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TBC Staff

In another fast-moving, breathtaking, wild ride with Carl Kerby, we get to watch him tackle such subjects as God vs. Nothing—how we can know that God is real and that He wants to save us, and wrestling with such questions as, “If He is real, then who created God?” These issues, along with many others, include videos of famous “scholars,” one of whom dismisses the idea of God but claims that life could have begun from a “self-replicating” molecule. Enjoy the video, as Carl continues (with humor and passion) to tear down the various theories that all aim at denying that there is a loving Creator. This is one you’ll want to watch over and over. 

Carl Kerby was first introduced to apologetics by two pilots after he’d told them evolution was compatible with the Bible, which is what he’d been taught in Sunday school. These men pulled out their Bible and showed him that what the WORLD taught wasn’t the same as what the WORD taught. With 50% to 88% of the younger generation raised in the church leaving the church by the age of 18, Carl’s desire is for them to KNOW what they’re walking away from. This can only happen if they’re able to critically think and evaluate arguments so they can determine truth.

Carl would say he doesn’t enjoy speaking, at times he’s terrified of it. However, seeing people get excited because they realize they can trust the Word of God inspires him to continue on. When he’s not speaking, Carl loves being with his family and friends. He also enjoys the ocean - snorkeling, boogie boarding or fishing. Carl has two honorary Doctorates and a degree in Biblical Studies. However, his most important credentials would be SSBGTFIC – (Sinner Saved By Grace Through Faith In Christ) and husband/father and grandfather.

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