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Darwin 'ripped off' theory of evolution [Excerpts]

According to author Roy Davies, former head of factual programming for BBC Wales, new evidence demonstrates that Charles Darwin stole his theory of evolution from a Welsh scientist working in Indonesia.

And according to Australia's Northern Territory News, Davies' publisher is launching a campaign to have the Australian city of Darwin renamed after the Welshman.

If Davies and his publisher get their way, the theory of evolution may soon be known as "Wallace's Theory," and the capital of Australia's Northern Territory will become some derivation of Alfred Russel Wallace's name.

"I researched the book for 12 years," Davies told the Welsh newspaper Western Mail. "At the beginning, I believed Darwin was a genius. By the time the book was finished, I had long since realized that it was Wallace who was the genius and Darwin, 14 years his senior, who was the plodder."

Davies' book, "The Darwin Conspiracy: Origins of a Scientific Crime," accuses Darwin of incorporating ideas from Wallace's letters to him into his writings and claiming the ideas as his own. The publisher's website describes The Darwin Conspiracy as "a true story about deceit and deception and stands as an outstanding metaphor for the idea of survival of the fittest."

Historians have long known of the letters from Wallace to Darwin but have generally accepted Darwin's testimony that they arrived from far-off Indonesia after Darwin published his famous theory.

According to Davies, however, newly examined shipping records demonstrate that two crucial letters written by Wallace – who was struck feverishly with malaria and wrote to his colleague Darwin, explaining his ideas – actually arrived before Darwin published his Origin of Species.

Darwin's treatise on evolution that launched a scientific revolution was published 15 months after Wallace wrote those letters.


[TBC: If there is an accomplishment to be recognized, it is that Wallace was wrong before Darwin articulated the same error.]