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Wednesday January 30 Obama Condemns Rights of Christian Military Chaplains
Tuesday January 29 Seek Him Early
Monday January 28 A third of young adults in America say they don't belong to any religion....
Friday January 25 Moving the Goalpost
Thursday January 24 North Korean Christians Killed
Wednesday January 23 Satanists Grateful for Student Prayers?
Tuesday January 22 The Enemy of Virtue
Monday January 21 The Giglio Imbroglio - The public inauguration of a new moral McCarthyism
Friday January 18 No Hebrew please...this is Europe
Thursday January 17 The Bible: Too Low, Too Human, Too Safe?
Wednesday January 16 Fast Rocks
Tuesday January 15 One Man's Desire
Monday January 14 Hamas and Israel: Who Respects Palestinians' Lives More?
Friday January 11 Conspiracy of Brothers
Thursday January 10 Hobby Lobby Refuses to Cover Morning-after Pill
Wednesday January 9 The Vatican's Twisted Priorities
Tuesday January 8 The More We Search the Scriptures...
Monday January 7 Homeschooling: Freedom's Last Stand
Friday January 4 Texas: Curriculum Teaching Allah Is the "Almighty God"
Thursday January 3 Planned Parenthood: A Rose by any Other Name
Thursday January 3 Is Religious Pluralism More Humble?
Tuesday January 1 The Social Gospel
Monday December 31 New Year's Resolutions: Focus on What God Wants
Friday December 28 Dinosaur Bone Tissue Refutes Critics
Thursday December 27 Study Attempts to Link Homosexuality to Evolution
Wednesday December 26 The Cradle and the Cross
Tuesday December 25 "I expect God will"
Monday December 24 Is Young Earth Creationism a Bad Choice?
Friday December 21 Egypt and the Death of the "Arab Spring"
Thursday December 20 Number of women dying from legal abortions doubles