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God's Perfect timing ...

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Hong Kong

At a very early time in my walk with Jesus, God was teaching me about humility. I was only a Christian for a year at the time, but God was leading me through the scriptures through His Holy Spirit. I was homeless, (after a life of leisure), living on the street, (but it was not a bad thing). I had spent the previous 40 years in the world chasing "paychecks" from month to month. Previous to my conversion, I had everything the world called good. You see, as I turned 40, I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and everything I previously counted of value, went out the door. God washed away everything in my life that I had worked so hard for, because it was really all worthless. I found myself homeless in San Diego County, CA. Not knowing where breakfast was going to come from let alone lunch. But one thing I had was something that I had never had before. PEACE ... Peace that passes all understanding. Just like Jesus said. I was left with my guitar, and the Bible that was given me at Easter Sunrise Service at Qualcomm stadium (MV Christian Fellowship) where I surrendered my life to the Lord. As I was learning to walk with the Lord, He did some very obvious things to keep me focused, and on the right track. I was travelling, (that's what homeless folks do that don't want to get arrested), so I did not have a regular church I was going to. But everywhere I went, when I stopped for the night, I was able to get "The Berean Call" on my radio. God seemed to be teaching me through His written Word, and then giving me confirmation through Dave, and Mr. McMahon. At every point, when I would run into some "hard" thing in my pursuit of understanding the Bible, God would be certain that my little radio would be able to get a broadcast of the Berean Call, and it would always be about something I was struggling with. There were even times in my travels, where I would run into a brick wall (like running out of gas), and not know which way to turn. I would pray, ask for direction, and usually wait to see what direction that would lead, and sure enough I would turn on the radio, there was Dave, with his by now familiar voice, expounding something that I found was "pointed" directly at me! I am grateful for the Berean Call, and Dave Hunt. God has used Him in mighty ways in my life. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him in person, But I look forward to seeing him in Heaven, and thank Him for teaching me to be a "Berean" as well ... Acts:17:11