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Indisputably, Israel is the major topic of biblical prophecy, just as it is of the daily news. The word "Israel" is found 2,565 times in 2,293 verses in the King James translation of the Bible, while "Jerusalem" is found 811 time in 764 verses....The conflict between tiny Israel and the vast coalition of Arab/Muslim nations arrayed against her is without question the most dangerous situation facing the world today. It is also the major subject of the Bible, in which are recorded in detail, two thousand to three thousand years before they occurred, the events leading to today's Middle East debacle.

Nine times God calls Himself the "God of Abraham...Isaac...and Jacob" From these patriarchs the Jews have descended. Yahweh, is called "the God of Israel" 203 times—and it is to Israel that He gave the Promised Land.   —Dave Hunt in Judgment Day—Islam, Israel, and the Nations, TBC, 2006

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