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Response to The Seduction of Christianity Hunt, Dave Feb 1986 feature article 5,848
Question: A frequent reaction to Seduction is that it causes division within the Body. What is your response to this criticism? Hunt, Dave Feb 1986 question and answer 1,130
Question: Did the authors follow Matthew 18 and go to the people mentioned in the book [The Seduction of Christianity] before they wrote it? Hunt, Dave Feb 1986 question and answer 1,290
The Ecumenical Movement Hunt, Dave Apr 1986 feature article 5,921
Question: What is the correct biblical use of faith? Hunt, Dave Apr 1986 question and answer 1,191
Question: There has been increasing visibility of "stigmata." Is this of God? Hunt, Dave Apr 1986 question and answer 1,365
Question: Would you please describe the problems you have with the two business courses, "New Age Thinking: and "Leadership Development-Reach For Excellence"? Hunt, Dave Apr 1986 question and answer 1,433
Question: What is your opinion of rock music? Would you condemn it? Hunt, Dave Apr 1986 question and answer 2,803
Question: Would you tell us your understanding of the endtime events? I believe in the Rapture, but when does it take place? Hunt, Dave Apr 1986 question and answer 3,531
"Christian" Psychology - Part I Hunt, Dave Jul 1986 feature article 11,368
Question: Tell us something about Carl Jung and his influence on psychology. Hunt, Dave Jul 1986 question and answer 2,523
Question: When the Scriptures talk about self, what do they mean? Hunt, Dave Jul 1986 question and answer 1,237
"Christian" Psychology - Part II Hunt, Dave Sep 1986 feature article 7,217
Question: Doesn't the Bible use visual language? Didn't Jesus speak in parables and expect us to visualize? Hunt, Dave Sep 1986 question and answer 1,016
Question: But don't we think in pictures? Hunt, Dave Sep 1986 question and answer 1,000
False Teachings on Faith Hunt, Dave Jan 1987 feature article 12,061
Kingdom/Dominion Theology - Part I Hunt, Dave Feb 1987 feature article 6,248
Kingdom/Dominion Theology - Part II Hunt, Dave Mar 1987 feature article 7,240
Our Focus is Heaven Hunt, Dave Apr 1987 feature article 3,776
Guruism Hunt, Dave May 1987 feature article 3,172
Reaction to The Seduction of Christianity Hunt, Dave Jul 1987 feature article 10,000
Visualization Hunt, Dave Aug 1987 feature article 6,585
Remembering the Reformers Part I Hunt, Dave Oct 1987 feature article 3,399
Remembering the Reformers Part II Hunt, Dave Nov 1987 feature article 3,290
Watching Hunt, Dave Dec 1987 feature article 2,798
Truth Compromised Hunt, Dave Jan 1988 feature article 3,985
Prophecy Hunt, Dave Feb 1988 feature article 4,928
The Preaching of the Cross Hunt, Dave Mar 1988 feature article 3,860
Psychology & the New Age Hunt, Dave Apr 1988 feature article 4,352
Reconstruction Hunt, Dave May 1988 feature article 4,487
Astrology Hunt, Dave Jun 1988 feature article 4,573
Christ or a Church? Hunt, Dave Jul 1988 feature article 6,193
Anti-Semitism Hunt, Dave Aug 1988 feature article 6,741
The Kingdom of God Hunt, Dave Sep 1988 feature article 4,376
Imminence Hunt, Dave Oct 1988 feature article 4,010
Roman Catholicism Hunt, Dave Nov 1988 feature article 8,206
First Coming & Second Coming Hunt, Dave Dec 1988 feature article 4,173
"Christian" Psychology Hunt, Dave Jan 1989 feature article 13,012
Science Falsely So-Called Hunt, Dave Feb 1989 feature article 4,942
The Problem of Self-Love Hunt, Dave Mar 1989 feature article 7,391
Sufficiency of Scripture Hunt, Dave Apr 1989 feature article 4,703
The Gospel in the Stars Hunt, Dave May 1989 feature article 6,162
Eternal Security Hunt, Dave Jun 1989 feature article 13,033
New Age Inroads into the Church Hunt, Dave Jul 1989 feature article 17,008
Victory Over Sin Hunt, Dave Aug 1989 feature article 4,832
Jews, Gentiles & the Church Hunt, Dave Sep 1989 feature article 13,188
The Trinity Hunt, Dave Oct 1989 feature article 6,530
Christian Activism: Is It Biblical? Hunt, Dave Nov 1989 feature article 8,693
Christmas & Christ Hunt, Dave Dec 1989 feature article 5,510
End-Time Events Hunt, Dave Jan 1990 feature article 10,392
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