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An Eternal Perspective - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Aug 2007 newsletter 4,241
Good Reminders TBC Staff Feb 2006 TBC Today 3,148
Question: I live in Bermuda and read with interest...in Occult Invasion (p. 43) about Henry Gross dowsing over a map of Bermuda while in Kennebunkport, Maine, and locating three well sites on the map,...which produce much of Bermuda’s water today. TBC Staff Dec 2004 question and answer 2,112
Question: I was appalled to see an article saying that (by implication) horror movies are an acceptable medium to teach Scriptural truth. TBC Staff Feb 2010 question and answer 4,440
Question: In your June ’95 issue you mentioned a dying girl named Michelle....You said that [Jesus paid the full penalty for her sins on the cross]…. In fact, Christ did not pay the penalty for her sin, but only for the sins of His people. TBC Staff Sep 1995 question and answer 1,201
Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution TBC Staff May 2009 TBC Today 2,869
Wicca teacher claims 1 Mega ticket TBC Staff Sep 2007 TBC Today 5,991
"A Way Which Seemeth Right . . ." - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Oct 2005 newsletter 3,589
"Benefits" of Contemplative Prayer TBC Staff Jan 2008 TBC Today 6,409
"Can you tell me anything about evoution that is true?" TBC Staff Aug 2009 TBC Today 3,454
"Christian Media" Swings Left TBC Staff Nov 2010 TBC Today 3,421
"De-Baptism" gains a following in Britain TBC Staff Jun 2009 TBC Today 3,362
"Holy Father" - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Mar 1999 newsletter 2,294
"I can't view the newsletter PDF" TBC Staff Jan 2012 Website - General 2,299
"If Any Man Thirst..." - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Jan 2003 newsletter 3,040
"It Is Written" - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Feb 1999 newsletter 1,960
"Keep the altar of private prayer burning" by C. H. Spurgeon TBC Staff Jul 2015 TBC Today 1,396
"Lost Tribe" Returns to Israel TBC Staff Oct 2007 TBC Today 9,800
"Moderate" Palestinians Refuse to Meet With Israelis TBC Staff Jul 2009 TBC Today 2,640
"No Doubt We're In The Last Days" News TBC Staff Mar 2007 TBC Today 3,197
"No Doubt We're In The Last Days" News TBC Staff Mar 2007 TBC Today 3,388
"No Doubt We're In The Last Days" News TBC Staff Apr 2007 TBC Today 3,315
"Noah Found Grace" - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Apr 2005 newsletter 2,885
"Oprah and Friends" To Teach Course on New Age Christ TBC Staff Nov 2007 TBC Today 10,106
"Palestinians" and Peace TBC Staff Oct 2009 TBC Today 2,569
"Paul Disputed..." Acts 17:17, etc. - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Jun 2008 newsletter 3,637
"Science Says" is Now Just Another Special Interest Group TBC Staff Jan 2011 TBC Today 2,370
"Spiritualized" Counseling - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff Mar 2014 newsletter 2,638
"They Have Forsaken The LORD" - Audio Newsletter TBC Staff May 2007 newsletter 4,223
"Try Reiki" Says Dr. Oz TBC Staff Feb 2011 TBC Today 6,223
"Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?" TBC Staff Feb 2004 tbc extra 2,848
'Gay'-pride organizer in child-sex sting TBC Staff Aug 2007 TBC Today 5,067
'Genius' Movie Includes Look at Beatles' John Lennon TBC Staff Dec 2012 TBC Today 2,326
'Hate crimes' charge doesn't require 'hate' TBC Staff Aug 2007 TBC Today 3,964
'Have sex, do drugs,' speaker tells students TBC Staff Jun 2007 TBC Today 4,595
'Temple Mount terror radio' most popular Palestinian show TBC Staff Nov 2007 TBC Today 3,410
...and cricket TBC Staff Apr 2003 TBC Today 2,873
1 in 5 Americans had mental illness in 2009 TBC Staff Dec 2010 TBC Today 3,645
1.4% of Adults Homosexual? TBC Staff Jul 2007 TBC Today 4,956
10 Questions TBC Staff Jul 2003 TBC Today 3,252
12 Step Groups May Help Us Escape the Bible TBC Staff Nov 2011 TBC Today 2,840
15 Percent of Hospitals Use Reiki TBC Staff Jul 2009 TBC Today 4,831
1960s Deja Vu TBC Staff Oct 2006 TBC Today 2,621
2004 Prophecies TBC Staff Mar 2003 TBC Today 4,694
2015 Conference - Jiovanne Del Cristo TBC Staff Sep 2015 698
2500 People With Nothing to Talk About TBC Staff Feb 2010 TBC Today 2,812
270 House Church Pastors Detained For Alleged Illegal Religious Gathering TBC Staff Dec 2007 TBC Today 3,390
5 Iranians on trial for blasphemy TBC Staff Apr 2011 TBC Today 2,377
500 Peer Reviewed Papers of Scientist Questioning Global Warming TBC Staff Dec 2009 TBC Today 3,328
666 Raises Its Ugly Head in British Parliament TBC Staff Jan 2008 TBC Today 3,500
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