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What Is The Emerging Church? cover article Oct 2007 Hunt & McMahon
Can Yoga Be Purely Physical? cover article Sep 2007 Hunt & McMahon
An Urgent Call To A Serious Faith-Part Three - Is Belief In God Logical? cover article Apr 2009 Hunt & McMahon
To Find the True Faith, Do You Have to Study All of Them? cover article Sep 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Must You Be Baptized to Be Saved? cover article May 2003 Hunt & McMahon
Is The Purpose Driven Life Just Pop Psychology? cover article Dec 2004 Hunt & McMahon
Psychology vs. the Bible-Part Two (revisit) cover article Oct 2005 Hunt & McMahon
Why Would a Loving God Tell Israel to Wipe Out Her Enemies? cover article Nov 2002 Hunt & McMahon
Is Death Natural? cover article Aug 2004 Hunt & McMahon
Should Churches Make Referrals to Psychologists? cover article May 2005 Hunt & McMahon
Can You Make the Bible Say Whatever You Want? cover article Oct 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Did Jesus Die Spiritually on the Cross? cover article Jun 2003 Hunt & McMahon
Do Christianity and Islam Have a lot in Common? cover article Oct 2005 Hunt & McMahon
Who Is the Prince That Shall Come? cover article Aug 2006 Hunt & McMahon
What is the Value of Eschatology? cover article Jan 2003 Hunt & McMahon
Is There Really Such a Thing as Karma? cover article Aug 2004 Hunt & McMahon
Does God Like Rituals and Symbols? cover article Jun 2005 Hunt & McMahon
What Is The 'Law of Attraction'? cover article Jul 2007 Hunt & McMahon
How Many Times Did the Cock Really Crow? cover article Nov 2001 Hunt & McMahon
Is Jerusalem the City of Yahweh or Allah? cover article Jul 2003 Hunt & McMahon
Some Hard Facts-Part Two cover article Nov 2005 Hunt & McMahon
Why So Many Views Of The Rapture? cover article Sep 2006 Hunt & McMahon
How Soon Would YOU Like The Lord To Return? cover article Jan 2007 Hunt & McMahon
Does the Bible Teach Soul-sleep? cover article Feb 2003 Hunt & McMahon
How Does Prayer Really Work? cover article Sep 2004 Hunt & McMahon
Is the Gospel a Positive Message? cover article Jul 2005 Hunt & McMahon
Radio Program Retrospective cover article Jul 2009
If You Ask and Believe...Will You Receive? cover article Jul 2007 Hunt & McMahon
Just How Are the Just Justified? cover article Oct 2000 Hunt & McMahon
Is Allah the Same as Yahweh? cover article Aug 2001 Hunt & McMahon