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I love The Berean Call and look forward to it every month. I’ve been receiving it for over 15 years and am immensely blessed by the subjects you research. Thank you. LG (PA)

The Berean Call,
May the Lord bless you as you work to make known His intentions for our world. As I wrote this letter, I thought back to the year 2006 when, as an unbeliever, I picked up Dave Hunt’s book, A Woman Rides the Beast. It helped turn my thinking toward God and the true church. I know that our Lord is richly blessing Dave and his wife now, along with all of you left here to continue with Christ’s mission. We are so richly blessed to be a partner with you! M&AB (FL)

T. A.,
I have been a Berean Call guy for nearly 30 years and I have always had the utmost respect for Dave and your opinions. I have to differ with you on your recent article concerning “Preppers.” You demonize precious metals like everyone worships them. Metal is real money....Why anyone with a brain would not be putting some money in metal is ludicrous. As far as food is concerned, who are you to judge how much food a family needs to have? If there is a disaster, is it good no one has anything to share? And no one knows when the Lord will yank us out of here, but as far as I am concerned those left behind will need anything anybody has stored, won’t they? As far as Jim Bakker and the apostates you mention I wouldn’t buy anything from them if it was half-price, including their books. I suggest not painting everyone with the same brush—not everybody who is being realistic is expecting Zombies. JS (IN)

Dear Brother and Sisters,
Thanks for all your hard work and ministry at TBC. It’s very much appreciated and needed. I just finished watching the movies, Noah and The Son of God. Wow! I’d read your article, “The Gospel According to Hollywood,” and, well, I think you were a little easy on them....They totally blasphemed God’s character and His redemption plan....People don’t like it when others malign their character and tell lies about them, but I guess it’s totally cool when they do it to God....I see you guys get a lot of opposition but when you stick to the Word, being unpopular is a given. GF (CA, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call,
I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you at Berean Call for your faithful service to the body of Christ. We have been so blessed by your ministry—probably for at least 20 years!

I would also like to commend you for the August 2014 newsletter; absolutely excellent and just what I needed! I especially loved the article by C. H. Mackintosh—those were words I really needed to hear. KB (CA)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I have been a subscriber to the Berean Call for many years. I want to thank you for your faith in your original starting point—the Bereans. Your article [November 2014 Dave Hunt Classic] on Calvinism has explained something that I have struggled with ever since I found out that my church subscribes to a certain amount of Calvinism. This may sound juvenile, but I have no time for those who corrupt or pervert scripture to their own ends. My foundation is Scripture and my verse reference is Hebrews:4:12.

Thank you for your faithfulness and I hope to attend one of your summer conferences. BM (email)