 years ago. His topics are: “What’s New in the Religious Deception Arena?” and “What’s Old (and Absolutely True!) Regarding God’s Spiritual Protection.”

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