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Apostasy is the desertion of one's faith or religion. It is the forsaking of the belief to which one had previously adhered. In Acts:21:21 the Apostle Paul is falsely accused of encouraging the Jews to "forsake" the teachings of Moses. The Greek term that is translated "forsake" is apostasia . Apostasy, however, rarely comes about abruptly. It is more often a process, and some may contribute to it without becoming complete apostates....

Apostasy has been a part of every generation since the fall of mankind. Scripture tells us that it will culminate in the last days when the Antichrist is revealed. His religion will be an apostate Christianity—the total antithesis of biblical Christianity. It will accommodate all religions. Although the apostasy will not be fully realized until after the Rapture of the church, its development has been ongoing from the time when sin entered the human race. —T. A. McMahon, article "Apostasy and Its Antidote," TBC February 2011

Key Scripture verses related to "Apostasy"

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  • 2 Thessalonians:2:3-4
  • 1 Timothy:4:1-2
  • 2 Timothy:3:1, 2 Tim:3:4; 2 Tim:3:8
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