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Tuesday August 28 The servant and His master
Monday August 27 Busting the "I don't have the patience to homeschool" myth
Friday August 24 Calls to Destroy Egypt's Pyramids Begin
Thursday August 23 The David Barton Controversy
Wednesday August 22 Dead Sea Scroll Exhibition Praised by Hebrew Scholar
Tuesday August 21 When Our Prayers Seek God's Glory
Monday August 20 New Bible Translation Has Screenplay Format
Friday August 17 Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?
Thursday August 16 An Insult to Islam
Wednesday August 15 U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion at Low Point
Tuesday August 14 Advancing on Our Knees
Monday August 13 Police Ignore Constitution, Enforce Sharia
Friday August 10 University Professor to Study Life After Death
Thursday August 9 The Mega Mosques Boom
Wednesday August 8 Churches Start Dialogue on Science and Theology
Tuesday August 7 Genesis and Accurate History
Monday August 6 The Muslim Brotherhood's American Defenders
Friday August 3 Tree Rings and Global Warming
Thursday August 2 When Facts Aren't Facts
Wednesday August 1 Trusting the Trustees
Tuesday July 31 Faith Is Not for Church Only
Monday July 30 Bible translation team robbed in Nigeria
Friday July 27 Children Destroy Worshipful Atmosphere
Thursday July 26 Science and Scripture Align
Wednesday July 25 Mormons Prepare to March in Gay Pride Parades
Tuesday July 24 Revolution in Society
Monday July 23 Are mermaids our evolutionary "cousins"?
Friday July 20 England's National Health Service kills 130,000 elderly patients
Thursday July 19 Iran steps up crackdown on Christians
Wednesday July 18 Episcopal bishops okay "gay blessing" prayer