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There is no question that the hierarchical dogmatism and authoritarianism of the Mormon Church is comparable to that of Roman Catholicism....As the “Ward Teachers’ Message” for June 1945 said, “When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done. When they propose a plan, it is God’s plan....When they give direction, it should mark the end of controversy. God works in no other way.” So why devote a book to the opinions of one Mormon who admits that he only speaks for himself?

Nor is there any question about the official doctrines of the Mormon Church. The Mormon “God” is a man (he still has a physical body, as Joseph Smith, who saw him, testified) who as a sinner was redeemed by another “Jesus” on another planet and who has a hierarchy of “Gods” (also exalted men) over him. Their “Jesus” is the spirit brother of Lucifer (of whom we are all half- brothers and sisters) and is not God from all eternity but came to this earth to get a body in order to become a “God.” That body was formed when their “God” came to this earth and with his physical body had sex with Mary. Eternal life to the Mormon is exaltation to godhood, and, far from being the gift of God’s grace, takes much effort and eons of time to achieve—an ambition supposedly shared by every true Mormon male. Mormon women can only hope to become goddesses consigned to eternal pregnancy as they give birth to spirit beings who will eventually people another planet with another Adam and Eve, a fall into sin, and another “Jesus.” It is a process that has been going on forever and will continue ad infinitum, ad absurdum. —Dave Hunt, TBC Q&A January 1998

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