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Anyone who sets out with an honest heart, an inquiring mind, and a sincere desire to find answers to the most important questions one can face in life will recognize a significant few that must be given priority. Does God exist? What is the origin of the universe and of the life found in such abundance on our tiny planet? What is life and what is its purpose? The undeniable order that the theistic founders of modern science had observed caused them to look for laws that must govern the phenomena. Having discovered these laws, they concluded that the universe had been created by a "God of order."

Thus was laid the theistic foundation of modern science, but that foundation is no longer accepted. Atheists have taken over and now claim the sole right to speak for science....It was principally two men, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud, who attempted to quash any possibility that the God of the theists portrayed in the Bible could be the Creator. No creator was needed.    — Dave Hunt (excerpt from Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny: Answering Darwin, Dawkins, and the New Atheists)

Key Scripture verses related to "Atheism"

Old Testament:

  • Psalm:14:1
  • Psalm:53:1
  • Proverbs:1:20-33

New Testament

  • Matthew:10:33
  • Romans:1:21-32
  • Romans:3:3-4
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