How to print a pdf using Windows 8 |

How to print a pdf using Windows 8

We've had some questions about printing the printable newsletter using Windows 8. It appears that Windows 8 Reader can print a pdf file, but you have to know the keyboard commands.  Here are steps to take:

With Keyboard

If you have a keyboard attached to your Windows 8 machine, it is as simple as pressing Ctrl+P in the Reader app which will bring up the list of printers that you have installed and you’re two clicks away from printing your document.

Without Keyboard

If you don’t have a keyboard, don’t worry as you can do this easily with touch. Swipe from the right to bring up the charms.

Tap on Devices which should show you the list of printers you have installed.

Select the appropriate printer and choose other options (like page size, etc) and print away! BTW be responsible and print only if you must absolutely do so. Vast majority of things you can do on paper (such as reading, highlighting or adding an annotation) can be done directly within the Reader app in Windows 8.

Another option is to download the adobe free pdf reader app, it is likely more easy to use: