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Dave Hunt Discusses Islam With Chuck Crismier On 'Viewpoint' 7-14-06 radio special May 2007 Hunt, Dave
Dave Hunt Discusses Yoga With Greg Hilt on WIAM's 'Signs of the Times' March 14, 2008 radio special Mar 2008 Hunt, Dave
T.A. McMahon Discusses The Emerging Church With David Wilson on Radio Liberty, 11-29-07 radio special Dec 2007 McMahon, T.A.
T.A. McMahon Discusses IHOP (Intl. House of Prayer) with Doug Copen on Calvary Perspectives 6/07/2011 radio special Jun 2011 McMahon, T.A.
T.A. McMahon Discusses 'Being A Berean' With Mike & Amy on 'Stand Up For The Truth' on WORQ FM radio special Jun 2011
Dave Hunt Talks With Gianni Hayes on American Voice Radio 04-28-08 radio special Jun 2008 Hunt, Dave, Hayes, Gianni
Dave Hunt With Jeff & Lee On KKMS Minneapolis 2-20-07 radio special May 2007 Hunt, Dave
Dave Hunt Discusses Yoga With Shakta Khalsa On The 'Alan Colmes Show' 2-13-07 radio special May 2007 Hunt, Dave
Can Love Be Selected? cover article Nov 2000 Hunt & McMahon
Does Having Faith Give You Power? cover article Mar 2005 Hunt & McMahon
Does the Bible Oppose All Religion? cover article Jun 2000 Hunt & McMahon
Does God Want Us to Worship His Creation? cover article Aug 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Do You Make God Smile? cover article Dec 2004 Hunt & McMahon
Occult Invasion (revisit) Part Eight-Can Spirits Communicate With Us? cover article Nov 2008 Hunt & McMahon
What's the Difference between Israel and the Church? cover article Mar 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Why Must Jesus Return? cover article Apr 2006 Hunt & McMahon
Is There A Biblical Mysticism? cover article Jan 2008 Hunt & McMahon
Does God Want Us to Love Ourselves? cover article Dec 2000 Hunt & McMahon
Who Is the True God...Is the Proof in the Prophecy? cover article Aug 2000 Hunt & McMahon
A New Day of Infamy cover article Sep 2001 Hunt & McMahon
An Urgent Call To A Serious Faith-Part Sixteen-Are You Following The Great Commission? cover article Jul 2009 Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon
Are These Days the Last Days? cover article Apr 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Are There Really 10 Lost Tribes? cover article May 2006 Hunt & McMahon
What is the Promise of Restoration? cover article Jan 2006 Hunt & McMahon
Are You a True Disciple of Christ? cover article Jan 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Psychology vs. the Bible - Part One cover article Sep 2000 Hunt & McMahon
Whatever Happened to Heaven? cover article May 2001 Hunt & McMahon
How Can There Be Victory In Defeat? cover article Jun 2006 Hunt & McMahon
Can You Like Jesus But Not His Church? cover article Feb 2008 Hunt & McMahon
Occult Invasion...Part Twenty-six - Can Psychology Be Christian? cover article Feb 2009